Belcher apologies in statement to the IDS

Indiana wide receiver Damarlo Belcher released a statement to Justin Albers of the Indiana Daily Student apologizing for his dismissal from the football team. He said that he wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye with Wilson but denied rumors that his dismissal was because of a failed drug test.

Update, 4:30 p.m.:  Belcher forwarded his statement to the Herald-Times via text message. It follows.

I’m sorry. I know I let a lot of people down, including myself. I take full responsibility for my actions because I could have went about them in a better way, but me and (coach Kevin) Wilson wasn’t seeing eye to eye on some things, but I respect his call. This is a lesson learned. I also want to say sorry to my teammates. I know I had a lot of young guys looking up to me and to my fans. I plan on finishing school and looking forward to training in a couple weeks to get ready for the next level.


  1. Well, regardless of the motivation, I give him credit for making a public apology. He could have just as easily come out and tried to trash Wilson or make excuses.

    As for his motivation for making the apology, if it is sincere, then he may have learned a valuable lesson from this unfortunate experience. If not, then I suspect he’s doing damage control for the purpose of trying to get drafted. Maybe a little bit of both.

    I, like most Hoosier FB fans regret the way his time at IU came to an end, thank him for his contributions and wish him well in the future. I hope he learned valuable lessons from this experience and that he will take the time to really think through how he behaved when he was not “seeing eye to eye” with his coach. It won’t be the last time he does not see eye to eye with a boss, but hopefully it’ll be the last time he loses a job over it.

  2. 2 things jump out when reading DB’s message
    1) what a shame
    2) he obviously did not use an agent or pr person to help write the statement.

  3. I didn’t realize IU had a football team until I saw this young man inexplicably apologizing for coming to his senses and removing himself from it.
    Thank God..All is normal in Bloomington when a football note of triviality takes it proper place at IU by being fill time a basketball resurgence so encouraging that even obnoxious Purdue fans like 4grunts leave the basketball threads an empty tumbleweed town where no negativity can live.

    Hear, hear!…Good for Belcher. Fine young chap. I forgive him as well..I forgive him for his lack of sound judgment and anyone else for thinking football could ever compare to the passion for hoops in Bloomington. I forgive coach Wilson for silly slogans and any mistakes he made this year(like kicking the only good players off the team). I forgive IU football for being IU football. I forgive my parents for loving me more than my ugly brother.

    IU hoops is back. Don’t you feel it in this foolish little inconsequential football post from Dustin courtesy IDS? There wasn’t even a story..Belcher just belched some nothingness and it found pages. I mean, why not? We’ve got nothing negative to say about hoops. No terrible coach from some Indian society in North Carolina that has an addiction to making 3-way phone calls. No thugs on the b-ball team that drive around playing rap music while skipping out on class…All is beautiful in B-town. I only wish Cody would start wearing short shorts to accentuate his marvelous long legs in that marvelous 7-foot frame.

    Hallelujah and praise Tom Crean’s twitter page..IU HOOPS IS BACK!

    And Podunker…? I saw your prediction on the other thread..16 or 17 wins? That’s all? Really? Man up. This Hoosier basketball team is going easily into the post-season with 22 wins and they are not exiting in the the first round of the Big 10 tournament. Wow. Have some faith in this basketball school. We’re in the NCAA tournament and finishing no lower than 4th in the tonference standings. Count it and take it to the bank. Don’t you see it in this silly football post? Once we get totally back, they’ll be no reason for blogs.

  4. It is tough to issue apology and I hope Mr. Belcher has success in whatever he chooses to do. I wish I had a do-over for some dumb things I did while at IU in the 80’s!

  5. HforH; Ten non-conference wins and 7 in the Big Ten (before Big Ten tourney). IU will lose in first round of Big Ten Tourney because they’ll be playing one of the top three teams in the conference on a neutral site. Would be delighted if I’m wrong and they win more than that, but realistically, they’re still young and they still have a lot of bad habits, which tend to come to the surface when a player is under duress (road games against good competition).

    Road games are still going to be a problem for IU, because they’re still very young. I just don’t think they can develop the mental toughness and stamina necessary to win road games, played in hostile arenas, in the span of one year. In fact, I’m not sure they’ll win any Big Ten games on the road this year. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

    HforH, if you think they’ll win 22 games this season, tell us how they win ten or eleven Big Ten games? If they go 17 – 15 this season, you have to consider that a major success and a confidence builder for 2012/2013.

  6. HforH and Podunker: I promise not to send love notes to Tsao here if you promise to stop blabbing about basketball here. Find another thread! And if Belcher’s apology was really just damage control, that proves the man is getting an education (of some sort or another).

  7. davis, I did feel guilty after posting a BB comment in this thread. Apology for my momentary lack of discipline.

  8. Proflunker-

    You don’t think we can beat Kentucky at home this year? I think we send Calipari back to Lexington with a big fat ‘L’ this year. ND in Indy? Butler in Bloomington? I think it’s very possible the Hoosiers go into their first Big 10 game of the season without a blemish on the record…Possibly 10-0 or 9-1. The energy of the home crowds and the depth of this team will make us very difficult to beat at home? I think we can take at least 3 Big 10 road games and upset someone to get into the quarters of the Big 10 tournament.

    We just brought in one of the best post players in college basketball. Zeller has already shown me way more in two games as a freshman(in terms of control, tenacity, floor recognition, running the floor, board play, and poise) than I would have expected in my wildest and most optimistic expectations.

    Only 16 or 17 wins? Your prediction is just downright wimpy. I really don’t see the Hoosiers losing more than tow games at home(home includes Indy). I think we’ll get to 22. It’s bold, but there is a belief in these guys faces that hasn’t been there before. There are more weapons and I think we’ll dominate the glass in nearly every contest.

  9. ..don’t see the Hoosiers losing more than two games at home(home includes Indy).

    Final thoughts: Even if my bold prediction falls a bit short, I still think there is no way this team doesn’t make the Big Dance. With a dominant guy in the middle, and a year of regular season experience under the belt, March Madness might live up to its name..Everyone says “next year” and the 2012 recruiting class…I think we’re underestimating this group and the chip on their shoulder that is driving them.

    Good luck to Belcher.

  10. ^ Totally agree with Harvard. As long as Crean lets Hulls run the show this team will continue winning. Jordan Hulls: Game, guts, glory, and gumption written all over his grumpy face.

  11. Did anyone else see The General and Coach K in the interview during halftime of the Monday night football game? Coach K described the position he played on Knight’s West Point team as a “point guard.” We all may owe hoosierfromky a bit of an apology for being so obstinate no such name was given to guards during the days of black and white TV and a popular talking horse show.

    I felt a bit sorry for Bobby in the interview last night. There was an inner sadness in his eyes as he sat there in his pale green sweater. I miss him in his red colors…IU divorced him from red…Texas Tech divorced his son from red. He just looks pale, defeated, and lonely. I feel we judged this man too harshly. I wonder if one of his students of the game was our coach, if Bobby would have been able to get past it all. Am I wrong to feel a bit heartbroken for him? It’s rather tragic to leave this place one day without the lifting of the heavy weight of bitterness that is worn upon his sleeve. I’m not saying the man is perfect..I don’t idolize him. I wasn’t slobbering about Indiana during his heyday claiming we had the best coach in the game…It just doesn’t look doesn’t feel right when he sits there in that sweater matching the color of Linda Blair’s vomit; a man possessed by the evils of his foolish actions no one could forgive him for. I want him in a red plaid jacket when they stitch a fake immortal grin upon his face in his final search for final grace. Was he such a bad man to deserve less?

  12. ^That’s funny. I only live with the guilt of being such a miserable piece of sh** that I coldly refused to sit through one of many chemo treatments uselessly given to my dead and buried mother. So, I guess you’re right…I do live with mine. I don’t know if about YouWILLNeverKnow and the rest of you know-it-all bozos that place blogging above flesh and blood.

  13. Agree with Davis, there’s only a few of us who are passionate about IU Football, let us have this blog. The rest of you find the appropriate self help for your problems, let us live with our battered fan syndrome in blissful denial…..

  14. Sorry for raiding the party of the comatose reserved for the very special few that have a passion for IU football. I’ll just go soak my dentures and take a nap during the football blogging orgy of silence that is about to take place here. Enjoy the Tsao refreshments soon to be served with 10,000 gallons of herring in cream sauce babble. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do to try and stay awake at this breakfast of blogging champions. Oh, one last thing…You need some music for this KoolAid party.

  15. Let it go, man. You’re wasting too much energy beating yourself up over $hit that’s done. We all have baggage. Do yourself and your Mom’s memory a favor and do something positive with it. Shoot, if nothing else go sit with somebody else’s Mom while they’re getting chemo.

    What’s done is done. Time to move on.

  16. HforH- no need to apologize, some of your writing is pretty humorous! But football-related taunting and satire only, please.

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