Watford like to miss Hoosier Hysteria with a foot injury, but little more

Indiana junior forward Christian Watford is in a walking boot for a minor foot injury and will likely be held out of this weekend’s Hoosier Hysteria, a source said Thursday, confirming an earlier report by Jeff Rabjohns of Peegs.com.

The injury kept Watford out of workouts Thursday and Friday, but is not expected to be a long-term problem.


  1. hope this wont be an issue when the season starts. He is the main person we need for this team this year.
    Go Hoosiers

  2. I bet we’ll have a couple commits following Hoosier Hysteria. Once kids come to B’town and see that Indiana bleeds basketball, why would they want to play anywhere else.

  3. I’m with you Hoosier heart – I really think that it’s hard for a kid to commit elsewhere after he’s seen HH. Hopefully Harris will be convinced – I watched him play football up close last weekend (three touches, three jaw-dropping plays) against my Harrison Raiders and I’m hoping he considers playing fb and bb for us.

  4. Maybe far-fetched but would Crean and Wilson work a scholarship(FB)scenario to get Harris to Bloomington and both have his services for at least the 1st year?

  5. Gary Harris has said on multiple occasions that he is going to be concentrating on basketball. He loves football but believes the better future is in basketball. I understand the fantasy of having Gunner throw to him but I really don’t see it ever happening.

  6. Chet, “…I gotta quit sending stuff from my phone. ‘Greathead’?”……and drive your motorcycle at the same time? …did you mean Gratefuldead????

  7. Fritlebawn melkytoast?

    I do have a bluetooth helmet and, on rare occasions, I have answered a call while on my bike but I’ve never sent one. I was actually waiting at the local bike shop when I sent that. I was in the process of paying a zillion dollars for a set of Avon Venom X tires. They were on sale. I then proceeded to spend the next 4 hours breaking them in on an unbelievably beautiful fall day in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Life is sweet.

  8. I just saw some wonderful giant trees, rolling hills and forests as well. Watched a movie on TV.

  9. A Triumph Bonneville on the street and a KLR 650 for the forest roads and trails. Both with stock exhausts, I might add.

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