Wright-Baker, Kiel separated by “or” on depth chart

This week’s Indiana football depth chart suggests that there is very much a quarterback battle again. Redshirt sophomores Ed Wright-Baker and Dusty Kiel are separated by the word “or” on the depth chart after Kiel started against Penn State this week. Wright-Baker did not play apparently because of an injured ankle. Kiel completed 22 of 45 passes for 184 yards and a touchdown against one interception in the 16-10 loss. Wright-Baker has completed 62 percent of his passes for 925 yards and four touchdowns against two interceptions in four starts this season.

There were a few other interesting moves on the depth chart. JUCO transfer Stephen Houston is listed as the starting tailback ahead of D’Angelo Roberts, who missed Saturday’s game with a concussion. Freshman defensive end Bobby Richardson is still listed as the starting left end after earning his first start this week, and Forisse and Drew Hardin are listed as the starting safeties after both made their first starts. Chris Adkins is listed as the backup free safety and Alexander Webb is listed as the strong safety. Injured senior Jarrell Drane and senior Donnell Jones are both off the depth chart.

The Hoosiers have three true freshmen listed as backup linebackers, with converted safety Mark Murphy on the weakside, Mike Replogle in the middle and Zack Shaw on the strong side.

The rest of the depth chart follows.

72 Andrew McDonald, 6-6, 285, Sr./5th
74 Charlie Chapman, 6-6, 292, Jr./So.
73 Bernard Taylor, 6-2, 278, Fr./Fr.
65 Marc Damisch, 6-7, 285, Sr./Jr.
60 Will Matte, 6-2, 282, Sr./Jr.
64 Collin Rahrig, 6-2, 263, So./Fr.
64 Collin Rahrig, 6-2, 263, So./Fr.
76 Cody Evers, 6-4, 310, So./Fr.
70 Justin Pagán, 6-5, 294, Sr./Sr.
59 Peyton Eckert, 6-6, 295, Fr./Fr.

88 Damarlo Belcher, 6-5, 213, Sr./Sr.
3 Cody Latimer, 6-3, 208, Fr./Fr.
13 Kofi Hughes, 6-2, 205, So./So.
82 Dre Muhammad, 5-10, 180, Sr./5th
81 Duwyce Wilson, 6-3, 196, Jr./So.
84 Jamonne Chester, 6-2, 199, Jr./So.
7 Edward Wright-Baker, 6-1, 220, Jr./So.
8 Dusty Kiel, 6-2, 216, Jr./So.
12 Stephen Houston, 6-0, 228, Jr./So.
20 D’Angelo Roberts, 5-10, 187, Fr./Fr.
83 Ted Bolser, 6-6, 245, Jr./So.
41 Max Dedmond, 6-5, 250, Sr./5th
95 Bobby Richardson, 6-3, 263, Fr./Fr.
25 Ryan Phillis, 6-3, 244, So./Fr.
97 Larry Black, Jr., 6-2, 305, Sr./Jr.
69 Mick Mentzer, 6-4, 305, Sr./Jr.
98 Adam Replogle, 6-3, 290, Jr./Jr.
75 Nicholas Sliger, 6-3, 291, Sr./Jr.
44 Darius Johnson, 6-0, 243, Sr./5th
93 Fred Jones, 6-4, 265, Sr./5th

39 Brandon McGhee, 6-1, 226, Sr./5th
37 Mark Murphy, 6-2, 202, Fr./Fr.

53 Jeff Thomas, 6-1, 239, Sr./5th
46 Mike Replogle, 6-2, 221, Fr./Fr.
47 Chase Hoobler, 6-2, 232, So./Fr.
33 Zack Shaw, 6-3, 232, Fr./Fr.
9 Greg Heban, 6-1, 186, Jr./So.
6 Brian Williams, 6-0, 178, So./Fr.
4 Forisse Hardin, 6-1, 198, Fr./Fr.
29 Chris Adkins, 6-1, 190, Sr./5th
8 Drew Hardin, 6-0, 200, So./Fr.
27 Alexander Webb, 6-0, 193, Sr./Jr.
23 Lawrence Barnett, 5-10, 191, Jr./So.
17 Michael Hunter, 6-1, 170, Fr./Fr.
16 Mitch Ewald, 5-10, 174, Jr./So.
9 Mitchell Voss, 5-11, 177, Jr./So.
18 Adam Pines, 6-0, 184, Sr./Jr.
9 Mitchell Voss, 5-11, 177, Jr./So.
91 Matt Dooley, 6-4, 251, Fr./Fr.
67 Zackary Young, 6-6, 267, Jr./Jr.
17 Teddy Schell, 6-5, 230, Sr./5th
18 Adam Pines, 6-0, 184, Sr./Jr.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 153, Fr./Fr.
22 Kenny Mullen, 5-10, 166, Fr./Fr.
82 Dre Muhammad, 5-10, 180, Sr./5th
14 Nick Stoner, 6-1, 167, Fr./Fr.


  1. In re this depth chart. Matt Perez? If he is not hurt I don’t see how he is off the 2 spot. Inside the 20 He is the bomb. And on bubble screen as well.

  2. Only 3 seniors start on Offense: McDonald and Pagan at tackle and Belcher at WR. Only 3 seniors start on Defense: Johnson at DE and Thomas and McGhee at LB. Wilson’s commitments for 2012 are strong at OL and LB. Indiana needs to keep fighting to improve in every game left-including against WI. Zero blow-out loses and 2 wins somewhere will make the season promissing for next year.

  3. I think Wilson has elected to play young players for the future. If there is not much difference between playing freshman and Seniors he might as well get the freshman and get them experience to go with stronger recruits for next year.

  4. BeatPurdue; I agree. Two wins and zero blowouts would be a good indicator for future.

    Hoosier95; It would not be a surprise that IU’s sophomore and juniors (redshirt freshman and redshirt sophomores) are the weakest of IU’s last four recruiting classes brought in by Lynch. I think the class of 2011 was probably Lynch’s best recruiting class. Wilson has signaled his disappointment with the sophomores and juniors this year. I suspect he’ll encourage several players in each class to transfer at the end of the season, making room for more of “his” players coming in as freshman or JC transfers. If that is the case, it makes sense to start the freshman and build for the future by giving them a lot of experience.

  5. I’m really pretty weary of football posts. I think Coach Wilson is the man for the job and will eventually turn things around, but if we can’t beat Ball St., UVa or North Texas, the last thing I want is to analyze our depth chart or watch us get beat 75-0 by an incredibly-strong Wisconsin team. I just can’t watch or talk about that kind of week-after-week dismantling of the Hoosiers and be cheerful the rest of the week.

    Bring on more basketball posts or idly speculative posts about conference expansion!!

  6. ‘Or’ or ‘or?’???


    If it’s ‘or?’, put me down for one more week
    of DK. Especially if Duwyce, Belcher, and Kofi
    are healthy enough to really play.

    Good luck to all the Hoosiers this week!

    Wisconsin? You are right Eric, I don’t want to think about that either.

  7. Dustin, Donnell Jones is never on the depth chart, or if he is, it’s very sporadic. We don’t list his position, nickel back, but he’s out there alot every week.

  8. Andrew,
    He had mostly been listed as the backup strong safety, though even though he was starting in most nickel and dime packages. Again, it’s not like it really matters, But I did think it was interesting that Webb is listed there instead of him because I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Webb’s name on a depth chart ever.

  9. If anything, Wilson isn’t being as “cut-throat” as he should be. Red Shirt every Freshman. Play as many people who have 2 or 3 years of eligibility left as possible who can play and then fill in with guys who are Juniors and Seniors. It’s tough on the ‘upper classmen’ but that’s the way to have a better team next year and much better teams later. Mallory did that his 1st year and if IU could just return to where he had Indiana, that would be a significant improvement over everyone who came later (Hep excluded because he knew how to do this but wasn’t able to see out his vision). IU can win in the Big Ten (no I’m not talking about being OSU, U of M, U of W, etc.) BUT there is no reason that IU can’t be on the same level as Iowa, Illnois, Michigan State, Northwestern, etc. I think Wilson can get us there.

  10. For me this is a difficult decision. EWB is obviously a better athlete, but he lacks the field vision and pocket awareness needed to be effective behind this line with the lack of a solid running game. His accuracy is pretty good, though he tends to over throw receivers on the deep ball.

    DK appears to have better vision downfield and feels pressure better when in the pocket. He lacks a little in the accuracy of throws compared to EWB, though he was pretty good on Saturday and wasn’t helped out by the seven dropped passes from his receivers. He also didn’t have Duwyce Wilson on the field. They have a good chemistry together and would have given the offense another dynamic it was lacking. The biggest knock on DK is his arm strength, or lack thereof. He couldn’t effectively work the sideline and doesn’t have that over the middle on a rope pass that EWB has.

    Ultimately though, neither QB is really going to flourish this season against a B1G team’s front seven without better line play or a truly effective running game. If this team has all their receivers back healthy against Illinois, My though is give DK the start and see what he can truly do. They are 1-4 with 7 games remaining, what does he have to lose at this point?

    IULONGAGO, I respectfully disagree. There is not a spot on any team should be determined by what class the player is in, it should be based on the best of the talent available and how hard they work. I think the coach is doing exactly what is needed. If the underclassmen are willing to put in the work and outperform the upper classmen, PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS! Under Lynch we watched freshman take redshirts every year, while upper classmen got start after start even though we were getting trounced. Hep benched a two year starter at QB in favor of a more talented, better player in K. Lewis. In my opinion, Lynch made a mistake for the 2008 season by not benching Lewis in favor of Chappell to start the season after the offseason trouble and suspensions of Lewis. He clearly wasn’t the same player or had the same heart he did in 2007.

  11. That’s kinda how I feel, too. As far as putting the ball in a receiver’s hands quickly or running in the open field, I think EWB does the job. DK seems to have those elusive ‘intangibles’. But the bottom line for us on this blog is, we don’t know what they are doing in practice.

  12. HC,

    It was a very good combination at Columbus East. I’ve always felt if it wasn’t for the University of Cathedral that DK & DW would have at least two Class 4A State Rings.

  13. MP, The chemistry you allude to is one of the reasons I believe DK at QB is a positive. I am sure you recall he adequately threw long balls to DW in HS because Wilson was so fast in comparison to the defenders. I speculate if the 2 can attain success this year it would lead to an immediate repeat next season giving us a successful start and Gunner time to come up to speed. If that would play out I wonder if 1 of the present QB’s goes to the D?
    Do we have much of a chance against Zook’s boys? He certainly has a good staff.

  14. HC,

    I haven’t watched any of Illinois this year, so I really can’t say. However, it is a Ron Zook coached team, so who knows what will happen. The key will be if the offense can get going. I think the Hoosiers will be jacked up to play against a ranked team at home and try to prove they can get the job done.

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