Indiana loses Old Oaken Bucket in 33-25 defeat to Purdue, finishes 1-11

Indiana was down to one last tangible goal in what had already been a brutal season — keep the Old Oaken Bucket.

And much like every other goal the Hoosiers had set for themselves this season to produce a reason to believe that all their hard work through a difficult regime change had been worth it, it didn’t happen.

The Hoosiers lost 33-25 to archrival Purdue in front of 42,005 at Memorial Stadium. It was the third straight game in which the road team won in this series.

Purdue finished with 508 yards of offense and held the ball for 35:11 compared to Indiana’s 24:49. Freshman running back Akeem Hunt rushed for 100 yards, junior wide receiver caught three passes for 50 yards and a score and rushed for 26 yards and a touchdown. Junior tailback Ralph Bolden rushed for 54 yards and a touchdown and junior quarterback Caleb TerBush threw for 192 yards and a touchdown.

Indiana sophomore tailback Stephen Houston rushed for 129 yards and a touchdown on just seven carries and Bloomington North graduate D’Angelo Roberts also rushed for two touchdowns.

After Roberts’ second score, the Hoosiers scored a two-point conversion to cut the deficit to 33-25. They appeared to get into position to tie the game when freshman quarterback Tre Roberson threw a deep pass to freshman wide receiver Nick Stoner at the Purdue 22. Purdue junior cornerback Josh Johnson grabbed onto the ball when Stoner was coming down and appeared to wrest the ball from Stoner on the ground. Officials ruled it an interception and said the play was not reviewable for simultaneous possession, which would’ve awarded the ball to the offense.

“My comment was that we caught it and we were on the ground,” Wilson said. “Then it got taken away and we were down. But they said the way that it was called, it wasn’t reviewable. There’s some dynamics and they were all as a group and they were pretty set on that. I didn’t question that.”

The Hoosiers finish the season on a nine-game losing streak at 1-11 overall. They are the only team in a Bowl Championship Series automatic qualifying conference that failed to win a game against a Football Bowl Subdivision Opponent this year.

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  1. Well we have to improve next unless we go winless. Who knows? Mallory was bad at beginning and then took us to several bowls. Where ther eis hope there is a Cubs fan which be I.

    Go get’em again next year Wilson & crew.

  2. Any chance you could post the audio of Wilson’s postgame press conference or a link to it somewhere else if you all can’t post it?

  3. IU football program is one of, if not, the worse program in the major conferences. How can that be disputed?

  4. Well, I will give Wilson benefit of doubt on certain things – 1st year, mass exodus of players from previous regime, large proportion of season played with underclassmen, etc. On the other hand, some of his play calling and in-game decision making seemed extremely questionable.

    I’ll look forward to some type of season wrap/key questions for development/early outlook for next year piece here. I don’t know how you fix the defense other than a seemingly impossible recruitment of a bevy of top-tier talent on DL and DBs.

  5. 53 years of following this team. I bleed IU red. The only way this team gets better next year is stop the current attrition…load up some JUCO AA’s…and increase the size and strength of the current crop. These current frosh and redshirts must be held on the team and the incoming group must be held to the same standard as was raised this year. Every game this season can show one broken play on defense or special teams that changed the direction. That must be corrected or we will see another 1-11

  6. Sure, we might be the worst team from a BCS conference. I can assure you weren’t not even close to being the worst D-1 team (insert an explanation of D1, D2, etc here). We’ve been headed there for the past three years. I think the infusion of JUCOs should help. IMHO we have some good freshmen that, hopefully, the strength coach can put some meat on. I like Houston a lot. Tre might be good. We’ve got a lot of freshmen that should have a bleacher-sized chip on their shoulders for the next three years. The next few years should be interesting.

  7. Now that this painful season is over, IU football is now all about recruiting and off-season conditioning. Securing the players that verbally committed while signing some that have changed their minds about their original commitment to other teams will be key to the future of the program. Replacing the departing players with bigger and faster players that want to be in Wilson’s system should make IU a noticeably better team next year. Obviously, it can’t get much worse. February’s signing day will provide the next indication of where the program is headed.

    Beyond that, IU’s strength coach and Nutritionist should work at getting the returning IU football players bigger, putting on weight, hopefully in the form of muscle. Cardiovascular conditioning is great, but size and weight matter too, and IU was much too small this year.

    Wilson has his hands full, but that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

  8. Looks like David Cooper, Juco LB has decommited as well. It will be interesting to see who stays and see who goes.

  9. What does “Football Bowl Subdivision Opponent” mean? And what is the point of throwing this BS to the wind? IU football has sucked for years. I’m sure over the past 25 years there were just as many ways(if that’s the goal of a modern day journalist) to mold statistics into a statement to communicate just how pathetic they were in terms of comparisons.

    In my mind these types of statements are negative meaningless hogwash because I wholeheartedly believe that even one of the top coaches in the nation could do no more with a program that had so small a talent base defunct of confidence and foundation. Wilson took this program down to its basic DNA to build it from. He didn’t care about rescuing those that didn’t want to buy in. He didn’t come here to nurture mediocrity and perfect being average. The proper evolution a winner won’t happen overnight. IU football didn’t get to its current deformed and hideous condition overnight.

  10. HfH – What’s your point? There are many ex-coaches and angry fans not happy about the situation at IU. You believe that other opinions are negative but your opinion is not?

    You utilize cliche statements, “IU football didn’t get to it’s current deformed and hideous condition overnight.” That sounds like D-5, Downing’s 5th, and other aliases.

    If you ever want to carry on a discussion about football at IU, I’ll provide Dustin permission to provide you with my email address. You do not have knowledge, or desire to really discuss any point of interest regarding football. The only thing you know is that the 5th foul on Steve Downing was a bad call. If not mistaken, your father told you so. Why don’t you go searching for #16 wood screws at Wal-Mart? You and Husky Tom deserve each other. You play the part of a jerk, then suddenly are willing to confess that you were not willing to take your mother to chemotherapy? You feel that you let your father down?

    I apologize to the sane people that regularly provide opinions on the Scoop.

    This not creative writing class.

  11. Harvard,
    Football Bowl Subdivision is the NCAA’s new name for Division I-A. The Football Championship Subdivision is the NCAA’s new name for Division I-AA. The major difference between the two is scholarships. FBS teams can use 85 full-ride scholarships. FCS teams (like South Carolina State) can spread the financial equivalent of 65 scholarships among 85 players. Just making the point that IU didn’t beat a team that it didn’t have a systematic advantage against. The new nomenclature obviously makes it seem ridiculous as it takes a lot more words to make the point. But it’s still a valid point that provides perspective.

  12. …just one more thing. As the name implies the Football Championships Subdivision (FCS) actually has a playoff system to determine the championship. Both systems are, despite regular claims otherwise, NCAA Division 1. Outside of football the playing field is much more level, no pun intended, as basketball programs and non-revenue sports routinely defeat teams from FBS conferences. One of my sons wrestled at such a school and he was 4-1 against Big Ten wrestlers and 1-0 against them in the NCAA tournament. Conference champions from FCS conferences receive automatic bids to the field of 64 for the NCAA D1 basketball tournament

  13. Besides the obvious that better players are needed, what the %#*@ is wrong with the defense, especially the secondary? With eleven games played, IU was still obviously and badly out of position vis a vis the receivers v. PU. The players obviously did not understand where they were supposed to be or what to do.

    Or at least it’s obvious to me- most basically informed fans (and I claim no more knowledge than that) know blown coverage when they see it. And this has been twelve games of blown coverage on play after play. If the players don’t get it for the first couple of games, maybe it’s them. But if the players don’t get it after ten games, that’s the coaches’ fault for not installing a defense scheme that can be understood. My two cents worth is that “co” in “defensive co-coordinators” stands for “confusion.”

  14. Harvard…Great comment!! Summed it up perfectly,”…He[Coach Wilson] didn’t care about rescuing those that didn’t want to buy in. He didn’t come here to nurture mediocrity and perfect being average. The proper evolution a winner won’t happen overnight.”

  15. davis, I don’t follow the roster or football recruiting very closely but I understand that there are some players being converted to to defensive backs after being brought in as receivers. The coaches felt they needed more athleticism and speed in the secondary.
    Just a factor.
    Only time will tell if this group of coaches will be successful at IU but, to the best of my recollection, they have better resumes than any coaching staff we have ever had.

  16. HH…and, after reading some of the reaction to HfH’s comment, I agree with him…he’s got his finger on where the change needs to take place, in the culture that had permeated Hoosier football (we all share responsibility on that). BTW, is the personal nature of the attack (on HH)necessary? I think not.

    I think KW understands this and has taken a very non-compromising stand…a good thing for IU.

  17. I would like to have a successful football team. I would never, ever want IU to be described as a ‘football school’. Alabama is a football school. LSU is a football school. I wouldn’t want my degree to say Alabama or LSU.

  18. Chet and Tsoa and HH- I agree that there’s been a lot of necessary house-cleaning going on, including the attitude adjustment. And the assitant coaches may be best on paper that we’ve ever witnessed. But can’t the secondary get within shouting distance of the man they are supposed to be covering? I understand that IU defenders may not be fleet enough to close those last two steps, or athletic enough to jump up and bat down that pass, but these guys weren’t in position to do those things even if they had the chops.

  19. Davis…you are right on that. I started out the season tearing my hair out over Barnett, worked my way through the DBs, into the S (yesterday in particular). No doubt there needs to be focus on the defense, the pass defense in particular (though the entire defense needs attention). I’m not even sure it is the co-titles (if they understand who’s in charge of what and when), lack of talent, scheme. I am going on faith CKW, his will to win and it will be clear to him that without his doing that we will not win and will look at it with a great deal of care and do what is necessary to make our weakness our strength.

    At least, I hope so. But, you are right, the attitude (and other)adjustment needs to take place throughout. It will be interesting to follow this as it develops.

  20. Jay-

    Don’t lose any sleep. I loved my mom and miss her. Bitterness never won over her heart in the end. I shared some feelings on here that truly make me look the fool and you have pointed out the obvious. My mom and I really enjoyed talking hoops together(she was a huge fan of high school basketball in Indiana) and maybe she invades my thoughts when I’m chatting on the blogs. You keep on. I have no hard feelings and likely deserved much of the angst you have returned my way.

  21. Chet, on the receiver to D-Back conversion, it’s actually the other way around. Nick Stoner was moved from cornerback, where he was recruited, to wide receiver. All of the cornerbacks and safeties who saw time this year were recruited as such (except of course for Heban, who was recruited as a baseball player). It was last year, when wide receivers Mitchell Evans and Matt Ernest moved to safety and cornerback respectively, that that was an issue.
    But there was an issue in the defensive backfield in terms of players getting to “repeat the process,” as Wilson said. Mark Murphy moved back and forth from weakside linebacker to safety, and the Hoosiers rarely started the same pair of safeties in back-to-back weeks. The Hardins sometimes started, sometimes didn’t. Donnell Jones missed half the season and then returned. Adkins and Drane went down and never came back (and Drane was playing really well before he was hurt). So all of that factored in.

  22. Dustin, thanks for that. As I said, I don’t know the roster very well and what I do know I pick up here or watching on Saturday. I’m very much the casual fan.

  23. I feel good about Coach Wilson going for 2. Could be considered a 50/50 call except for the 2 true Frosh who made it successful. I predict IU will have the most prolific kick/punt return game in the B10 moving forward. Coach Hagen can lead them to that kind of performance.

  24. …by the way a double hats off to OL Coach Greg Frey…he was working with a puzzle consisting of questionable pieces and parts all season…

  25. The Navy game next year should be interesting. “Swarming defense” does not work against Navy’s option offense. If we’re going to stop ’em, every defensive player has to resist the urge to get in on the tackle and PLAY HIS ASSIGNMENT ’til the whistle blows. One-on-one tackling will be at a premium that game.

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