Hoosier Morning


Chase Hoobler is carving himself a spot at linebacker on IU’s defense, Dustin wrote.

Damarlo Belcher issues an apology after getting kicked off team, Dustin wrote.

I take a look back at the weekend’s slate of basketball in my IU Review.

Hoosier women make a momentous comeback in home opener, Jeremy wrote.


Peegs.com looks at IU’s defensive recruit hot board

IU is targeting MSU after its bye week, Pete DiPrimio of the FW News-Sentinel wrote.


IUSportCom previews Evansville in this week’s podcast.

Basketball Prospectus takes a look at Cody Zeller.

What to expect from Evansville, from Inside the Hall’s Alex Bozich.

Zeller is ranked 61st out of 100 on ESPN.com’s Chad Ford’s NBA Draft rankings.


Think the Heisman race is screwed up? Here’s ESPN’s breakdown right now.


If you haven’t started watching AMC’s Hell on Wheels, you should start now. Seriously.


  1. Just look at it…A thing of beauty is Hoosier Morning…more of a Hoosier brunch is today’s smorgasbord lineup of links and topics to feast and digress upon. Ryan must have been delayed due to a bad hair day. I shall wait an let others go first due to my earlier lack of manners while speaking of hoops at a pigskin breakfast. Is that JPat down at the make-your-own-pancake portable griddle? Nice to see him back. Thank goodness for organizations like Idiots Anonymous. Tsao is too busy to see him while at the omelet station requesting additional ingredients piled into his skillet not normally found at any omelet station. Look at the size of that omelet he’s amassing! YouWillNeverKnow how only four eggs can make a Tsao omelet. He should pack my wife’s suitcase when we go on vacation. I think Davis and Chet are chatting over blueberry waffles..Actually, they are waffling. Happiness in the feast of confusion abounds. Oh my gosh! Is that ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT OFF-TOPIC PEAL-AND-EAT SHRIMP! I just don’t know where to begin. Should I bring up Todd Leary or Timothy Leary? Do I want bacon or links with a small side of Kevin Bacon? The biscuits and gravy look inviting. But could I go that off-topic? Could I actually suggest Biscuits and Gravy could be a good new screen name for general tsao’s closed captioned chicken? Wait! I think general tsao’s closed captioned chicken would be a fantastic name for a race horse..Maybe all of the Scoop bloggers should get together and buy a race horse..I think Tsao and davis are loaded..They meet for lunch at expensive locations in Chicago..Maybe they already own a horse or are considering buying one now that I just thought of the marvelous name of general tsao’s closed captioned chicken at a Kentucky Derby. Look, it’s 4guards loading up on fresh cut fruit. Such a health nut..Wow. Isn’t he aware to stay away from the Crean Farms cantaloupe? I think I see Dustin going back for another bowl of Scholarship Crunch cereal. Seriously? Get Real, man. “Mr. Arrogant,” For What it’s Worth, is actually complaining the absence of a fresh pot of Kofi…….Hughs. Wow, just, wow…would also be a good name for a race horse.

  2. Chet-

    I always wondered why ESPN changed the name. I used to watch and enjoy the show when it first came on the air..Now I just find it to be a bunch of over-the-top orchestrated fake shouting spats…Then again, isn’t that just about everything on TV anymore? I definitely preferred Cold Pizza over First Take and I’m sorry to not make it part of the smorgasbord. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large pepperoni isn’t hidden somewhere in Tsao’s omelet. Would you settle for a Mexican frittata? Back to First Take(formerly Cold Pizza)…Did you know that Rick Bayless, famous chef and Mexican cuisine and owner of Frontera Grill in Chicago, is the brother of Skip Bayless? It takes hours to get a table at Frontera on a Saturday night…unless you’re name is Skip or you come looking really hip(a.k.a. the TD Tandem of Tsao & Davis wearing IU V-neck sweaters). There food is delicious and well worth the wait. Fantastic coffee is offered at Frontera brewed from beans a Chicago/LA supplier known as Intelligentsia…a lovey brew to finish a lovely evening.

    Coach K could surpass Knight’s all-time record for most victories tonight. I’m rather surprised that was not offered on the smorgasbord alongside some Slovakian danishes.

  3. If I may offer Scoop a suggestion? I was recently reminded there is still some pigskin follies to be played, but do you think you could find room on your page header to squeeze in the next two or three upcoming games on the basketball schedule as well? Just a thought. Thanks Dustin.

  4. It sounds like Rick must know a lot more about the restaurant business than Skip knows about sports. I understand when they originally cast Cold Pizza his role was simply referred to as ‘guy who says stupid $hit’.

  5. Four out of the ten starters in the Duke vs MSU game tonight are from Indiana. Brandon Wood, the Valpo transfer on Duke, looks pretty tough in the early minutes. Dawson, MSU, freshman from Gary Wallace, also starting strong. Should be a fun game. Is Indiana not the greatest basketball state in the nation. What would many the powerhouse teams do without key players from Indiana making them legitimate contenders?

    I doubt First Take survives without Bayless. I like Bayless…Another check against me, I guess.

  6. You’re checking your own boxes, dude. I really don’t care what television personalities people prefer (unless you watch $hit like ‘Dancing with the Stars’, in which case I want you to die).
    I don’t really watch those ESPN shows much, just when they’re on in a public place and I’m bored. He just doesn’t seem to base his opinions on anything other than what fell out of his butt. I’m pretty sure of one thing, the guy has never actually played a sport in his life. He doesn’t seem to understand the psychology of athletic competition at all.

  7. Dustin and Ryan are too young to remember this but Evansville knows something about rebuilding a program. In 1977, their first year in D1 after winning 5 or so national championships in D2, the entire basketball program was killed in a plane crash. I lost a dear friend and former teammate in Tony Winburn, an guard for the Aces.

  8. Chet-

    Guess it’s the guillotine for me. Other than blogging, Dancing with the Stars is one of my few guilty pleasures. And you don’t find Cheryl Burke extremely shagadelic?

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your close friend in the Evansville plane tragedy many years ago.

  9. Even though he was quite young, he was one of the best people I’ve ever known. It was a tragedy for our community.
    Unfortunately, I have insisted on your demise. I have to draw the line somewhere. ‘Dancing with the Stars’? Really? What’s next? Swimming with NASCAR?


  10. Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind..I guess this thread will have to be our Redford and Streisand moment….The game-winner came up air ball..And I thought we were so close to a lunch date at Magic Crepe. Damn. No loss for you…I’m sure Tsao and Davis will find room for Chet in their end zone club.

    I’m going to try and get back in touch with my Bruce Jenner side and watch that train and gunslinger show Ryan suggested.

    I don’t have many friends these days.. Zilch. I had a friend in high school that was like a brother to me. I can’t imagine how tough it would have been for me to wake up one morning and have him gone.

    I have to believe your friend was looking out for you during those days you were flying jets. Take care Chet.

  11. You have no idea how hilarious that is to me. For some reason the Navy thought it was a good idea to use that song as a backdrop to Marine Drill Instructors screaming in our faces as a recruiting video for Aviation Officers Candidate School. It was truly a “you just had to be there” moment.

  12. Good evening gents. HfH…careful…I get extremely touchy about Davis,…; but yeah…Chet can sit with us. You…depends…it depends, first the moniker is still a question and second, now you bring in basketball into football postings…we’ve gotta have some order in this percussion.

    G *** MIGHTY!!…now its asking me the sum of 31 and 17…I’ve got to take my shoes off!

  13. Tony Winburn was an amazing young man. Possibly the best high school athlete I have ever seen. He was all of 5-6 and weighed 140lbs soaking wet. We had a 9-1 football team that must of had 6 future D1 players on it, Tony was the only one to play both sides of the ball. He was the point guard on a team that went to two Final Fours and one title game (another year they were ranked #1 but lost to the eventual state champ in the sectionals). In the spring time he ran a leg on a state championship relay team. He’d stay after practice to mentor underclassmen. Never had a harsh word for anyone and always had a smile. When he died the school built a small monument in his honor.

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