IU rolls to 2-0, beats Chattanooga 78-53

Sophomore guard Victor Olaidpo scored 21 points and junior guard Jordan Hulls scored 18 on six 3-pointers as Indiana pounded Chattanooga 78-53 in Assembly Hall on Sunday in the Hoosiers’ second game of the season.

Verdell Jones added 16 points, but more importantly, the Hoosiers put together a much more impressive defensive effort than they did in either the season opener against Stony Brook or the exhibition against Indianapolis. Forward Omar Wattad scored 24 points for Chattanooga, but none of the other Mocs scored more than seven as they shot just 17-for-63 (27 percent) from the field. Chattanooga beat Indiana on the glass 45 to 36, but the Hoosiers caused 25 turnovers and scored 30 points off of those turnovers.

Much like in the Stony Brook game, the Hoosiers needed more than 10 minutes to get going, but once they did, they blew the game open quickly. They were down 21-18 with 7:42 to go in the first half, but finished on an 18-3 run to take a 36-24 lead into the break. A 20-7 run to start the second half made it 56-31 with 12:37 to go and the lead never dipped below 21.

AUDIO: Victor Oladipo, Jordan Hulls and Daniel Moore

AUDIO: Tom Crean


  1. Playing well. Hope everyone is mentally adjusting to their new roles. Hoosiers have a lot of capable players who can make a difference on any given night. Interested to see how team handles a road test.

  2. All together now (‘get real’, you can sing alto), “Tom Crean is a pretty good basketball coach.”
    These guys aren’t the best competition in the world, for sure, but the transitions, ball movement, and spacing are really, really good. They weren’t just ‘out athleting’ those teams, they were playing good basketball.

  3. I’ve noticed that they only have 3 players in the interviews after the game, whereas I think last year it was more? How do they decide the ones that can be interviewed?

  4. This team has blended and gelled more in 2 games than it did all of last year. Easy to understand how good coaching can make an impact when good talent is part of the equation. CZ’s arrival has uplifted almost everybody for several reasons but Will, VO and Elston will raise their performance the most from his presence. Hell Daniel Moore is even better. It remains to be seen if Jones and Watford can figure it out. I doubt it. But it will really make no difference if they do not. Somebody has to warm seats 12 and 13.

    Hulls is playing smart by only doing what he can do. That’s the best line of thinking a PG can have.

    Nice hearing commentary on BTN from someone with a basketball IQ like Buckner. Quinn also asked relevant, common sense questions during the interview with Calbert. Both outstanding role models who are more than comfortable being who the are. Fine examples of the student athletes IU has helped produced.

  5. Hoosiers410,
    So far this year they’ve brought guys out and put them at a podium. Last year, they kind of stationed them at random spots in the media room and just had the media run around talking to each player. It was usually at least three guys but rarely more than six. I don’t know how they pick who comes out because we don’t make requests. I think they just guess who we might want to talk to.

  6. HC, Seems that Buckner has lightened up on the Hoosiers. Years past, to me, he would go out of his way to show he was not biased as an announcer. Even when Knight was coach. I thought he was kind of a jerk about it. Maybe age has changed my, or his understanding?
    As for Jones and Watford, they need to play less in my opinion. Hopefully the season will shake down and force this move. And maybe they will learn to play better with the team. They could be awesome subs, but they just don’t seem to flow. The team seems more efficient when they are out. I’m loyal but it’s obvious they stand out in a not so positive way.
    Defense was pretty good today, spacing and passing looked good.

  7. Things I took away from the first two games is that this teams is still starting the first half slow. Against teams like those that they played this weekend, they will be able to overcome these slow starts. This will be harder to do against the better teams on the OoC schedule and against Big Ten competition.

    VJ3 is still a very fast and athletic player that makes poor decisions with the ball and needs to learn to stop trying to be the man, he is not that guy.

    I am concerned that Zeller got in foul trouble early last night, and when he was on the bench after his fourth foul, the team did not appear to be able to maintain a post presence with anyone off the bench. Against more physical post players, Zeller will see himself racking up quick fouls that will hinder his court time and ability to maintain his aggressiveness he has shown so far.
    All in all, 2 games, 2 wins by large margins, Evansville will give us a little better guage of this team.

  8. Good effort and good results in the first two games. A lot of positives to take away and build on. However, the next game is going to test their mental toughness. Here we go again, playing an in-state team that will play this game, on their home court, as if this is the NCAA Championship. The Evansville players will be super fired up to prove they’re as good as the players on IU and the crowd support will be great. Can IU play with the mental toughness and killer instinct necessary to win in Evensville? I think this next game will demonstrate if Crean’s new squad has developed the mental attributes necessary to be a contender.

  9. Very good over-all effort. Liked what I saw from all the guys with the exception of VJIII and Watford. Jones has to slow down and stay out of traps, or if he goes inside have a good understanding of what might happen before he gets there. Watford seems lost in the offense. I don’t understand why he thinks he can take guys off the dribble when he is on the wing. Watch VO or Sheehey in that spot. They get the pass and simply go straight to the hoop, whereas Watford holds the ball below his waist thinking he can take his guy off the dribble. Not seen anything yet that makes me think he can do that move, and yet he persists. I know it is early in the season, but I thought I’d heard he had been working on his game and moves to the hoop. I may need to show more patience.

  10. Interesting that everyone is so dismissive of a team that’s favored to win the Southern Conference (Chattanooga). Wasn’t too long ago that a SoCon team missed making the Final Four by a two point loss to Kansas.I’m confident that VJIII and CWat have improved, it’s just that everyone else has improved more.

  11. Chet, How could any IU BB fan be dismissive of UT-Chat after the last couple of years? I certainly wasn’t and held my breath through the first 14 minutes of yesterday’s game.

    After winning the first two games by healthy margins, but more importantly, watching IU’s improved play, I think IU fans have a sense of relief, as in, “O.K., (big exhale) they won the first two and looked good doing it.” I think relief will be converted to significant excitement if they can beat Evansville and Butler and be 6-0 going into Raleigh to play NCS.

  12. Indiana looked pretty good for 2 games in a row.Even though Stoney Brook and Chatt.are no push over’s…they are no way close to the team’s we will be facing.Hull’s..Zeller…VO..Will..Elston looked ok…Pritchard didn’t do bad…Jones and Watford looked last night just as they have since there freshman year…bad.If Crean want’s to prove he is a good coach…then at Evansville start Hull’s…VO…Zeller…Will…Elston..then bring Jones and Watford off the bench.Watford is just very lazy looking running up and down the floor..has no energy…Jones just dribble’s way to much.Indiana is still not a very good team…better than 12 win’s…but only by 4-5.Only team we can beat in the Big 10 is Penn State..Nebraska…maybe Iowa…at home..no road win’s.So if IU could get a win on the road at Evansville…it could show the team and the fan’s that they are improving.Aroad loss wednesday night…same old story.

  13. If CTC is such a good coach–why can’t he see the current defiencies in VJIII and Watford’s games–he’s had them for 4years and 3 years.

    Unfortunately, I missed both games due to grandkids birthday, so I am just commenting on others comments.

  14. Coach Crean knows each player’s deficiencies AND strengths. We got IU fans wanting Crean to play freshmen and walkons rather than VJIII and Watford. These fans would run this team into a total disaster if we followed their advice. I can’t complain about Crean’s coaching abilities right now.

  15. Galena, I didn’t say freshman and walkons, I said less minutes, and come off the bench. I would like to see more of Austin E. though. VJ has played really well at times, but his focus is bad. Way to many turnovers. He is like having a person that earns $1000.00 but spends $1200.00. Watford,like somebody once said on here, is a guard/small forward stuck in a power forwards body. He needs to watch some tape of Alan Henderson. We do need them to be really successful, but it needs to be within the flow of the rest of the team. Not them trying to force things and making silly mistakes.

  16. Obviously Crean believes that the players he put on the floor gave him the best chance of winning. He was right, IU is 2- 0.

    Just because a player starts and/or plays significant minutes does not mean their coach does not recognize their deficiencies. Some times, the coach has little choice in the immediate time frame. That’s why depth is so important. Crean has not had that depth since he arrive in B-town. And although this team is deeper, it’s still not deep enough to bench VJIII and Watford. Getting Juniors and Seniors to change their playing style has to be very difficult. My guess is Crean has decided that he’s going to have to live with the deficiencies these two players have until the younger players can step in and replace them. That may not come until next year.

    Unfortunately, the die has been cast for Watford and VJIII.

  17. If IU stays healthy, I think they can win seven Big Ten games this season. Anything more than that would be a bonus for this team. I’m guessing they’ll finish the regular season with a record of 17 – 14. They’ll lose in the first round of the Big Ten tourney, making their record 17 – 15.

    17 – 15 would be a big step forward.

  18. 17 – 15 would be a big step forward. But I’ll bet they are going to be at least 19-12 season wise, plus atleast 1 win in BigTen Tournament.

  19. I’m sure that Coach Crean is wringing his hands trying to think of what he can do to prove to OldSchoolHoosier that he is a good coach. Thank goodness you let him know.

  20. Chet is always on his game..His rebuttals are swift and accurate. He even reminded me that it was Sampson that deserved most of the credit for a resurgence of our passion for hoops in Bloomington….(though I still haven’t seen evidence a real hoops birth certificate).

  21. Mac; does IU win any of the games against NCS, ND, KY or Butler? I don’t think so. But let’s say they beat one of those teams (most likely Butler at home) and win 11 non-conference games, how do they win more than 7 games in the Big Ten? They play eight Big Ten games in B-town. They’ll lose home games to OSU and Mich State, and one or both to Purdue or Minnesota at home.

    I just don’t see more than 7 Big Ten wins. Hope I’m wrong. If they finish with 17 wins, I’ll be feeling good about the future of IU basketball.

  22. Thomas Aaron “TLT” Crean surely understands that the native basketball IQ of Jordan Hulls on the court does 20,000 times more for the team than any amount of clapping and pacing furiously on the sideline he can contribute with. With Hulls on the court even TTTTpTUTTC (Thirty Thousand Trillion Tweets per Time Unit, Turgid Tom Crean) looks like a decent coach, eh?! His native salesman intelligence tells him to hide behind Jordan Hulls for now and you can count on him doing so all the way to the Final Four. We have a really really beautiful team, and if TTTTpTUTTC starts speaking less at press conferences I might even start to like him a little…

  23. gtccc; Do you actually attend or watch Crean’s press conferences? If so, why? Does Crean, or any coach of a major program actually say anything to the press. They’ve all been conditioned to speak a lot, but say very little. Press conferences have become a waste of time.

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