Hoosier Brunch

My alarm decided to malfunction this morning, thus changing Hoosier Morning into Hoosier Brunch, at least for today. Also, apologies go out to people on the IU Sports Chat for my absence. I swear, sometimes I’m just a narcolept.


The clouds begin to part for IU as the Hoosiers get their first road win, I wrote.

New Hoosiers come up Aces against Evansville, Dustin wrote.

The light players see may be the end of the tunnel for IU football, Andy wrote.


Coach Kevin Wilson has a very Spartan connections, the Lansing State Journal wrote.

Kofi Hughes is stepping up at the WR position, LaMond Pope of the Journal Gazette wrote.


Christian Watford returns to form against Evansville, Pete DiPrimio of the FW News-Sentinel wrote.

IU flexed its offensive and defensive might last night, Terry Hutchens of the IndyStar wrote.

IU aced its first true test, Avi Zaleon of the IDS wrote.


A little behind on following the college football landscape, Grantland.com looks at this week.


  1. Laffy, I do remember Kilroy’s used to have Sure Happy It’s Thursday night. I believe is was nickel beers, but the beer was Natural Light. Gotta love Natty Light!

  2. Once again, it’s cold pizza. I actually went to high school with Papa John (aka John Schnatter) at dear old JHS. John was a little younger than me but his brother, Greg, and I played football and wrestled on the same teams.

    Should have kept in touch, I suppose.

  3. Better ingredients, better basketball…Papa Tom.

    I played two years of HS football and one year of HS basketball. The varsity assistant coach kept trying to recruit me to the b-ball team(I was considered a 5-star prolific scorer in intramural hoops), but I was a damn stubborn fool. Regrets..regrets..regrets.

  4. Hoosier Brunch. Hmmm, clever, but it seems like I just read that somewhere else. Oh yeah, it was in a post from Harvard for Hillbillies. Start sticking a copyright C on your best stuff, HfH.

  5. Sorry, Proflunker…I’m taken. After our Redford and Streisand thread, Chet proposed. May I suggest Laffy?

  6. RJ…one month on the job and you skip a forum, are late to work, don’t wear a tie, have a preposterous hair do…where are you from?…the U. of Michigan or something…we’re conservative people! Get advice on social grace from Harvard!

  7. Harvard: I don’t usually look that closely at the comments, and I didn’t see your suggestion. Dustin and I joked about calling it Hoosier Brunch when he told me about Hoosier Morning. Thought it sounded catchy. But kudos to you nevertheless good sir.

  8. Ryan-

    I actually referred to Hoosier Morning as a Hoosier smorgasbord(the variation of topics making me think of a large buffet assembled of different sports dishes). You didn’t steal a thing and if you did I would feel honored. I was just kidding around.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Couldn’t help but listen to the video, HforH. While I was never mistaken for Tom Cruise (probably because I’m taller) one of my college roommates, who is still a good friend, was a dead ringer for Kenny Loggins. Now, he looks like Christopher Walken. Unfortunately, Kelly McGillis kinda looks like him, too.

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