Crean says minor injuries, focus on defense hampering offensive execution

There is never a point, Tom Crean said, when a coach feels as if he’s ready for the games to start. There’s always some aspect of his team’s game that seems to need a few more rehearsals before the curtain goes up.

With Indiana preparing for its first game against another opponent “under the lights’ — last week’s Indiana State scrimmage was, by NCAA rule, played in front of no one — Crean said there are a lot of areas where the 2011-12 version of the Hoosiers isn’t ready for prime time. But the one that stands out most is offensive execution. Injuries to senior forward Tom Pritchard and junior swingman Christian Watford — neither of which are long-term but both cost them significant practice time — had something to do with that as has the focus on making this a better defensive team.

“This is by far the least amount of offensive development that I’ve been a part of as a head coach when it comes to how we really want to play on offense,” Crean said. “The sets, those type of things. We’re really still trying to continue to work on spacing, movement. The biggest hurdle for us lately has been integrating guys that have been injured back into a flow, and that’s been hard. So we don’t have that flow on the offense, but we certainly need to have that on the defensive end. I’m as concerned on that as everything else.”

Crean said the Hoosiers are working primarily on defense and on some general offensive concepts. They’re trying to get a feel, he said, for getting the ball inside to the freshman forward Cocy Zeller. The Hoosiers have admittedly struggled in getting used to making post feeds a constant part of the offense, so the Hoosiers have worked extensively on just making sure to do that.

“We’re really working on learning how to play and how to score off of our defense and how to move in space and make the next pass and play with a legitimate inside threat in Cody,” Crean said. “There’s a lot of that. It’s not as much, ‘OK, go here, go there. Let’s run this. This is Option 1. This is Option 2. This is Option 3.’ We’ll get to that, but we have not spent a lot of time with that. Our offensive execution is not even close to being ready to play a game. I’m not giving you coachspeak, it’s just not. That doesn’t mean we won’t do some good things. If the ball is moving at a crisp pace inside out, then that’s gotta be part of our identity. It really does. If we can get that, we’re gonna make progress. If the ball isn’t moving, then we have to make a lot of adjustments. When you’re integrating people back in and you’re trying to get flow and rhythm, it’s hard to have that at this time of year.”

Crean didn’t sound panicked by the offensive execution necessarily. He said there are plays that have been installed, and enough that could create ball movement. It just isn’t quite game ready and it certainly isn’t Big Ten ready — though conference season is obviously a long way off.

“We’re going hard, we’re playing very hard, I know that,” Crean said. “We’re pretty competitive. We’re not as physical as we need to be. You’re spending time on that. We don’t block out and offensive rebound the way we need to, so there’s a laundry list of things that aren’t where they need to be, so you’re spending that kind of time and something’s gotta give. For right now it may be offensive sets. As we get better as a program, it’s going to be less about the plays, more about the players anyways. We’re kind of at the crossroads of that right now. You still have to have a certain amount of different things to get the ball to different people in different spots. You’d like to look at it and say, ‘OK, we could be really good defensively. Let’s get out and get some easy buckets. Let’s get on the offensive glass. We haven’t been consistent in those areas yet. I’m anxious to see where that is so we know where we are moving forward.”

The players, unsurprisingly, aren’t as concerned about halfcourt offensive execution yet.

“A lot during the season, we’re just going to want to get out and go,” junior forward Derek Elston said. “… Just because we haven’t really worked on plays, we don’t really look like a halfcourt team right now. We’re the type of team that’s been running. Once we get that ball, we’re best when we’re on the fly. Plays, they’ll be put in, and we have a couple. We do have a nice amount of plays, but really, we’re a team that likes to get out and run. We’ll run it down your throat if we have to. That’s what we’re about right now.”

AUDIO: Tom Crean

AUDIO: Victor Oladipo and Derek Elston


  1. Still not blocking out or playing physical? What do they work on during the summer? No wonder CTC is ranked so low as a BIG coach- one of the few 3 stars in a league of 4 and 5 star coaches. Is this going to be the smae mediocre B.S.?

  2. Was he a 3 star coach when he took Marquette to the Final Four?

    How about when He won 20, 24, and 25 games in his 3 years in the Big East without a first round draft pick?

    Just wondering… Do you know where I can find the rankings for those years?

  3. Would you feel better if his quotes were that they were adequately physical and he felt good about how they were blocking out and hitting the offensive boards in practice? Would you believe him? What happens if it doesn’t show in the first couple exhibitions?

    Coaches can’t come out in the preseason and over-praise their teams. They have to have extreme expectations and drive the players constantly towards them. They can’t be satisfied, especially not now.

    He is saying, not only what all the other coaches are saying right now, but what his players need to hear so they don’t get complacent.

  4. Getreal, adjust your glasses, they aren’t picking up all the stars visible to the rest of us. Crean is a perfectionist and he’s never going to say that everything is 100% peachy-keen, ready to go. He’s always gonna to say something isn’t quite were it needs to be. And he’ll always see something that needs to be better. Maybe something is 94% right and he knows it can be 95% so he’s gonna tell us that those things need work. The season hasn’t even started yet, so it’s a safe bet that there are things that need work. But, I’m sure liking what I’m hearing from the players – “We’ll run it down your throat if we have to.” These guys are ready to play and they want to win. Go IU!!!!

  5. getreal, relax. coach crean is doing a great job. the season has not started yet and you are complaining. the hoosiers will be fine. go iu!

  6. get real, I just wanted to make sure you’ve picked up on the fact that everyone is laughing at you.

    Carry on.

  7. Trying to holster the bazooka somewhat here but is anybody else concerned that our leading scorer from last year who also happens to be a junior and a senior are lost offensively? This is in a system that they have been a part of for 3 and 4 years collectively? Just saying. As noted above, perhaps the addition of a real post presence (Zeller) is just the thing that is throwing them off.



  8. My greatest concern is that Watford and Jones haven’t shown much interst in playing defense, ‘team’ ball or passing in past seasons. Also the team has lacked any ‘team’ chemistry under CTC. You can add good players but until they start playing as a team the team will not reach 18/13 IMHO.

  9. PB, my take was that Watford and Pritch are still getting used to feeding Zeller (the “new” plays), since they missed practice time, not that they didn’t know the old plays. I’m assuming the freshmen are the ones struggling to learn all the offensive plays.

    Everything is relative, what’s not good enough for Crean is probably good enough to beat our early season opponents. And as Crean was alluding to, set plays are a small part of a talented team’s offense. Ultimately good players create their own offense and just make plays. I can’t wait for that to start happening!

  10. get real, when pushed to the wall has no facts to offer to substantiate what comes out of his hole. He and his posts are irrelevant.

  11. PB, to continue on JfB’s point, there is a big difference between “lost offensively” and “don’t have great flow”. There are at least 3 subsets of player situations this year that are effecting this, and they weren’t specifically mentioned in this article, but it’s pretty clear:
    1. Injured players returning that have lost a little time.
    2. Freshmen who haven’t had much time in the system.
    3. Veteran players adjusting to new roles.
    The first two have been talked about in relation to lack of flow, but the 3rd one may be just as disruptive. My assumption is that Hulls is spending most of his time at the point. Jones now spending most of his time at the 2, but in a battle with VO and WS,and maybe even Etherington,for wing minutes. Not only is Watford making up for lost time, but he is now doing it primarily at a new position – traditional SF. Pritch is kind of in the same boat, although he is still at the 5 we assume, his role is completely different offensively.

    So it makes perfect sense that there isn’t great flow right now, even with players that have been in the “system” for a couple years. The system never revolved around a strong post presence that demanded touches, and virtually no one is playing in the same roles they assumed last season.

  12. Thanks for the feedback John from Beyond and Geoff. Glad to have some good back and forth.

    Understand with your point about lack of flow versus lost offensively. There is a difference there. I’d expect Watford to get back into the flow, but Pritch, well unless he can reinvent himself or show flashes of his freshman self….he may get lost on the offensive side. Dustin and Co. have mentioned that he’ll see more looks when teams double down on Zeller. Let’s hope The Pritch takes advantage of those opportunities. (And did anyone see him hit that top of the key jumper in the scrimmage!??. That was almost as good as “The Pritch” play….I kid.)

    I am really curious too to see how Watford adjusts this year. He’ll play more 3 but still might have to play near the rim in some rotations or if injuries occur.

    Catch you guys later.


  13. The rankings are in Sporting News College Basketball Magazine.

    Have you heard anyone wish that Crean was the coach at their school? Does marquette want him back? The answers are no.

    Also CTC basically lied about the vistation date with Harris and noone cares.He’s being paid $2.3 million to have the team prepared offensively,defensively, and fundamentals -wise. After this year, you guys will realize what I know– not a top flite coach.

  14. ALERT! ALERT! Basketball season is upon us. Members of the Thought Police man your stations! Everyone else make sure your spelling and punctuation is precise! Go IU!

  15. and get real is busted…yet again.

    Just did a thorough search Sporting News College Basketball Magazine and no such rankings exist. If you’re gonna make sh** up at least make it plausible.

    I did like the old ‘I’ll try to change the topic real quick so no one will check it out’ move. Always a classic.

  16. Chet, I also came up “0” in my search. No such ranking at all, let alone using the star method. When the season is 1/2 over our little buddy, get real, will be scarce. After all lying about lying is most disingenuous. get real = bias, lies and BS.

  17. Get Real – First off, who, when, and where did you see anyone say that Crean is an “elite” coach? I read through this site pretty thoroughly and I don’t think that argument has been made. I don’t even necessarily consider myself a Crean defender – although I’m sure you do – I see myself more a defender of reality. (it’s kinda like when right wingers think I must be liberal democrat because I don’t fall 100% in line with their agenda…)

    Anyhoo, my take on Crean is that he is an above average recruiter who has a track record of success with good players. If you can show me that I am wrong I would certainly be willing to listen. I’ll ask the same question that I ask other Crean detractors – Who do you want as coach? The follow up questions are:
    Who do you think would have done a better job turning the program around? Who do you think would have done a better job recruiting? What “elite” coaches do you think would have taken the IU job in 2008? How do you think getting rid of Crean sometime this school year would effect the top-5 recruiting class next year?

    Now my specific questions to you are:

    Do you have an outbound calling center dedicated to polling fans about who they would and wouldn’t have coach their teams?

    Do you frequent the Marquette Bball blogs in an in-depth manner so you feel comfortable speaking for their fan-base as to whether or not they want Crean back?

    My guess to both is “No”. You spit conjecture without anything to back it up. Now granted, I haven’t heard anyone say that they wish that Crean was coaching their team, BUT I also haven’t heard any fan/player/columnist of another team say they are glad he wasn’t. In fact, no one from other teams seems to talk in that manner about other coaches unless they are currently unhappy with their own situation – in which case, they may very well give Crean a shot.

    As far as Marquette goes, I think Buzz Williams is probably a decent coach and fairly popular with the fans. He has that kind of bulldog persona thats easy to back. Buzz’s legacy is far from being defined though. All he has done is maintain the level of success that Crean created. Crean recruited and/or coached the players that have largely led to Buzz’s
    win/loss record to this point. The program is just now turning the corner to really be HIS program – HIS players will now determine HIS legacy. So, if I were a Golden Eagle fan it would be a little tough to say whether or not I missed Crean. Get back to me in a couple years to see what direction the program goes.

    Here are some FACTS – Buzz walked into a situation where the cubbard was not bare, he inherited a team with Jerel McNeal, Wesley Matthews, Lazar Hayward, Dominic James, Jimmy Butler, etc… Buzz walked into a situation with no NCAA scrutiny or sanctions… Buzz came into a program without a soiled reputation that would inhibit his recruiting. So it’s pretty easy to see how he has managed to maintain a 20-25 win level of success.

    It took a lot of BALLS for Crean to leave that and come to IU. He has worked his absolute tail off to try to recruit great players, lock down the Indiana borders, and turn the program around with integrity.

    I love how some of you morons want to reward that hard work by trying to replace him after 3 years of constant and incremental improvement. He hasn’t failed yet, so until he does shush. I’ll be more than happy to write similarly realistic and thorough posts for the Crean detractors once he deserves it.

  18. I also didn’t find any such rankings on Sporting New’s website, so apparently they don’t exist in any form. However, I was able to find an article from Aug. 2nd that proclaimed IU as having the #1 recruiting class in the country for 2012. You’ll never guess whose picture they had big and bold – yep Tom Arnold himself… I mean Tom Crean.

  19. Guys, don’t take get real seriously. He’s a Crean hater and always will be, no matter what facts or prevailing opinion we present to him. He makes crap up to support his hate, and somehow he thinks that if he keeps saying Crean is a bad coach, all us of will suddenly agree.

    To the “real” IU fans out there, keep up the good posts.

  20. Little get real has already become noticeably more scarce. The Sporting News fabrication has forced him into seclusion.

  21. Downings 5th, 4guards, Get Real. It’s all the same to me.

    Although he hasn’t stated his case to bring Alford back yet. So maybe it’s a newbie.


  22. PB—You hit the nail on the head, Get Real might be 4guards. Alford has not been mentioned yet because of dementia.

  23. Look in the Big Ten section– one of the rankings is for coaches-Matta and Izzo 5 stars,Ryan,Painter,Beilein,etc. 4 stars(Ryan IMHO should be a 5 star),etc. Open your eyes instead of your mouths.

  24. Oh good, he’s back. Would you care to try to address any of the points that have been brought up, or just pretend the truth doesn’t exist?

  25. PB-

    I resent the lumping of my name into any association with the garbage-slinging that has come from 4guards and get real. Dustin and some of his old friends like Korman and Zach Osterman(used to write for IDS Basketblog)could easily have my back here and, once and for all, clear up that wrongful accusation. I’m not into bringing dinosaurs back to IU. If you want me to take up thread space with how many times I have stated in the past four years that I prefer no disciples of Knight at IU, I will gladly provide an amount of supportive documentation that could rival 6 months of Tsao jacking up coach Wilson. I do appreciate the mentioning of Downing’s 5th. The name obviously still has some good ol’ blogging oomph. Nice to know it remains under the skin and on tip of tongue some loyal old farts that still light up fat cigars at the Yacht Club ….a nice shot to my ego. Thanks.

  26. Its in the power rankings of the Sporting News magazine.I will say this without any qualms or hesitation– Davis and Sampson are better coaches of the game than Crean.Crean ,however, is a great recruiter and P.R man and I applaud his focus on student athletes but as a coach he leaves much to be desired. Alford,Stevens,Brownell,marshall,Smart are far better coaches than CTC. As long as he coaches at IU- we will be mediocre on the floor because the skill level of the other coaches in the B1G is so much better. Even at marquette, his teams were poor defensive teams. Give me a defensive coach like Grant or Hamilton . Crean is a Calipari wannabe.

  27. Also notice how Tsao is never present when’4guards’ and ‘get real’ are on here and taking their shots at Crean? You might want to throw that theory to the wind as well, PB. Ask Dustin to clear it up. He has the IP addresses.

  28. D-5,

    Good to hear from you and apologies for the blanket statement/lumping of handles. Glad to see that you still scan the boards. Not a fat cat yet as I’m still in my early thirties but it’s on the bucket list to find that Yacht Club.


  29. rates top 20 coaches–includes Izzo,Matta,Ryan Painter and Stevens. I would rank all coaches in the B1G higher than CTC- even Penn State’s new coach — he kicked IU’s butt while at Bosto University.Beilein and McCafferty are head and shoulders above CTC. Even Lickliter who was fired whipped CTC every time.

  30. PB,

    No problem. You take care. I was just pretending to be offended. Though I may not agree with ‘4guards’ and ‘get real’, everyone has their right to an opinion. And though Crean is not the type of coach I would have preferred to take the program over, I remain a huge fan of Hoosier basketball. We still need more talent and speed at the guard positions. We have Yogi coming in, but I’m not sure if he was the perfect compliment to tandem up with Jordy. I like Hulls a ton, but I think his game could have really flourished with a healthy Creek. Buckner had Wilkerson…Isiah and Wittman…Alford had Smart. Hulls carries the load on the perimeter. Zeller will certainly help. That’s another area I differed greatly in opinions with 4gaurds.. I never thought Zeller was a program “savior”. Do you remember the “everything hinges on Cody” posts that littered the website for weeks upon weeks? I used to get into it with 4guards back then..He would make comments like “Dawson’s game couldn’t fit in Cody’s jockstrap”…I kind of enjoyed 4guards…He kept the blog lively. You have to have the contrarians…Anyway, I wanted to see us go stronger after Brandon Dawson from Gary Wallace(now at MSU). I thought Dawson was more of a D-Wade type kid…very athletic and can play multiple positions. I thought Crean went a bit away from his instincts, the type of up-and-down player he recruited at Marquette, to please a strong push from the local crowd that watched and preferred Cody. Of course, in a perfect world, I would have loved to see both of them in candy-stripes. I thought Remy Abell was a great last minute pickup by Crean for this season. He’ll help us with speed and defensive tenacity.

    We’ll see how it all works out. If we stay away from injuries, I see no reason this team can’t finish in the middle of the pack and make the Big Dance.

    Go Hoosiers!

  31. Downing- that’s the trouble “You’re hoping for a middle of the pack” finish when IU has more experience returning than any other B1G team and every conference team other than IU ,Iowa and Michigan are worse than last year. Why are fans settling for anything less than top 3. I’ll tell you why—coaching.

  32. get real; we’re still laughing. Who cares how you would rank all coaches in the Big Ten compared to Crean?

    None of the coaches you referenced had to clean up the mess that Crean inherited. That little fact skews all attempts at objective statistical analysis, not to mention that it’s inherently subjective to begin with. The next two years will go along way in determining Crean’s future at IU.

  33. The Crean apologists are still in full force I see. It has been a long time. The legend of 4 guards lives.

  34. get real-

    Experience must be combined with adequate talent. We’re getting there…As I said, I think we’re still pretty weak on the perimeter. Davis’ team that made it to our last Final Four was loaded with 3-point marksmen. Middle of the pack is conservative. If Cody plays at a very mature level for a freshman, then we may be fighting for something a bit higher. We have a lot more depth that can contribute rather than just take up space. It should be fun to see how the young guys develop with the more veteran players on the floor.

  35. get real reminds me so much of Curly from the old Three Stooges when he shares his thoughts. He should preface each posts with, “Hey Mo!”

    Clowns ARE entertaining, though. Except for the freaky ones.

    I am certain that get ‘Curly’ real has never coached anything in his young life. He would have some sort of clue if he had. All hat, no cattle.

  36. “All hat, no cattle”– I have used that quote about Crean for 3 years. Thanks for reminding me.By the way, I have watched IU since the Van Arsdales so unfortunately I am not so young. Have you confirmed CTC’s Sporting News ranking, yet?

  37. Nope. Haven’t seen any unicorns, either.

    Sorry, Curly, you posts just read like they were written by a twelve-year-old.

  38. Chet, you are such a self-proclaimed authority on everything you almost remind me of Husky Tom. Here’s what they will build in the Bloomington Quarry years from now when (after years and years of vacuous contributions on the Scoop) you will retire from blogging: a monument to Chet, Podunker, Tsao and Clarion.

    With Crean on the sidelines only one thing is guaranteed: twenty losses a season. Meanwhile Wilson has managed something that few had thought possible: he brought Hoosier football lower than where Bill Lynch left it. Actually last year we beat Purdue in LaFayette and almost beat No. 15 Iowa in Bloomington. Kevin Wilson, like Twenty-Loss Tom, finds himself completely overwhelmed by his own incompetence.

  39. Stationary- I like you. You make me laugh. I am adding you to my RSS feed to further enjoy your compliments.

    Thousand Tweet Tom Crean (TTTC) will turn it around this year, and Kevin Wilson will build a competitive team in a few years. All is good in beautiful B-Town, and I can’t wait to go to the quarry to see the Mount Buttmore etched into permanent memory.

    You are the best!

  40. This is really classic stuff… GR must be getting up there because he’s either too stubborn or senile to keep the conversation moving. Here’s a recap of the posts so far:

    GR – Crean is a 3-star coach in a league of 4 and 5-star coaches

    Posters – we can’t find those rankings, but regardless, Crean has made constant improvement and recruited very well in his 3 years.

    GR – Crean isn’t a good coach. The Sporting News says so.

    Posters – Well he took Marquette to a Final Four and had 3 20+ win seasons in the Big East. He can’t be that bad.

    GR – The Sporting News says he isn’t good and he hasn’t won at IU yet.

    Posters – well he did kinda take over a dismal situation, with no players, no coaches, NCAA investigations and sanctions, and a soiled reputation.

    GR – The Sporting News says he is only a 3-star coach. IU won’t be good until we get a better coach.

    Posters – (obviously outwitted and trapped at this point) Ok GR, who would you like at IU?

    GR – Alford or one of 15 other coaches (with a track record no better than Crean’s). Those guys are all at least 4-star coaches as rated by me and/or the Sporting News.

    Posters – So those coaches would have been able to continually improve and build the program with integrity while picking up a couple top-5 recruiting classes in the upcoming years?

    GR – of course, the Sporting News and I think they are “top flite” (sic) coaches.

    Yep, can’t argue with any of that logic. Won’t let any circumstance, historically relevent facts, or common sense get in the way of making his point. Well done, sir.

  41. Hey stationary front; you should apply for the job of Athletic Director at IU. You’d turn this whole thing around in short order, I can just tell.

    Still laughing.

  42. tom crean is a good coach do doubt but look at what he’s working with. derick elston, tom pritchard, verdell jones??!! im from kentucky and i see what coach cal has done at uk with “great players”. you have to wait until ctc has the talent to jugde weather or not he’s a top shelf coach!! this is not that year. yes zeller is a great player surrounded by mediocre talent. iu fans are blinded to that fact. now if crean cant muster a 20 win season next year then yea he’s a horrible coach. feed back please!

  43. by the way dont get it twisted im iu to the bone and hate uk. im suggesting that coach cal or coach cheat as we call him down here is a sub par coach and has 30 win seasons with 5 star talent something iu doesnt come close to. my jurys still out on crean being a top five coach in the big ten. im waiting for him to get some “INDIANA HOOSIER” worthy players in here before i make that call! i got kicked off the inside indiana site for suggesting this years team is a new cake with the same ingredients. but it’s true. hulls will not shoot the ball,vj3 is a turnover megnet and watford standing 6’10 wants to shoot 3’s all the time and we dont have one player not one who will attack the basket. these are facts folks!! remember i said this we might win 15 games this year.

  44. forgive spelling my son thought it would be cool to switch the keys around this morning. go iu “basketball”. ive officially given up on football. i honestly beleive iu should consider joining the mac. this program is such a joke and just like hoops one 5 star qb does’nt matter if he’s surrounded by 2 star talent!!

  45. Ok HfKy, here’s your feedback. I don’t think you’ll see very many Hoosier fans trying to make the case that the players on the current roster are that great. No one, at least not the people I see posting around here, are blinded in that respect. There people that root for, respect the game of, or enjoy watching some of these players, but I don’t think you could find a single person on this site that believes there is even an NBA second-rounder coming back from last year’s team.

    The people that think this team will be better than 15 wins, do so because experience and the addition of Zeller, not vast talent.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Feel free to speak up if I am not accurately describing the prevailing opinion around here.

  46. im glad you agree. i posted something similiar to what i wrote about our talent or lack there of on inside indiana and got crucified!! i hope expierience will help and it might but without a point gaurd and zeller having to take breathers lol i dont see us winning 18 games. we just need ctc to get a couple people fired up. do you remember when mike davis told jarod odle and coverdale this was your last year how do you want to be remembered? they had no size no speed but they played hard nosed ball all year. pritchard elston jones and watford need to hear that!!! go iu

  47. Geoff I think you nailed it. That being said, with good chemistry and teamwork maybe we can win 18. On any given night, we have maybe 5 players who could light it up for 25 points, but I don’t see anyone averaging 20 per night this year, like an NBA caliber player. Next year though, watch out!

  48. dont know if get real is being truthful or not but is there anyone on here who thinks crean isn’t a 3 star coach? great coaches can put together solid seasons with little talent. look at bo ryan. we had higher rated players over all than he did last year and i know we do this year and wisconsin will beat us twice. look at coach knight knight. he won with robbie eggers and richard mandaville. look at tubbys solid teams at sota. im just saying. i know he hasnt had much talent i agree with that but alot of coaches have’nt finished dead last in the big ten 3 years in a row with the same or less talent.

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