Indiana rolls to 5-0 with 73-49 win over Gardner-Webb

Indiana finally had a night when its outside shots weren’t falling, but in response, the Hoosiers just made sure Gardner Webb’s weren’t either.

The Hoosiers held an opponent under 50 for the first time since a 67-44 win over Wright State a year ago and won their fifth straight game by at least 20 points, pummeling Gardner-Webb 73-49 in front of 16,261 on Monday night at Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers were just 3-for-18 from beyond the arc, but they still moved the ball well enough to shoot 49.2 percent from the field, scoring 40 points in the paint. They finished with 19 assists on 29 field goals and just 13 turnovers.

Sophomore swingman Will Sheehey scored 15 points, including 10 in a row at one point. Freshman forward Cody Zeller had 13 points and nine rebounds, and sophomore guard Victor Oladipo had 13 points, five assists and five rebounds. Rejuvenated junior forward Derek Elston had 10 points and nine rebounds in just 15 minutes on the floor.

Meanwhile, Indiana held Gardner-Webb under 10 field goals in each half. The Running Bulldogs shot just 36.7 percent from the field (18-of-49). They hit four first-half 3’s to keep Indiana’s lead at a somewhat modest 11 points at halftime, but were just 2-for-10 from beyond the arc after the break. Perry Merdian graduate Max Landis scored 18 points and guard Jason Dawson had 14 but no one else on the roster had more than four points.

The Hoosiers opened the game with a 21-5 run, but Gardner Webb rallied back to cut the deficit to eight late in the first half. The Hoosiers still led by 11 at the break, then opened the second half with a 15-2 run to take a 49-25 advantage with 12:39 to go. Gardner Webb didn’t break the 30-point barrier until the 8:23 mark of the second half and trailed by as many as 32 points.

“I thought we got better as the game was going on,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said. “I think to start the game with the run that we had and then to start the second half with the run that we had, it was all keyed off our defense. There’s no doubt that when we play with defensive intensity and have the energy to match it and we’re active, we have a chance to create some havoc. That’s what we did. There’s gonna be nights when we don’t shoot it as well. Tonight was one of those nights. It’s the least of my concerns when it comes to offense, because we have good shooters. It just didn’t go down tonight.”

AUDIO: Victor Oladipo, Will Sheehey, Derek Elston

AUDIO: Tom Crean Part 1

AUDIO: Tom Crean Part 2


  1. Can anyone offer an explanation for why IU has not sold out a home BB game yet this year? 16,261 is a nice crowd for Gardner Webb, but you’d think with the way IU is playing, Assembly Hall would have been sold out for one game by now.

  2. I agree with CTC’s assessment of the offensive production. We missed a ton of 5 footers. We have a team loaded with great shooters. It was just one of those nights…and we still won by 24. Life is good.

  3. I think we haven’t sold out yet because it’s still the invitational, and this game was on a Monday evening. I think Butler will have an enormous turnout, and definitely the Kentucky game. I was at the Savannah State game a couple days ago and the place was packed (for what it was).

  4. Call me “Dick” if you want but Indiana is going to Smash Butler. For one: Indiana is hands down the Second Best Team in Indiana right now. For Two: Butler isn’t the same Butler we are used to seeing in the past few years. Call Me Dick if you want but thats the plain Dash Burned Truth.

  5. I was watching a few of the feast week games on ESPN and it occurred to me. Who this year takes the last shot in a close games for this team? Jones, Sheehey, Watford? Usually it has to be a guard, someone who has the ability to drive and draw contact. It would be a great question for Crean.

    Love the 5-0 start and will be going to the Crossroads Classic. Anybody been to the Upland Indy Taste room? Recommendation for eats around that area?


  6. FC2011, we are good compared to where we were over the last few years. No one here is crowing about winning B10 titles or deep NCAA tourney runs just yet. No one with any sense anyway. We are proud of these kids and appreciative of their hard work and improvement collectively and individually.
    Go back to trolling on gaming and porn sites and leave the adults alone to conduct big people discussions.
    BTW, I believe that IU has the 3rd best non-conference schedule in the B10. Also, these first five games are not much different than the level of competition we played when Coach Knight was here. Make sure that you do not let facts get in the way of your ignorance. Have a nice day.

  7. I am a Butler season ticket holder, so will watch with great interest Sunday night. BU is really struggling on the offensive end this year, but their defense is unlike anything the Hoosiers have seen to date. I’m sure Coach Stevens will have the Dawgs ready to play but think the Hoosiers just have too much firepower for them. Love the “7 starters” line from CTC-and agree with him. What a change from previous seasons when we were lucky to have 3-4 legit starters.

  8. If Assembly Hall is not sold out for the KY game, something is terribly wrong! Watching IU play KY at Assembly Hall, back in the glory days, was the most exciting sporting event I’ve ever seen in person.

  9. The 1,000 that have been missing are the students in the student section…maybe this will help clear up any confusion. The rest of the season will be sold out!!!

  10. firecrean2011 you are silly. this man can coach and in the next few years you will see just how good this program is going to be. by the way, what have you coached? also, most teams play the so called cream puffs this time of year. i guess we could have played that power house High Point

  11. Another solid preformance by this team. We did struggle with shots but the defense made up for that. I think this has been the best defensive five games we have played in years and that alone is exciting. The only way butler can win is if we slack off of the defensive pressure and I see no reason for that to happen. Fc2011 why are you on this website if your not a hoosier fan? We have a solid schedule this year what’s your beef? Most teams play a soft pre-con schedule idiot!! What are you going to say when we beat butler and notre dame and give uk all they want? Your a typical ctc hater!!

  12. “Go back to trolling on gaming and porn sites”

    I would call that a classic manifestation of a guilty conscience. Very similar to a classic manifestation of a guilty conscience accusing another of a classic manifestation of a guilty conscience.

    Stevens and Alford both in Bloomington….Crean definitely deserves a turkey leg.

  13. ND, KY, Mich, Mich St, Ohio State and Wisconsin may be a little too tough for IU this year. We may get an upset or two from within that group of teams, but I think we’re still a year away from winning the majority of games against those teams. However, I’m sure IU will put up a hell of a fight against all of them.

    Go Hoosiers.

  14. If we were playing ND in Bloomington, I’d give IU the edge. Playing them in Indy, I still think IU is a year away from beating teams like ND. I hope I’m wrong.

  15. I dont see any reason why you think nd can beat us. Uk and osu absolutely but im not sure why alot of hoosier fans “good friends of mine included” are so worrid about nd, michigan and msu. Im not sayong we can sweep any of them except nd but I think we can and will beat michigan and msu at the hall. I think we are better than you think. I know its hard to say we’re back but I think we are!!

  16. @ IULONGAGO – obviously… but here are some early season outcomes for ranked teams (all playing at home)
    #6 Duke 77, Belmont 76 (not a 20+ point blowout)
    #16 Pitt 76, Long Beach State 86
    #22 Vandy 58, Cleveland State 71
    #23 Arizona lost to DII Seattle Pacific in pre-season

    @ Keith – actually I think we know a little bit about IU, and I am not sure how much we learn from playing Butler. They aren’t that good right now and we have 3 common opponents already. They lost to a team we beat by 20+…

    The point you both forgot to bring up (which wins the debate for you) is that last year IU started strong as well going 9-0 against the soft teams on the schedule and winning all those games by double figures.

    3 differences we KNOW this year are:
    -additional size
    -additional strength
    -additional experience

    So hopefully, and probably, we’ll see a difference against the tougher comp coming up.

  17. oops that last post was meant for the last game’s comment section. Having to know 3rd grade math is going to be interesting for some of these posters I have a feeling…

    Comments on above:

    @ FC2011 – classic quick jab, got some responses. Who is your team?

    @ “Dick” – who is hands down the #1 team in the state?

    @ t,burns – you’re right, but “step yo game up”

    @ HfKy – in response to Podunker I think you got it about right. MSU is huge but I am not sure they are talented enough to beat us twice. Mich is talented, but I’m not sure they’re consistent enough to beat us twice. I think we are better than ND, but it should be a great test. I even think we have a decent shot against OSU. Is Craft that much better than Hulls? Will Sullinger be able to dominate Zeller twice? Are their wings more athletic than Dipo and Sheehey? Hopefully we show up for one of those games and sneak out a win.

    @ Chet & Clarion – thanks for the support, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

  18. Has there been any conversation about why Hulls was benched to start the second half? The announcers were talking about zone busting and more size, but I just can’t figure out why Hulls and not Jones (who can’t shoot outside 17 ft to save his life and is quite adept at turning the ball over). Then Crean came off the bench with Moore instead of Hulls. Is there more to this story? Has Tom addressed it?

  19. I hope Geoff and Hoosierfaninky are right and I am wrong about IU vs ND. As for Mich and Mich St, we might beat one of those teams in Bloomington this year, but I believe both teams would beat IU on a neutral site this year.

    I’m sticking with my prediction of 17 – 15 this year and hoping that I’m wrong about the number of wins.

    Go Hoosiers!

  20. @ PB – I meant to respond to your post earlier… I have been wondering the same thing. It’s the last undefined big question. Personally none of those options make me feel warm and fuzzy, but right now, if healthy, I think Watford is the best option. Probably the right answer to the question is “whoever has the best matchup” of those players. I’d like to see Zeller be the play maker at the end of the game. I already trust his decision making as much as anyone, and he has shown a great ability to get off, and finish, quality shots against physical play. He obviously is the #1 player teams would double-team and he’s a good passer. So I hope, sooner than later, Zeller becomes the guy down the stretch.

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