1. Hammons to PUke.

    MW and C-USA form 22 team football super-conference.

    Smith-Rivera to Hoyas.

  2. Why do you always send 2 guys to cover a game? Especially with the way budgets are these days, I’m surprised a little paper sends 2 reporters to cover one game. Is that a common thing?

  3. They can send them because IU pays for it. It is how they get someone to cover their games.

  4. I don’t know about comparisons of IU’s team from this year to last but Wisconsin is MUCH better than they were last year.

  5. …yes they are much better by a wide margin…clearly this team was over matched and over whelmed at times by talent and physically but they did show grit this staff has injected…Will Stephen Houston make us forget DW?

  6. Laffy,
    We’ve been lucky, I think, in large part because we do have online subscriptions. You’re right that travel budgets at a lot of papers have been tight. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to do this, but we’ve been able to send a reporter, columnist and photographer to all drive trips. If we have to fly, I go alone. But it’s nice to be able to do this.
    Big Bob. Indiana does buy some advertising with the paper, but that’s it. They have absolutely no editorial control over what we do, just as no other advertiser has editorial control.

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