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Stony Brook no easy opener for IU, I wrote.

Signing day a long time coming for coach Tom Crean, Dustin wrote.


Improved Sheehey has chance at breaking out this season, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort-Wayne News Sentinel wrote.

Littlest Hoosier looks for biggest improvement, LaMond Pope of the Journal Gazette wrote.

Hoosiers’ ‘fight of their lives’ produces top-rated recruiting class, Pete DiPrimio wrote.

Mark Titus (ClubTrillion) of Grantland writes that IU is a team to root for in the Big Ten, if you don’t have anyone to root for.


How will the rest of Big Ten football season play out? Justin Albers of the IDS asked.


Joe Posnanski of SI.com (who’s writing a book about Paterno) took an interesting take on JoePa’s firing

Tom Bradley is ready to make the calls, Heather Dinich of ESPN writes.


  1. I just read the article by Joe Posnanski of SI.com. Apparently Joe has not taken the time to read the grand jury report. His article had a whole lot of ‘we don’t know’ regarding facts that we do, indeed, know. I think Posanski has gotten a little too close to the situation (and/or he is obviously still in the dark) to be so sympathetic toward Paterno. Sure, Paterno has certainly done lots of nice things for others in the past, but if the was ever a “…other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?” moment, this is it. Maybe Timothy McVeigh did a lot of nice things in his past but the son of a bitch is a murderer. Joe Paterno is directly responsible for God only knows how many children were raped and molested. Posnanski doesn’t seem to get this. He wants people to cut ‘ol Joe some slack. Go to Hell. Chuck his good deeds out the window. Hopefully, the NCAA will vacate all the winds he’s coached. He doesn’t deserve the recognition. All he deserves is to learn the fate of all the children he helped destroy.

  2. Really? You don’t think what happened (and Joe Posnanski’s forgiving tone toward Paterno) rises to the level to warrant outrage?

    Then, what does?

  3. Chet,

    Outrage bothers me. You a typing on your computer, but what about people throwing cinder blocks through windows, people turning over TV vans, and bomb threats.

    A Grand Jury is not a trial. There is no defense representation. I am not ignoring what has been printed and read by many, nor do I believe Mr. Posnanski is ignoring anything.

    This is no time for hysterics, and your use of outrage does bother me.

    Times like this are difficult, Posnanski took the high road.

    I am not very happy with the media as a whole concerning this matter. On the otherhand Joe Posnanski did not write anything to create outrage. Your take on the situation provided you with a feeling of outrage. I just don’t agree with you.

    Sorry, this is poorly written. I do not enjoy attmepting to tell someone that I believe they are wrong.

  4. I think it’s outrageous that they are going ahead with the Nebraska vs. Penn St. game. Money trumps all in the business of college sports. Will today’s profits and all the outrageous profits Penn St. made on football during the years boys were being raped in their locker rooms be donated to legitimate organizations that help keep children out of the reaches of monsters like the coach they employed?

  5. Will canceling the game or donating all the profits to worthy causes reverse the harm done those young kids? Would canceling the remainder of the FB season help? If that is not enough how about eliminating their whole BB season too. I think not. Life is moving on regardless of our opinions or feelings.

  6. Life is moving on regardless of our opinions or feelings.…..Kelvin Sanctions…Kelvin Sanctions….Kelvin Sanctions.

    The old hierarchical 99% business school stuffy establishment(e.g. those hoots on the Penn State Board of Trustees)always like to heal and move on when it’s a product of their own sicko system….A black coach corrupts the whole game by making a few too many phone calls to kids living out of cars…(the type of kids Sandusky wanted to shower with but somehow escaped the fine helping hands on gang-ridden streets)…? Then it’s time to abruptly end successful seasons, gut a program, go on a witch hunt every player with zero redeemable qualities, and paint the man as corruptible and a “cancer” ….He’s Kelvin Sanctions and the only answer is to bring in a coach that tweets for Jesus and forgiveness the 19F degenerates that followed sin to our campus. Sandusky? Move on…let the system work itself out. These are matters for lawyers and grand juries…This is nothing to do with the NCAA. The elite establishment prevails just like the robber barons on Wall Street. Make it equalize itself out, Clarion. Time to move on and vote for Herman “Your only as tall as my wife and I cann’t remember anything else” Cain!

  7. Just for the record Kelvin Sampson is not black. He is Lumbee Indian. The Lumbee nation is situated in eastern North Carolina, where Sampson is from.
    I think the Penn State trustees should have forfeited the remainder of the season. So, it inconveniences some people and costs the university money. So what? Paterno should be banned from campus and intercollegiate athletics FOR WHAT HE HAS ALREADY ADMITTED TO.
    Also, for the record, as far as reporters on the scene could ascertain, the individuals resorting to vandalism were doing it IN SUPPORT of Paterno, not because they were appalled by his actions or lack thereof. That is pretty sickening in itself.
    But HforH is correct, money trumps all. At the end of the day Paterno will walk off into the sunset with a hefty pension, living at the edge of campus where he can admire the statue built in his honor, the other coaches involved will continue their careers, and the raped children will be forgotten. Just the cost of doing business.
    So, none of this outrages you? Well, it obviously didn’t outrage Paterno, either.

    That’s how we got here.

  8. …as for your unhappiness with the media, according to several accounts they tried to follow up on rumors about Sandusky a decade ago but the program and the university ‘circled the wagons’ and they were stonewalled.
    A diligent press is often our greatest protector.

  9. ..as long as it’s not local press intertwined with the establishment. Don’t you think that’s why Knight was able to survive so long amidst the many blatant behaviors he finally met as his undoing? They use the status to rise to their own level of fame. For some, that’s plenty intoxicating to look the other way. Nothing like being the favorite paper employing the favorite sportswriter that is beloved by the town icon that put the village on the map.

  10. Chet, I think exactly as you do if, in fact, all of the individuals named (and those who may be named)were complicit in the rapes, a cover-up of the rapes or conveniently ignoring (for the sake of of the ‘reputation’ of Alma Mammy at Happy Valley’). If this proves true (as I fully believe it will-though my opinion matters not a bit), then, as I said before, light the match!

    But…we better know that with certainty and with leaving no reasonable doubt that indeed each one of them indeed committed or failed to prevent acts that harmed a child. And no, I don’t trust the media with it. I don’t trust it because their interest is not in truth, or in seeking redress or, in balancing interests or even protecting those most vulnerable.

    The media’s interest is like all of our economic society’s in returning profits to shareholder. And long ago someone figured out that fear, hate, lust, outrage are emotions that overwhelm us into irrational behavior which leads us to buy product which attracts corporations wishing to sell that product by advertising and buying time and/or space in…media outlets.

    Listen to CNN, turn and listen to Fox, turn and listen to MSNBC…it’s all the same c**p. Notice how smoothly it is all written to smoothly slide from incident to narrative to description X2, to description X 4, to description X 16. The same is true on ESPN, Fox Sports…etc.

    What happened in Happy Valley is horrid. The corruption of the ‘distinguished’ gallery of likely criminals we are looking at is depressing. But, we are unlikely to see truth about any of it for a while.

    And, until we do so, we as a society at least think we have a chance of uncovering the truth, holding those responsible accountable etc. and not violating the rights of those who were not participants, who knew nothing and who are just as shocked and feel just as nauseous as we do…even of they do live in Happy Valley.

    It’s happened before. I remember the rumors about the Duke lacrosse players and their similar treatment of some women they had ‘hired’ to provide them with entertainment. And, like today…we were outraged, wanted to vomit on them. I have never forgotten that my (then) wife said to me, her face twisted in anger…”that’s what happens when you have privileged, entitled rich kids.., I hate the little ******s!” I got outraged too! I was furious, outraged and wanted to lead the lynch mob!! Even went into a rant about how it was a demonstration of ‘racism in our society’ and ‘white privilege.” The prosecutor made sure he involved the media and the media …spun it, and spun it…..

    Then, we find out…with certainty following an in depth investigation by the feds and some confessions that…none of it was true and we were ready to burn these Duke students in a pyre just because they were …well, Duke students and Duke is an expensive private university and these kids came from money. Talk about prejudice.

    So…I do agree with every one of the general thoughts burning down the forest today…but, I will remain somewhat open to the possibility that something was not quite the way we (including me) saw it and the media exaggerated before we burn anyone at the stake.

    And…even more important…if we go with the 1% v 99% rationalizations so in vogue today (1% own everything and is by definition immoral and 99% – the rest of us- are merely down trod poor souls who own nothing except the right to pull the chain when we go to the bathroom.

    And., don’t forget for one instant that, whatever it is, this heinous, revolting episode belongs directly to the 99% of us who entertain ourselves on Saturdays; the 99% of us who worship our athletic demigods; the 99% of us who consider investing in stadiums for 100,000; and the 99% of us who encourage paying 3-4 million dollar salaries to grown-up men who can show us how to play games we had more fun playing when we were 7-10 years old before they came along and ruined;even when kids go to bed at night without adequate food or fighting health issues or have little hope of financing their education because, well because we have to have these programs…and …don’t screw with my Big Ten ballgame or my Sunday NFL and, for Lord’s sake get the NBA fight resolved so we can have a full 70+ season by 7’ geeks who can not spell their names or do anything else useful to society except be tall.

    Please…let us at least do what, perhaps, Joe Paterno and the university’s President and the athletic director or the big lug of a redhead of a Nittany Lion graduate assistant or his father who told him to go to his boss, JoePa never did; which is to look in the mirror, think about these kids (or others in different circumstances) and say…this is about ME and who I AM!

  11. TTG, you go on and on. You make point after point, we know that 7 foot basketball players cannot spell their names and are basically worthless. You sprinkle the prejudice in your message, yet you make that statement?

    Your last paragraph is very telling. Earlier in your post you made a point of not really knowing what transpired yet you feel that it is clear enough for you to assume that the people at PSU did not look into the mirror.

    My point is very simple. What happened is terrible. We do not know exactly what has transpired in the last decade or so. I for one am not fit to serve as judge, jury or executioner. I continue to feel that the media is wrong. I think that we at least agree on that.

    I have been around similar situations before. None were as news worthy but they were important to the people involved. In time, the truth will be learned. We can only hope.

  12. Jay Gregg, and I still don’t know with any 100% certainty. But, like everyone else I have a belief (opinion), just or not. That’s the point; and, it is exactly what I am saying…in summary I don’t know, though I feel outraged and shamed by my role (think hard here Jay Gregg) anyway.

    It is about US. You may not like it, or believe it…but it is.

    And, I remembered the Duke situation which had everyone reaching for the guillotine, right then; and it turns out our passions were being played by an ambitious DA, a press that increases the hype by a factor of 40 and our (including MY) race to judgment and execution.

    Until we have finally established truth, I will continue to have my opinion and passions…even while knowing how wrong they can be. But, whatever the outcome is, the entire incident from the original abusive situations, the attempt to keep them as an ‘in-house issue’, the coverup by ‘respected leaders’ and, now, the hysteria exploited by the media hypes (because social anxiety means $$)is part of the street address WE all live in and, if nothing else, reflects the truth about us in every detail.

    And, like it or not, that street address is mine (and yours) as well.

  13. The is very little about this that compares to the Duke episode.
    That was a ‘she said/they said’ rape accusation. This is a series of witnessed molestations and rapes over a period of 16 years. This is a high profile football coach that ‘resigns’ at the peak of his career at age 55 to run a million dollar foundation for young boys that he sexually abuses (and, we are now learning, he ‘loaned’ them to other deviants). This is about a 28 year old man seeing a co-worker sodomizing a 10 year old boy and leaving him, for all he knows, to die. This is about a pillar of the community enabling the destruction of, what will certainly turn out to be, countless young lives by washing his hands of the affair and telling a monster he can keep on doing what he is doing, just don’t do it on campus.
    The Duke affair was an unfortunate rush to judgement that created short term strife for a handful of people. The Penn State issue will most certainly turn out to be one of the most heinous episodes of ongoing crimes against children that we have ever learned of. Statistics tell us that the average criminal pedophile abuses 107 children before they are stopped. This debacle is going to dwarf that number.

    There is no comparison.

  14. Very nice piece of writing, Chet. I have a lot of opinions about the Duke Lacrosse incident. I’ll pass. Let’s just also remember that OJ Simpson also walked a free man in his first trial.

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