Gary Harris commits to Michigan State

As originally reported by Brian Snow of, Hamilton Southeastern guard Gary Harris has committed to Michigan State. Harris, the No. 25 player in the Class of 2012 according to, had narrowed his choices to Indiana, Purdue, Kentucky and Michigan State and had made an official visit to Indiana last month for Hoosier Hysteria. Gary Harris Sr., Harris’s father, confirmed the commitment via text message.



  1. Somewhere in a basement 4guards is thinking to himself that Crean can’t recruit this state. Would have loved to get Harris, but we’ll be alright.

  2. Overall, a good choice by GH. It stinks he didn’t choose IU, but this college isn’t for everybody. I wish him the best in his collegiate career, and further than that.

    At least he didn’t choose PU or UK, haha.

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  4. Benny-

    Don’t forget Izzo landed another fine Indiana product in Branden Dawson(now a freshman). Very little mention was given to Dawson by the faithful Hoosier fans that spend time on these blogs..I can only assume it was because Dawson was from a far, far away land called Northwest Indiana(Gary Wallace). 4guards spent most of his time mocking Dawson because Wallace lost to Washington in the state final two years ago. Dawson has All-American potential with his versatility and size. Now Izzo lands Gary Harris to follow…Mitch McGary was another kid originally from Northwest Indiana(Chesterton kid…now committed to Michigan..Zsck Novak, another Michigan starter, was also from Chesterton). Michigan is benefiting greatly from Indiana’s assumption that nearly all high school basketball talent our basketball state is grown Indianapolis southward.

    We Hoosier fans can delight in the fact that we did even the score a bit with Michigan with the signing of Ryan Kartje.

  5. I really wanted GH to come to IU, but I think he made a decision with State as well. He really couldn’t go wrong with either program. I have a great deal of respect for Izzo, and I think GH will do very well there. I’m happy he didn’t choose UK or PU for sure! I think he handled his recruitment really well, and I wish him the best. I hope that every Hoosier out there will show him respect and wish him luck. Except of course when IU beat him and State down!! 🙂 Even without Harris IU just had one hell of a recruiting day. I’m extremely excited for Indiana’s future. With the players we already have, IU will have a lot of talent, they will be a experienced veteran squad, and will have a HUGE injection of freshman talent on the way in the door. I’d dare say that GREAT things are ahead for our beloved basketball program, and that a 6th banner will be hanging in AH very soon! GOOOO HOOSIERS!!

  6. Harris made a choice that he thought was in his best interest, like others, I’m just glad it isn’t PU or UK.

    What does that say for PU that both his parents went there, his mom (I think) played there, and they still couldn’t land him?

    That said, Harris is now a Spartan, he is now the enemy, on the court.

  7. Well Im not gonna lose sleep over this, but I would have loved to have him as a Hoosiers. I think with the large class coming in, the emergence of Will, and possibility of Creek coming back next year for another two years, he realized his PT would be somewhat diminished. Thats all fine and well, we will just have to whoop their butts twice a year while he is there.

  8. Good luck Gary. Hope you have a great career at MSU. As for the Hoosier Nation, keep in mind that we have a very capable two guard in Ron Patterson. We will be just fine. Go Hoosiers!

  9. I thought Harris couldn’t even sign with Indiana this fall because we’re already oversigned by one. If true, we had no real shot, as he wasn’t going to take his chances waiting until spring to sign with a school that already had 5 recruits in his class. It might not be bad, because if you have too many recruits in one class, it’s very tough to replace them when they all complete their eligibility the same year. I, too, am glad that he ignored his Purdue legacy and threw Coach Cal’s recruiting machine off track a bit.

  10. I think this is the best decision for all involved.

    I just can’t help but think this was a potentially toxic situation.

    Had Harris decided IU was best for him, what then? Crean asks Patterson or Jurkin to just “wait” until a scholarship opens up? Then what’s that say about the current kids on scholarship this year? “Well, one of you is going to have to go.” It’s just not a healthy situation, and one I’m glad we avoided.

    Maybe I’m reading in to it too much and I’m sure Crean had a plan in mind IF Harris would have decided on IU, but it could potentially have been a disastrous outcome.

    We have a great group of players, and I wish Gary Harris the best at Michigan State (except when he plays us). Not every kid in Indiana is going to choose IU.

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