Hoosier Brunch


In what will be Indiana’s first real road test (meaning there aren’t thousands of Indiana fans there), the Hoosiers take on N.C. State tonight at 7:15. They’ll have a serious challenge with the Wolfpack’s athleticism, Dustin writes.

Ohio State remains on top and Indiana comes in at No. 6 in my Big Ten Power Rankings.

The Big Ten honors one of Indiana’s most famous legends, George Taliaferro, with the inaugural Dungy-Thompson Humanitarian Award, Andy writes.


Ryan Corazza, normally of Inside the Hall, writes about Cody Zeller for ESPN the Magazine, and says Zeller could’ve joined any team in the nation. But he chose the team that needed him the most ($).

Robbi Pickeral of the College Basketball Nation Blog on ESPN writes that Cody Zeller’s parents have been challenged in this most recent ACC/Big Ten Challenge, as the Zeller brothers play a few miles down the road and a few hours apart on Wednesday.

Justin Albers of Inside the Hall writes that N.C. State is IU’s toughest test yet. C.J. Leslie should be especially challenging to guard for the Hoosiers.

It’s no secret that the Hoosiers were 6-0 last season as well. Terry Hutchens of the IndyStar writes that not all 6-0 records are the same. At least, that’s what this year’s seniors say.


N.C. State sharpshooter Scott Wood is from the Hoosier State, and despite being split between Purdue and Indiana growing up, he has a lot of connections to Indiana, the Gaston Gazette writes.

Like Indiana, the Wolfpack’s schedule gets much tougher from here on out. They did play Texas, right? Well, anyway, the Charlotte Observer says this is an important time for N.C. State, as well as Indiana.


The future starts now for Indiana’s 1-11 football team, as strength building becomes a priority in the offseason, Pete DiPrimio of the FW News-Sentinel writes.

There’s nowhere to go but up, the AP writes.


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