Bucket blogging: Andy Graham’s IU-PU football updates and notes

PREGAME: It’s a gray, but warm and breezy, Bucket Day here at Indiana’s Memorial Stadium. Don’t know what sort of crowd we’ll see, especially with a lot of IU students still out of town on break. Still pretty sparse in the stands. But there are a lot of folks my approximate age (ahem) tailgating. Even when both teams enter with losing records, it’s still the Old Oaken Bucket game. And Purdue is also playing to attain bowl eligibility, and IU would likely relish a spoiler’s role in that regard.

Obviously today’s outcome might have some effect on the campus mood, but this should be a fun weekend to be in Bloomington, overall. The Bucket. Butler coming in Sunday evening for a big basketball game. IU soccer on the road in NCAA tournament play against No. 1-seeded North Carolina. Hoosier fans would dearly love to hit that weekend trifecta.

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll be supplying scoring updates and some attempts at reasonably insightful, not to say nuanced, commentary below the fold.


IU gets a key holding call to nullify a big Ralph Bolden run around right and and PU’s opening possession stalls. IU will start its first drive from its own 25.

Hoosiers go nowhere. A negative run, a run for no-gain, and a completion shy of the first down. Dedmond made the catch, but I thought let the tackler get his into legs too readily in the open field on a one-and-one situation.

Indiana 7, Purdue 0, 6:50. IU sophomore Stephen Houston does a great Terry Cole impression, zooming 52 yards untouched right up the gut for the game’s first score.

Indiana 7, Purdue 7, 2:39. Great throw from Caleb TerBush to Antavian Edison beats double-coverage in the corner of the end zone to equalize. Purdue overcame a 3rd-and-23, after getting backed up by an offensive interference call, and again IU defensive backs just refuse to look for the ball, even when they are in position to make a play. But the TD was just a great throw.

Indiana 14, Purdue 7, 1:05. The Hoosiers respond in a hurry. Kenny Mullen beat everybody but kicker Carson Wiggs on a 36-yard kickoff return to the PU 48. A 20-yard Houston run, a late hit by Purdue, a nice 10-yard completion to Kofi Hughes set up Bloomington native D’Angelo Roberts crunching in for the TD from 6 yards out.


Indiana 14, Purdue 10, 13:01. Boilers move 48 yards in 10 plays and get a 29-yard field goal from Wiggs. TerBush overthrew a wide-open O.J. Ross on a 2nd-and-8 from the 12 on what looked like a busted coverage between Lawrence Barnett and Donnell Jones.

Indiana 17, Purdue 10, 8:55. Hoosiers get a couple of big runs on Roberson keeps to set up a 32-yard Mitch Ewald field goal. IU overcame a fumbled shotgun snap that set up a 2nd-and-19 as Roberson rolled left to hit Shane Wynn in stride on a crossing pattern for 15, then scrambled for 6 on the next snap. PU got a big sack from Bruce Gaston on 3rd-and-goal from the 4.

Indiana 17, Purdue 17, 8:37. It only took PU 18 seconds to tie the score. Raheem Mostert supplied an 81-yard kickoff return to set the Boilers up with a 1st-and-goal from the 8, and Ralph Bolden scored untouched from there on the next snap. IU’s Charles Love III then drew a personal foul call on the extra point. Not exactly a stellar sequence for the home team.

This isn’t particularly great football so far, but it is certainly entertaining.

Purdue 20, Indiana 17, 4:26. PU gets its first lead of the day on a 43 yard field goal from Wiggs. A 3-and-out and a bad punt by IU set the Boilers up at their own 48 to start the drive, which covered only 25 yards in nine plays.

Purdue 23, Indiana 17, 0:05. Wiggs nails a 48-yarder. Again, PU capitalized on good field position, only having to move 26 yards in 10 plays to set up the score.


Lotsa points. Indiana’s offense seemed to bog down toward the end of the second quarter. The Hoosiers get the ball to start the second half, but I imagine it will behoove them to get points pretty much every possession if they want to have a shot to win this one down the stretch. PU has a 266-182 advantage in total offense, relected pretty fairly by the score. Not a bad game, at all. Entertaining, with a little bit of everything, so far.


Wilson goes for it and gets it on 4th-and-1 at his own 34 on the half’s opening possession. The drive has now attained Purdue territory.

But the second 4th-down try, this time on a 4th-and-8 from Purdue 36. It was too far away for a field goal and too close to punt, so the attempt made sense, but Roberson couldn’t find anybody open and his long throw went incomplete. Purdue will take over on downs at the 10:29 mark.

IU blows a coverage assignment on Bolden on the next snap and TerBush hits him for a 32-yard gain, though Bolden is shaken up on the play. IU’s defense then snuffs the drive well and PU punts to the Hoosier 15.

Hoosiers get close to midfield, then bog down. Pines punts to the PU 14, and a penalty then moves it to the 7. Still a scoreless third quarter. No turnovers today. Not many penalties, either. Pretty clean game.

In perhaps the day’s biggest upset so far, we just witnessed a scoreless third quarter. But Purdue has used up a ton of time in marching methodically from its own 7 to the IU 30 as the period ended. PU has a 25:46-19:14 edge in time of possession.

That was the first time since the first quarter of the Penn State game that the Hoosier defense held an opponent scoreless for an entire period. That’s a span of 29 quarters.


Purdue 26, Indiana 17, 13:13. Indiana’s defense held up in the red zone, but Carson Wiggs got a 22 yard field goal out of a Purdue drive that traveled 88 yards in 17 plays, eating up 7:23 worth of clock. It’s now a two-score deficit for IU, which now must really answer the bell offensively.

IU senior linebacker and Bloomington product Leon Beckum, who has played hurt for the past month, seemed to aggravate his right knee injury in making a tackle on Edison with 14:24 to play.

Hoosier offense doesn’t exactly answer the bell when it has to. Three and out. Then Kofi Hughes shoves a Boiler and draws a personal foul, setting Purdue up at its own 45. Then …

It’s becoming readily apparently the Bucket will leave Bloomington tonight.

Purdue 33, Indiana 17, 11:04. Akeem Hunt shows some speed around left end, then some moves to break a 50-yarder to the IU 5. Edison took it in from there on the next snap. Unless some really unexpected things happen now, this one is probably settled. IU’s offense hasn’t done much of anything since midway through the second quarter. It’ll have to do a heckuva lot, in a big hurry, now.

And, well, it just did something. Fast.

Purdue 33, Indiana 25, 8:22. Indiana goes 76 yards in eight plays (and in just 2:42)  for a 5-yard TD run from D’Angelo Roberts and a 2-point conversion pass to Shane Wynn. The big play was a 41-yard scamper by Stephen Houston. He only has 10 carries, but has upwards of 130 yards rushing now.

Decisive play. Indiana was marching, but Purdue’s Josh Johnson given an interception at the PU 22 with 4:11 to play, but it sure looked like dual possession, with Johnson and IU’s Nick Stoner both coming down with hands on the ball. The refs gave the pick to Johnson, then informed everybody the play was not reviewable.

Purdue now in the process of running out the clock. Hoosiers out of timeouts. PU now running it into IU territory. Defense not standing up to the run when it absolutely had to. But there is no doubt the home team, and remaining home fans, are still reeling from that interception ruling a bit. Fans are still booing in between plays.

FINAL: PURDUE 33, INDIANA 25. The Boilers have reclaimed the Bucket.