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With the bye week this week in football and very little basketball until Wednesday’s signing day info, it’s a slow day at Hoosiers HQ.


IU women looking to grow in second exhibition matchup, Jeremy wrote.


Peegs.com takes a look back at the defense in Saturday’s scrimmage ($).

The Indiana-Indy exhibition won’t air on BTN, Vigilant Sports’ writes.

Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star chooses IU to win 19 games.


Bill Plaschke of the LA Times and Jason Whitlock of FoxSports.com both call for Joe Paterno’s job.

Penn State alum Dana O’Neil writes on ESPN.com that the PSU community is shocked.


Charles Pierce of Grantland.com has been killin’ it lately. Here’s his piece on the fall of horse racing, from the Breeder’s Cup.


  1. Ryan, What will McGary do for that team up north? Is he just what they needed? To me it seems to make for a good blend

  2. In response to the Hoosier Morning story/link above: The Indiana-Indy exhibition won’t air on BTN, Vigilant Sports’ writes.

    I find the apology for mishaps causing a poorly streamed game from BTN.com rather hollow. The Big 10 network already gets oodles of bucks from the cable companies and now they want to start implementing more methods to nail fans with more fees to watch games? Many households already pay from $50-$75 per month to their cable companies. Parts of those fees are to take care of “packages” that include specific channels like the Big 10 network. I have Bright House as my cable TV provider. Bright House had to battle for months to acquire rights for the Big 10 Network. I don’t know the specifics, but it would be my guess that Comcast wanted to monopolize the coverage and it became a legal battle. Bright House eventually acquired rights to bring IU basketball and Big 10 coverage to my street address. I’m sure they paid hefty sums of cash so they could capture markets for local IU sports and the monthly fees I pay reclaim some of that investment. It’s a breach of trust, a slap in the face to the end consumer, after only a couple years a reason/justification the extra money you and I have kicked in for “packages” and the ever-increasing cable company fees, for the Big 10 network to now start streaming specific games because they are greedy backstabbers. Unfortunately, as a final consumer, your only true form of protest for such actions is to drop your cable company. Start listening to the IU radio network and enjoy Don Fischer’s enthusiastic voice.

    I was one of EJ’s biggest fans when he was at IU. I was mesmerized by his talent and extremely proud he eventually picked IU over Illinois as his college destination. I was hoping he would stick around for another year or two and help bring IU out of scandal and show the fans he was about more than just the big bucks and spotlight..I was hoping he could stand tall for college sports instead of collapsing to the desires that usurps the heart out of athletics and reduces all of sport to waving cash in front of a faces. Maybe “one-and-done” players feel justified in making decisions to leave college because of the risks too great an injury stripping away a lifetime of financial security for family and loved ones..Within the system that has been built, I guess that’s their right. I might not play that card any differently. They have worked hard and have been born with incredible gifts that took thousands upon thousands of hours in sweat, practice, and perseverance to refine. Sadly, at the end of the day, I don’t see him acting much differently than that company that wants to gouge you with extra money to watch a basketball game. He is a product of that system built upon values and decisions to replace a trust that used to come with commitment to fans that cheered for the colors of their school a bit louder than any singular individual. Having him back at IU to broadcast a game, albeit a poorly “streamed” game is hypocrisy and affront to what it means to be a true student/athlete embodying the spirit of loyalty to school and fans. In every play-by-play call and commentary uttered out his humble multimillion dollar mouth is an abandonment of a hope that one day college sports could revert back to a day when a bit of dignity was retained and young men barely a year out of high school were once removed from the easy temptations of selling out talent for the bottomless hunger a world built on corporate greed.

  3. Hoosier Clarion: I haven’t seen McGary play like Dustin and Andy have, but knowing Beilein’s system a little bit, I have a feeling he’s going to fit in pretty well. His inside-outside game is his biggest advantage, and that’s what Beilein loves most in his big men (see: Kevin Pittsnogle). McGary seems to be better than Pittsnogle, by all accounts, and if he has a cast around him next year of Hardaway Jr., Jordan Morgan, and others, he could have a pretty serious impact.

  4. The video broadcast of the Indy game was such a fiasco. Luckily I used the free coupon code so I didn’t pay for it, but now I feel like they should pay ME for my pain and frustration. They messed that up in so many ways. It wouldn’t have been so bad that we missed the first 10 minutes of the game if it was available to watch later, but of course it wasn’t. That web site is a total piece of crap. Half the time the pages didn’t load, it would crash my browser, and there was never a descriptive error message like “Feed not available, we’re working on it” (instead they just showed a running clock). Having missed the second half due to my own busy schedule, I checked back to watch the archive several times over the next few days, only to find out through other channels that the feed will NEVER be available. How about a message on the web site to this effect???

    I already pay extra on my cable bill to get the Big10 network, and like Downing said, it’s a slap in the face to be forced to pay extra to watch a game on my computer in extra-low quality. I will give the students who produced the broadcast a break because they are still learning, but the poor commentary and random replays that popped up were painful. Eric Gordon is a great athlete but his commentary was awful too.

    OK, nearing the end of my rant… I needed to get that out! Lesson learned: I will NEVER pay to watch the online streaming offered by Big 10 network. EVER.

  5. Don’t worry, JohnFromBeyond. It won’t be long they’ll make us pay to listen to a radio broadcast of the game. Or, they’ll just eliminate the radio broadcast and make you stream the sound for a small monthly fee. I’m sure some bigwig is currently in high level meetings with computer manufacturers to bring out a new line of laptops with a credit card slot that automatically debits your checking account based on number of minutes streamed. This is the world of technology going down the wedding isle with greed.. Get used to it.

  6. Downing 5th- Every word you said is factually and sadly true…but, ohhh so innocent. I remember Gordon’s recruitment and the ‘heavy’ weight of his father, the statements made and how clear it was then that he would be in Bloomington long enough to increase his rate of return.

    Here is what surprises me…given that their behavior is so, so predictable, why aren’t monetary compensations back to the schools and worked into the contract (that’s what athletic scholarships are). They could be based on a sliding scale percentage (by years based on 4 years) based on the remuneration of the player involved. And, if the player is unwilling to sign that commitment, they simply could not receive the scholarship.

    And, if not the NCAA or the B1G, then it should be a university policy. At least for a minimum of 2 years.

  7. In regard to Vigilant Sports’ article about the BTN live stream of the exhibition game:

    First of all, I think games played by teams from state universities ought to be available for free on local TV. But that’s not the way it is any more in this age of privatization. And I actually do see some good in having a network like BTN because fans who don’t live in the local market can subscribe and watch games they otherwise couldn’t see. But then again, BTN is not available everywhere in the country, so a lot of fans still miss out.

    But, back to the topic at hand. Because the BTN took the broadcasts away from local TV, I believe BTN should be required to show all the games, not just most of them. Their decision to show only some of the games and then make the other games only available for online streaming at additional costs is simply a price gouging plan. They present it like they are providing an additional service by making the non-broadcast games available on-line when actually they should be showing those games as part of the package people have already paid for with their subscription. What I would like to see BTN do is make all the IU games available in their cable package and make all the games available for on-line streaming as a separate subscription service. That way, those who pay extra to their cable companies to get BTN get all the games. And those who live where BTN isn’t available have the option to subscribe to the online service and get to see all the games.

    Since nearly 25% of the game was not seen during the “live” on-lining stream because someone at BTN forgot to turn the stream on, I think BTN should refund 25% of the subscription charge to those who subscribed to the on-line feed.

    I hope Eric Gordon gets to go back to playing professional basketball soon and is not a color commentator on any more BTN broadcasts. I absolutely agree with the sentiments express by Downing 5th. In addition, I thought that EJ was pretty terrible as an commentator. An absolutely great basketball player but a truly inept and annoying broadcaster.

  8. Since nearly 25% of the game was not seen during the “live” on-lining stream because someone at BTN forgot to turn the stream on, I think BTN should refund 25% of the subscription charge to those who subscribed to the on-line feed.

    Love that idea….I think it’s about as likely to happen as Todd Leary working alongside Don Fischer again. I’m still anxiously awaiting stream at will when the get those laptops with built-in credit card slots.

  9. Tsao-

    I realize my words were “ohhh so innocent.” You have spent months on preaching a new culture for IU football. Hate to by the cynic, but it seems rather individualistic when such restoration of our own health and success functions within a world of distorted purpose all sports operate. The entire point was to bring a bit of recognition to how far removed college athletics, all athletics, has distanced itself from the heart a humble cheer shouted upon shoulders our teams and idols. From the ESPN corporate boardrooms to any college athlete remotely capable of playing at the next level, there is no need to feed off of the pure and simple energy given to the endeavor of sport as competition. It’s a meat market of administrators, coaches, agents, and recruits that come an go not for achievement any unselfish gains but rather an empty monetary thirst where every cheer is adsorbed through a corrupted filter that only wishes to delight in its sound for the future feast of greed and self-indulgence it plays upon the ear. “Win Today” and “One-and-Done” ….and take the money and run. We’ve been duped…Get where I’m ocmin’ from?

  10. Final Thought: Look how Penn State football was being protected in the face of such ugliness..Can anymore evidence of greed at all levels be found for a glaring distortion of priorities in the indulgence a thirst for bottom lines and profits ahead of all else? Is that the type of winning worth fighting for?

  11. D5, I’m with you. I didn’t hear him but when I heard Gordon was on the broadcast my first thought was, “Oh yeah. He WAS here for a few weeks.”
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad he gave us a season but did the BTN think he’d draw viewers with his ‘Hoosier roots’?

  12. We couldn’t agree more. But, as long as this is the world we (IU Nation) choose to compete in, I want to do it better (and in a more honorable way) than the other guy. (BTW, that’s another thing I sense about the direction we’ve taken).

    All we can do in this blog is worry about the Hoosiers. When I got out of college I wanted to change the world. After a few years I realized all I could do is all I could to help the next kid who walked in the door, raise my own to be good, productive, committed human beings; and keep myself from going insane by enjoying some passions like IU sports, sports as a reflection of culture, writing, music…etc.

  13. Chet-

    I felt the same way when I saw John Wall at the broadcast table in Rupp during a Kentucky game last season. Why? Is the limelight of the NBA still not enough?

    I still have a lot of admiration for Gordon as basketball talent. He’s putting up great numbers in the NBA and could easily end up being an All-Star candidate for many years to come. I always thought he seemed like a pretty classy kid. It’s disappointing he didn’t stay for another year or two at Indiana, but I would be no less a hypocrite without an admission how much I would jump for joy to see another recruit with his one-and-done level of skills commit to Indiana. Guess I’m very naive to think another year of college will ever look better than multimillion dollar promises. Just makes me wonder how many strong last minute recruits Crean could have landed during his first season with EJ deciding to stay. The fans seem embrace him now when he returns to campus, but would they have been poised to throw him to the wolves, if without much supporting cast and a gutted roster, a season no different in results to the one experienced in Crean’s first year?

  14. It’s a common assumption that teams and players continually improve. A few years back Coach K was asked how his most recent championship team would fare against his team of oh, say 1991. He laughed and said, “Are you kidding. THAT team would kill these guys.”
    He said that a bunch of one-and-done players wouldn’t stand a chance against a team of upperclassmen. Of course, he might not know what he’s talking about. He’s no Steve Alford.

  15. Chet, you were talking about BK or Duke’s Coach K?

    I do know when asked what he thought of NBA basketball, BK once answered that if given a choice between watching an NBA game or two rats… [making wopee]… he’d learn a lot about rodent reproduction.

  16. Ryan Kartje, on “the fall of horse racing”…that is some writing Ryan!! Great choice, keep including stuff like this!! Whoaaaaa!!!

  17. RMK was a great basketball coach but Coach K is Coach K. The one at Duke. I hate Duke but, IMHO, Coach K is the best there is.


  18. Ryan, I’m pretty sure that Secretariat still holds the record for the Kentucky Derby (the only honest sporting event in KY). That was a LONG time ago.

  19. The greatest testament to the legacy of any coach is when success beyond his own is achieved by those that he had the privilege to offer his teachings. I think Coach K has communicated loud and clear how important the coaching foundation Bob Knight. one of the best basketball minds of the game, provided him. I personally don’t think the highly revered Duke coach ever attains the same level of national prowess, respect, and overall success without his fortunate early association with the ultimate hoops mentor. Krzyzewski surpassing “The General” in championship banners and deep tournament appearances is somehting Knight is likely very proud of.

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