IU to hold reunion for 1987 championship team on Dec. 4

From IU sports info. We’ll have more on this as the reunion approaches.

1987 National Championship Team Reunion Weekend

Indiana University will welcome back members of the 1987 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship team the December 4th as the group gathers for a reunion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the program’s fifth NCAA title.

The Hoosiers defeated #1 UNLV 97-93, in the national semifinals and Syracuse, 74-73 in the title game on a last second shot by junior Keith Smart.

Steve Alford and Todd Meier along with Deputy Athletic Director Scott Dolson (a team manager on the squad) were involved in organizing the weekend. The team will be recognized during Sunday’s men’s basketball game against Stetson which tips off at 4:30 p.m. The women’s team will have a game against Oklahoma State at noon.

The first 7,500 fans in attendance will receive a replica calendar poster from the championship season.  An autograph session will take place between 3 and 4 p.m. for those with a game ticket.  Fans will be limited to one item for autographs as the group will try and accommodate as many as possible.

A limited number of tickets are available for the game and may be purchased by calling 1-866-IU Sports.  More specifics will be available next week.


  1. Stevens and Alford in Bloomington to kick off the holidays? Ebenezer Crean, prepare for the Ghost of 4guards Present.

  2. Speaking of old 4guards. I read the Evansville Courier reports following the IU-UE game. Much to my surprise there was a post on there, 4aces_????. I don’t remember what was after the underscore. As you can imagine, 4aces did not have a lot good to say about IU. Can you imagine?

  3. I was in NOLA for that Final Four. It was a great experience. Hard to believe that it has been 25 years. We need a newer banner to hang up in the Hall.

  4. CTC has been as welcoming to RMK as is humanly possible. He’d probably drive down and pick him up. We’ll just have to wait and see if he’s gonna step up to the plate and put his big boy pants on

  5. I have yet to here Crean tweet to Jesus for Knight’s return. When he is ready to put the Bloomington basketball god before his own holier-than-thou image, then you can order the champagne.

    These reunions are needless expenditures in such difficult times. Does anyone really care? How pathetic we need Alford in Bloomington to make dinosaurs stuck in the past feel a warm and fuzzy bond to the new coach and team. Crean and Glass feed this stuff. Knight is plenty astute to see it for what it is.

  6. I think that screen name was copyrighted by the attorneys of Spitz & Poole….or was it Ossip & Felhard?

  7. I could care less, myself, but such reunions are inevitable. Show me a program that didn’t have a similar reunion for a championship team. Knight and Alford are just the sideshow. They don’t have anything to offer IU but neither one ever saw a camera they didn’t like.

  8. I’m overdue for a good cry. I hope Knight can find an opening in his busy ESPN schedule…I’ve yet to see the man wear red on ESPN. He dodges any topic that remotely hints of the name Indiana. I think his avoidance of the colors, the name, the town, the current strides the new coach and team, are all pretty good indications of a likelihood no need for Kleenexes. I see no point holding the event without the head coach that led his team to the championship. The man is not dead. He was fired. Until he formally commits to attending, it is more than obvious why Crean and Glass blow time and money on these events. Stop with all the foolishness and painting of images on Cook Hall walls your face has not earned a right to appear. Move on and make a name for yourself and leave the past alone where it belongs.

  9. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that RMK will be attending some sort of highly publicized event at the same time and will be unavailable to attend, even if the event hasn’t been scheduled yet. Probably in Indianapolis.

  10. It’s pretty funny. Imagine this, instead of hiring a coach that had been to a Final Four and regularly posted 20 win seasons in one of the top basketball conferences in the country, IU hires a coach few had heard of coming off an 11-13 season at a third tier basketball school without a single trip to the NCAA tourney. You’d be able to hear the brains exploding all across Hoosierland. That would have been one Robert Montgomery Knight.

  11. Chet, it might be a (not)previously scheduled event that would keep Coach Knight from attending as you suggest. But I’m betting on the more obvious answer. He can’t attend because his appearance might create a distraction that would take too much attention away from the other attendees. And he wouldn’t want to do that, therefore, he would be unable to attend.

  12. It’s pretty funny. Imagine this, instead of hiring a coach that had been to a Final Four and regularly posted 20 win seasons in one of the top basketball conferences in the country, IU hires a coach few had heard of coming off an 11-13 season at a third tier basketball school without a single trip to the NCAA tourney. You’d be able to hear the brains exploding all across Hoosierland. That would have been one Robert Montgomery Knight.

    So you agree, Chet, that hiring Alford instead of Crean would have made more sense. That’s very promising getting into your (and Tsao’s and Podunker’s) big “mitzvah” weekend…

  13. At the time we hired Knight, no one was expecting West Point to ever be much better than .500. Their physical restrictions for cadets made it very hard to recruit anyone over 6’6″ or so and their class and the school’s brutal schedule of classes, activities, training made playing basketball 2-3 times per week almost impossible. Yet, Knight- within those limitations- managed to turn out some very good teams and players including a guard from Chicago named Mike Kryzewski.

  14. So you’re saying they should have rolled the dice again on an unproven coach, meaning Alford. But Alford wasn’t a young, unproven coach. He was a middle aged failure. That’s why, after he was fired by Iowa (who gets fired by Iowa?), he ran off to the Mountain Rest. So, no it wouldn’t have made any sense at all. Good thing the grown ups were making that decision.

    What the hell are you talking about, anyway?

  15. I was always hoping Tom Crean would end up at IU. It’s about time we had a man of strong Christian values in Bloomington. He is a family man and believes Jesus died for our sins. I love frequenting his Twitter page. He lifts my spirit and reaffirms my belief that God is looking over Hoosier basketball. The sinners and the gang thugs that came here under that despicable creature pretending to be a wholesome and decent man are gone. Should we not be thankful and rejoice?

  16. I was listening to ESPN yesterday. Doug Gottleib was commenting on Duke, whom he’d been following for a week. He said that he didn’t think they had a single NBA caliber player on their team, including the Plumlees and the younger Rivers (he felt his game needs a lot of work).

    Just thought that was interesting.

  17. Cold Pizza-

    I watched Rivers play in the Maui tournament last night. He sure looked tough to me…very special talent. Jeremiah comes to IU and then the cream of the crop(Austin) goes to Duke. What’s up Doc? Austin Rivers looks as ready to bolt to the NBA as a one-and-done after his freshman season as I thought Eric Gordon was at IU. Dawkins looks awfully good too. Unfortunately, Duke appears very poised for another deep NCAA tournament run.

  18. Chet, when do you think we’ll actually hear an argument and see some evidence supporting a “hire Alford” decision?

    The only thing that ever gets said is, “they should have hired Alford. He would have this program back on top!”

    sweet, riveting analysis…

    As far as Gottlieb goes, I love his takes (usually). I haven’t seen enough of Rivers yet, but I have heard he held his own against Celtics in some runs (not that theres a ton of defense played I’m sure) I think the Plumlee’s are draftable, but probably deep bench players. Maybe one turns into David Lee… who knows. The Curry’s obviously know how to play. Seth may not be quite as good, but I wouldn’t count him out. The NBA is more wide open because of half court defensive rules and it puts a premium on shooting ability and offensive IQ, both of which Curry has.

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  21. So Riggleman, I’m a little confused by these… Like are these pro-Geoff or Anti-Geoff? Am I mooning all the haters with my facts and calling out of the buffoons? Or are you trying to say I’m an ass? I mean I think it could be interpreted either way.

  22. ^You disclosed quite a bit in that post – I now can
    estimate your age and political orientation. :mrgreen:

  23. Geoff, I live near the school the Plumlees ran off to. A good friend coaches their football team. Weird basketball schedule. They’ll play Oak Hill and a couple other big names followed by a roll call of pathetic little private schools with 6’1″ centers. For some reason they shy away from the public schools (though they would probably do fine in basketball. They played the worst 1A football team in the area last year and got killed). The last Plumlee got the NC equivalent of Mr. Basketball, which pretty much everyone found appalling as he has no NC connection. I always suspected the Plumlees left Indiana because they didn’t want to be in the shadow of the Zellers. They may or may not make it in the NBA but none of them showed up at Duke the the polish of Cody, not even close. There are lots of opportunities for 6’11” guys tutored by Coach K, though.
    Gottleib’s take was that Rivers’ didn’t have all the skills necessary to play point and didn’t have the shooting skills of a two. I haven’t seen much of him. I will say that Gottleib is a decent judge of guard play, IMHO.

  24. no question. Cody is really impressive. I don’t care that he isn’t putting up dominant Sullinger-type numbers. His IQ is just so apparent. He runs hard whether or not he gets the ball, knowing that by doing so it opens up other people in transition. He doesn’t force things in the post, and never seems frustrated when he doesn’t get a touch. He rebounds like a man already and does a great job of keeping the ball high and elbows out. He knocks down free throws and finishes against contact. His skill level is far superior to the Plumlee’s, but they have a rare athleticism for (white) guys their size and seem to be pretty damn strong. Not sure why it doesn’t translate to college dominance, but the pro game is a little different, and the season is so long that energy bigs can come off the bench and have a real impact in the dog days of the regular season.

  25. Hey I’m glad you guy’s missed me…so I’ back.I have not hid about how I feel about Coach Crean being at Indiana.However I do think he is doing a much better job this year with more talent.I have never said he was a horrible coach…I have alway’s said I think Indiana should have been able to do better than him.My choice of Indiana hiring Alford has coach would have spared IU from all the Sampson mistake’s and all the program has had to go thru.Chet said Alford was never even considered for the IU job…sorry his agent was called and he very much wanted to coach IU after Davis..but IU would not pull the trigger on Davis.Alford is no Hall of Fame coach..I agree..but he would be able to recruit the state of Indiana much better and much longer than Crean will be able to.Alford had a 152-106 record at Iowa and won a Big Ten Tournament championship.He has won over 400 games and avg.21 win’s a season.His stats as a coach are very similar to Crean…except Alford is an Indiana legend and you will see how he is greeted on December 4th.If Alford was hired as Indiana coach he would have been here until he retired.If Crean does turn Indiana around and we do start winning big again…if Izzo take’s another job or retires…Crean would leave IU in a heartbeat to take over at Michigan State.Even if not State..if IU wins other schools will come after him and he will leave after 7-8 year’s.He has no tie’s with IU or the state of Indiana.I’m not saying Alford is that much better a coach than Crean…I’m saying Alford is a better coach than Crean coaching at Indiana.The fan’s on December 4th will show why Indiana made a mistake in not hiring him.If you are any kind of Indiana basketball fan at all…you had to have thought at some point when Coach Knight retired that Alford would be here…if you have not thought that..then you were not born here and raised on Indiana basketball…you just moved here from somewhere else.Crean is not going anywhere if he win’s 15-18 game’s this year and 20 next…but if he doesn’t he will be gone no doubt about it…he is on a 2 year leash..and who know’s Alford could be back.I doubt IU would ever have enough money to bring him here now…they had there chance and blew it…Alford would be crazy to come here now.

  26. Nasally Gottleib is wrong. Rivers is already one of the best college guards in the country. He plays like a senior and raises his game as the stakes go up. Watch him in the Maui championship game against Kansas, Chet. I think you’ll be convinced he has the talent to be a one-and-done. He may not be 110% ready, but that hasn’t stopped many guys from taking the big bucks.

    You’re not talking with me anymore. Does anyone still have any interest in meeting me at Nick’s? I feel so discarded. It hurts to the core.

    Wow. I hope we don’t start getting story problems for the spam protection box. “Sum of 2 + one-hundred-one?” Do I interpret that as 2 + 100 – 1 or 2 + 101? I’m going to try typing in “Alford’s 4Tickturds” into the box and see what happens.

  27. WHY do you think Alford could recruit the state better and longer?

    (I think Indiana HS players are great, but I am more concerned with the coach getting top 10 classes year after year than I am getting only Indiana players every year)

    WHY would Crean leave IU for another job if he is succeeding here?

    (IU is a top 10 basketball school in the country. What makes another situation more attractive?)

    As I’ve stated before I love Alford the player. I don’t mind Alford the coach. I wouldn’t have been upset if IU had hired him at any point. However, Crean is here. He is putting the program on the right track. He is doing an outstanding job of recruiting. He has proven (at Marquette) he can win against top notch competition and get to a Final Four. I don’t see how anyone can’t be happy with how things have turned around to this point…

    You have still failed to bring up a coach’s name that would have been a better hire in 2008 (at least as far as resume goes – anything else is conjecture, which is kinda your thang…)

    I am glad you solved that math problem.

  28. IU should have hired Stevens. Watch Crean being outcoached on Sunday. Our superior talent vs. a very young team with a knowledgeable coach I’ve named Butler, Stevens). You will say it’s a normal setback but the best thing Crean can do is limit his damage, always. That’s too little for a coach that well paid. Anybody can do well at Indiana. Alford could have done far better. We are stuck with Crean now and we’ll be fine in the long term but for the time being it’s gonna suck now and then, for example come Sunday…

  29. am I to assume this latest anonymous post is OldFart? If so, let me get this straight, you think that IU should have hired a 31-year-old coach with exactly one year of head coaching experience and no ties to the IU basketball program that had never signed a single recruit…

    …over a tenured coach that was in his prime, was Big East battle-tested, had been to a Final Four, with a history of recruiting NBA talent?

    I think we have a little case of Monday morning quarterbacking here. Except I don’t know that Stevens could do better than Crean has done at IU, and neither do you. He certainly did well with a bunch of guys that Lickliter recruited though. Stevens is a hot commodity now, but he had very little name value in 2008. Slow down buddy, your starting to fly off the tracks.

  30. also, Butler has played 3 common opponents to IU so far. They lost to Evansville and beat Savannah State and Chattanoogo by less than IU did. They also lost to Northern State(?)… Is Stevens sand-bagging now just so he can surprise IU on Sunday?

  31. Husky Tom is very invigorated today. I wonder if Bill Carmody would have taken the IU job? He sure seems like a decent human being.

  32. Geoff, my buddy: you fell in the bong, right?, and are now podcasting from right next to your friend Preshrunker. Listen buddy, Butler has played four games so far: Evansville, Savannah State, Chattanooga and #8 Louisville. They lost two and won two. From where you are (inside the bong) it appears that they lost to Northern State? Really… allow me to ROFL. You can go back to what you’re smoking but do post here once in a while, because you’re very entertaining.

  33. Oh, you counted the exhibition games? Damn, I lose again.

    In sign of respect for the victor I changed my screen name.

    I made it longer…

  34. After Sampson..Smart…Wittman or Dane Fife would have jumped on the chance to coach at IU.Smart could have been a chance…but Wittman could have recruited very well..and Fife has done a great job and Izzo wanted him so he must know something.No matter what the cost..IU had to hire Alford to keep IU respectful.I do think Alford would have done better than Crean the first year…and the second year River’s and Dumas under Alford would have just been practice player’s…if they were even on the team.I don’t know this for sure…but rumor was Kevin Stalling’s of Vanderbilt wanted the job…not sure I wanted aPurdue grad coaching at IU..but he has done a good job.Crean is a great family man and decent coach…I just think IU jumped a little early and think they could have done better.

  35. HoosierDawg
    Tuesday, November 22, 2011 – 12:03 PM EST

    I am a Butler season ticket holder, so will watch with great interest Sunday night. BU is really struggling on the offensive end this year, but their defense is unlike anything the Hoosiers have seen to date. I’m sure Coach Stevens will have the Dawgs ready to play but think the Hoosiers just have too much firepower for them. Love the “7 starters” line from CTC-and agree with him. What a change from previous seasons when we were lucky to have 3-4 legit starters


  36. OK lets break down your list… (again)

    Smart – listen I love Keith. I am very good friends with his brother Herb. I have hung out with Keith on a couple occasions. But he has never recruited a single HS player and the NBA is a completely different monster.

    Wittman – again, zero NCAA coaching/recruiting experience

    Fife – has had only 2 winning seasons at IPFW and a career record under .500 at the below-mid-major level.

    None of these resumes come close to Crean’s at the college level, or really any level for that matter. The fact remains that Crean has yet to be fired from a coaching job, only promoted to bigger opportunities. If you want to use Izzo’s name as criteria, well he also recommended that Heathcoate hire Crean and then kept him on and tutored him.

    You are assuming that these guys could recruit and coach at this level, but there is no evidence to that opinion. Crean has actually proved it. I still don’t understand where you’re coming from.

  37. forgot Stallings – I wouldn’t have had an issue with that hire, but why is he a BETTER choice than Crean? He had/has never been to a Final Four, his resume wasn’t/isn’t better than Crean’s, he doesn’t have ties to the IU program…

    I get that you have some personal thing against Crean, but you have still failed to give one solid peice of evidence that IU could have done better. You are grasping at straws here.

  38. If Crean is your man then that is great…when he left State to coach had he recruited any as a head coach??..had he been a head coach??…nothing personal against Crean at all…but I think Smart..Wittman..or Fife been given the chance..they to would have been good.Crean got started somewhere…no coach…any coach would have done the job Alford would have..and maybe…just maybe Alford could have helped close some of the wound’s with coach Knight.Whether you like him or not..agree or not…Indiana would be much better off with Knight being a freind to IU basketball…seeing him at IU home game’s…even with Crean as coach IU would be better off.Knight won’t give Crean the time of day ever…Alford someday he might have.It was time for coach to go…but it’s time for him to be back.

  39. What is really funny is the idea that Indiana high school kids have any idea who Steve Alford is and his connection to Indiana. They are as likely to know about a kid who played for New Castle nearly 30 years ago and his time at IU as they are knowing John Wooden is from Martinsville and had a great career at Purdue. Just because you’re clinging to memories doesn’t mean a thing to them. All theses kids might know about Steve Alford is he coaches some team that’s never on TV.

  40. How do you not get this… Crean is not MY man, he is IU’s man. I am supporting the coach that IU hired, and I am doing it because he has grown the program from the ashes, improved every year despite adversity, and recruited exceptionally well. He has given me absolutely no reason not to support him. I have a lot more personal history with Smart, Fife, Alford, Wittman, etc… but I am not blinded by that.

    Sure every coach gets his first chance somewhere, but Crean has the best resume of any of the guys on the list you provided. That is a fact. He has proven he can coach at the top level. He has proven he can recruit at the top level. You say that those other guys could do it too, but where is the proof?

    As far as Knight goes, I love him. I wish he had a good relationship with the program, but our future does not depend on that. If you want to wait around for that to happen before you start to be a true supporter again that’s your prerogative. Some people consider Knight to be a tad stubborn. You might never get your wish. Get over it and try to enjoy what is becoming a good thing.

  41. Geoff, try to calm down a bit. Have you watched the second half of the Butler game? Gardner-Webb scored 26 points in Assembly Hall in the second half, only 16 points tonight in the second half (6 in the last three minutes of the game, after 50 in the first half) and they lost. Is Stevens able to make in-game adjustments or not? Don’t get so worked up, the man is trying to say something about the Indiana – Butler game. Do you have to say anything about that game? If you do please say it. Otherwise better stay quiet or go learn to count to four… ?!

  42. What makes you think I am worked up? I have facts on my side. It makes my arguments easy. The whole point here is that I am not forming my opinions based on emotion…

    Congrats to Butler. I have a lot of respect for them. I have a lot of respect for Stevens. I am not sure what your point is. They gave up more points to G-W than IU gave up. They scored fewer points against G-W than IU did. They won by fewer points against G-W than IU did. Butler HAD to lock down in the second half to give themselves a chance to win. IU had the luxury of cruising to an easy win and not having to play their top 7 the entire second half.

    hole deeper…

  43. So you still have nothing to say about the Indiana – Butler game. Yet you are so agitated… I know why. You’re afraid for your man Crean. You’re afraid he won’t hold up and his lack of competence will be exposed on Sunday at home against a much younger and far less experienced team but with a far better coach. Oh, poor Geoff…

    Crean is not IU’s coach. He is Greenspan’s coach. Greenspan was fired. You support the coach of a discredited regime. And after Sunday I am sure you will crawl into your hole and we won’t hear from you for a long time… Hey, have you learned to count to 4 yet?

    Here’s a fact for you: Geoff has trouble counting to 4 (four). LMAO.

  44. Chet’s right, you add nothing to the conversation. You make no sense and I shouldn’t respond, no matter how bored I am. Your last post is more proof. Until Crean is fired he IS IU’s coach, whether YOU like it or not. Sorry that you are so removed from reality. I had plenty to say about the Butler game… feel free to read my posts. I am a true IU fan, so I will still comment regardless of the outcome on Sunday.

    Maybe one of these days you will have strength enough to put a name behind your posts.

  45. I doubt it. His whole point is to get a rise from you. Ignoring him will bug the $hit out of him…then he will go away

  46. Try to spell my name right, dude, it’s:        even though you don’t know how to spell it. Tell me, since you seem to know so many things, by how many points will Indiana beat Butler on Sunday and how many points are they likely to score against the “weak” Butler defense?

  47. I do hope IU get’s back..if Crean can get IU back to winning…not like Knight’s last 6-7 year’s..I mean like back to the late 70’s early 80’s…then I am all for Crean..Knight’s last few season’e here were not much to brag about…IU was falling fast and other team’s we beat like a drum for year’s now had caught up…I don’t care if Tim the tool man is coach…I just want to win again.My only concern with Crean…is even though he has some good value’s…Wade..a Final Four…it’s still hard for me to think that IU had fallen so far that Crean was the best IU could do.In 1997-2000 would anybody ever think Crean would someday be the coach at IU??NOT ONE PERSON EVER THOUGHT THAT!!! We all knew Knight was not going to last much longer after the zero tolerence thing…but who thought Crean???No choice to make Davis interim..no choice…but after that interim year is where the Board of Trustee’s failed the IU basketball nation.If they were going to give Davis a long term contract with no coaching exp. then why not a former Hoosier…Smart..Wittman…Fife was not coaching then…heck Damon Bailey would have been better.Oh well I will stop ranting after this post for Alford because even if Crean doesn’t make it..Alford would never come here now.

  48. Anonymous – are you a Butler fan? If you aren’t an IU fan why are you here?

    I can’t predict the future. I have never attempted to on this site. I use evidence to bring up likely outcomes. I admonish people who try to say they “know” how things will turn out, or would have turned out if only…

    To this point IU has performed better against the common opponents they have with Butler. Therefore I conclude that they are a better team and should win on Sunday. You never know what will happen. Butler is a good enough program to beat a team like IU and I don’t pretend to think otherwise. I never said they have a weak defense, I just point out that it isn’t as strong as Mr. Butler Season Ticket Holder was trying to make it out to be. Their defense hasn’t performed as well to this point as IU’s has. That is fact. They have played similar opponents and not performed as well – offensively or defensively.

    OldSchool – Crean IS turning things around, so why not be more supportive? The reason no one thought Crean would be the IU coach in 1997-2000 is because he had yet to build a name for himself. What did Crean ever do wrong? You have yet to give any instances of failure. He succeeded at Marquette, in the Big East, went to a Final Four. That all happened since 2000. Why do you pretend like that didn’t happen?

  49. Will these worshipers of the past ever get off the Knight nipple? In another 25 years or so they’ll have no worry. I’m sure Knight sperm is frozen in some basement lab in Jordan Hall ready to be cloned into multiple Bobbys. Maybe OldSchoolHoosier or the invisible name blogger can dream in a pair of drenched Depends of a day when only 9 months separates the rebirth of Hoosier hoops growing in a virgin hoops womb of a donated egg courtesy of 4guards.

  50. OldSchool – in as few words as I can say it… You confuse me. You seem to want IU to be successful, but you keep bringing up the names of less successful coaches than Crean.

  51. That seems not only plausible but likely. They are cut from the same cloth as those pathetic Civil war re-enactors who are sure the South will win this time. Which, should it ever happen, would turn the South into what we commonly know as …Mexico. Dear God, please let Texas secede. It would balance the budget tomorrow.

  52. Old school you have to stop! Im sure if coach does get IU back to winning like in the 70’s and 80’s your back on board! I really need to understand why you think Alford would be a better coach than Crean. Im 33 years old and have been watching IU play since I could sit up so I understand I haven’t seen as much IU ball as you but other than him playing at IU why would you want him? If it’s just recruiting which seems to be your basic argument why not the crook at uk? I don’t agree with anything you have said. Keith Smart? Wittman? Fife? Im being honest not rude I don’t know if your one of those old geezers like my father in law who will only accept a coach Knight guy no matter what or if you just want to get people fired up. Im not being rude by suggesting you’re old but I know alot of old guys around the Evansville area who simply don’t like coach because he’s not a Knight guy. Is that the case? If it is that’s fine with me atleast then it will make sense. Someone asked you to name some other coaches that should have been hired after coach Davis. Unless I missed it you named all Knight guys except Fife and I can only assume that was somewhat of a joke. Can you name anyone? Please respond and let me know why you think Alford would do anything better than Crean. I understand the whole Sampson issue and thats just weak. I want to know other than “we would have avoided ncaa sanctions “which would have happened under most coaches” what does Alford bring??

  53. Hiring Alford after Davis would have kept IU from all the trouble.That is exactly what I mean.There is no coach that I would have wanted here…no coach…none…other than Alford after Davis.All these losing season’s..would never have happened…IU reputation..never tarnished..5-6 year’s of rebuilding…never happened.If Alford had been hired in 2002…we win at least 20 game’s a year every year..go to the tournament every year.I have never said Alford was a better coach than Crean…I said Alford would be a better coach than Crean at Indiana..and I still firmly believe that.Yes I am an old guy who would love to see one of Knight’s former player’s coaching IU…any other than Pat..but Knight was told in 1999 that Pat never coach IU.Coach K..Williams..they would never come to IU…Calipari is a crook…want no part of him.Plain and simple…Alford was and is the best fit for IU.You say hs kid’s today won’t know who Alford is…might be true..but their parent’s would and I think parent’s help with the college choice.What make’s all you Alford hater’s think if he had been hired here in 2001-02 that he would have failed?What would he have done that would have turned IU into a loser?He has won every place he has been..just like Crean…not a Final Four…but how many times did Crean take his team back to the tournament after Wade left?Not very many.Fans at Marq.were not sad to see Crean go.They never offered him anything to stay.Few came here to interview and Gonzaga gave him a raise to stay.They never offered Crean anything to stay .Marq. was falling about as fast as IU was.

  54. I would have swallowed harsher NCAA penalties and kept Sampson with his flunky thugs before wanting blowhard Alford back at IU. The Sampson meltdown was a blessing in disguise. It allowed Indiana to find its own identity without 4guards disciples running the place from the dark backrooms for another quarter century. Thank goodness for EJ, Sampson ballers, and kids living out of the backseat of cars on Chicago streets. They are the true heroes of our new day.

    You should really give it a rest, OldSchool. The dinosaurs had their day.

  55. The problem with hiring Alford, aside from the fact that he’d already washed out of the Big Ten, is that he’d be impossible to fire. Some of the posts on this blog show how delusional and cult-like the RMK worshippers (who obviously are the same people who want Alford) can be. It wouldn’t matter how bad the team might become, they’d be camped out at Fred Glass’s office and marching in the streets demanding he not be fired. We’d lose a decade, at least, before they’d pull the plug. Look how long they gave Davis and not many IU fans liked him and he didn’t seem to like anybody at IU.

    Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving.

  56. Old school im saying that most coaches would have avoided the sampson mess! Why do you think Alford is the only clean coach out there? Do you think Alford could make a final four at any top tier program or just IU? If so why hasn’t any big schools contacted him? Alford is where he is for a reason! What do you think of the job Crean has done given the situation? I don’t think any coach could do anything any better. After three losings season he landed a top 5 recruiting class! What kind of classes did Alford get at Iowa?

  57. HfKy, after debating OlfFart on this one for about a month now I think I can answer for him. Alford at IU coulda done better than Alford anywhere else. Alford at IU would be an unstoppable recruiting force because of his ties to the program and his relevance with the parents of the recruits. His coaching/recruiting acumen to this point have no bearing and aren’t a true reflection of his abilities because he was hand-cuffed by not being at IU.

    I think we are starting to wear away some of his hard facade with our evidence and common sense though. OldFart almost admitted, just 2 days ago, he would support Crean if he returned us to a Final Four. Baby steps…

  58. @ OldSchool, the only real issue I have with your last post and overall line of thinking with Alford is that the ship sailed so long ago. Why are you still back on that deserted island? The Alford passing by port just on the horizon has moved on to foreign waters and yet you are still sitting on the beach with your telescope… waiting… watching…

    Meanwhile the rest of us, knowing that The Alford wasn’t coming back hopped on other ships and moved forward with our lives in hopes of smoother waters and more bountiful lands to settle in. Those of us on The Crean are experiencing something similar to the early American settlers. When you come ashore you have to acclimate to a new environment, you have to make friendly with and/or battle the natives, you have to cut through the forests and climb the hills to build a settlement and establish your fields. It isn’t easy going in the beginning. But after a while life starts to look great again, there are unlimited new resources, you have the first Thanksgiving feast with the natives, you send for your relatives and grow your family, you continue to forge ahead until you grow a dominant world power…

    Oh how thankful we settlers are that we left that island and aren’t still on shore waiting… watching… waiting… for The Alford to show up in port. How lonely it must be there. Maybe The Alford would have sailed us directly to a tropical island with nothing but beautiful, subserviant women, perfect weather all year round, and fruit literally hanging low from every tree… Maybe he would have sailed us to a new America… But maybe he would have lost course in the Bermuda Triangle and sailed us directly to Iceland where we’d be irrelant and friggin cold all year… That would suck.

    Tis the time of year to be thankful for what you have – and I for one am thankful.

  59. Ch*t, those of you on “The Crean” should absolutely, positively seek medical help! Although I fear at least in your case it may be already too late — you’ve been hallucinating on this blog for more than three years now. How sad.

  60. With creative genius like that, you should start signing your posts so you can take some credit.

    And just to be clear, because I thought these things were real. I thought these things actually happened. But you are telling us that the following occurrences are hallucinations:

    – increase in wins every year under Crean
    – #12 ranked recruiting class in 2009
    – best offensive player suffers season ending injury every year
    – signing of Cody Zeller in 2011
    – #6 ranked recruiting class for 2012
    – haven’t won a game by less than 20 points yet in 2011, a feat not accomplished in the last 70+ years.

    Wow, that must be some gooooood sheeeet to make us imagine all those things.

    But on the slim chance that we aren’t hallucinating and those things all actually happened, I will make a statement on behalf of my shipmates: We aren’t crowning Crean the king. We aren’t saying he is the best coach in the Big Ten, or even necessarily the state of Indiana. We aren’t sure yet if he can lead us to a national championship (very few coaches ever accomplish that – only 9 active coaches in the country…), but we are thankful for what he has done to rebuild the program and give us a shot at reclaiming powerhouse status.

    Peace and Love from all us hippies to YOU Anonymous!

  61. I’d have to agree, what the heck, I’m getting a bit tired of riding a dead horse. Yes, this is Indiana, but the truth is Cody signed for Crean just like Gordon signed for Sampson. It’s time for all of us to get behind Tom Crean and the program and support him. I want us to be still undefeated and ranked come Jan 1st. It really is possible! Bye now.

  62. Mr. Anonymous(more popularly known as “Remora” on IDS Hype) always stops with his fake nonsense(Crean-bashing/Alford-schmoozing) once he gets a comment from Husky Geoff that something he does is “genius.”

    If you don’t want six pages of his wishy-washy gibberish, just tell him early on that he’s brilliant and a whole thread of the disingenuous act could be avoided.

    I shouldn’t be too critical, any fool could recognize his primary combatant’s needlessly drawn-out rants as no less of a juvenile display of stage acting only for those with zero perception an insincere, clownish tongue.

  63. Ok ok im giving up on getting a satisfactory answer from old school! I want IU fans to stop saying Butler is going to be our first real test. This is different team then years past. They will play off of raw emotion for 15 minutes then talent and depth will overcome. N.C State is our first test game. I think we will beat them but given it’s the acc b10 challenge and we are on the road in a hostile very hostile enviroment it will be a great game. Im new here and don’t know the knowledge level of everyone but im shocked so few are willing to admit we are back. I’ve played ball my whole life and watched the game forever and as far as I can tell we are a top 25 team. I know we have yet to play a top 50 team but when I watch this team play I don’t see anyone in the b10 except for OSU (ho in my opinion is the best team in the nation)that will sweep us. Im not saying we are a top ten level team but I am saying we will beat butler beat ND and get Purdue atleast once. We have a true post man thisyear ! Don’t you guys know what that can do against man to man defenses? I want to know how many of you think we WILL finish in the top four in the B10 this year?

  64. Im confused chet. What are we waiting for the season to end? This team is back! We’ve waited for 3 years now. I have a friend of mine who’s very passive as well and I asked him when he would officially say we’re back and he said if we handle Butler. Handle means we stay in command most of the game and pull out by 10 or so. I disagree. We will beat butler soundly. So I ask you chet when will you say we’re back? I know that we are a full season ahead of schedule and that in itself can make one question how good we are. When you have experts saying we will go 500 and might, might make it to the nit it’s scary to say we will win 20+ and get a ticket to the ncaa tournament but you’ve seen what this team looks like. You’ve seen the defensive intensity, the fg%, the very mature play of cz and most important of all in my opinion the fact that we don’t need watford and jones to have big scoring games to win!! Im just pointing out how alot of IU fans have gotten used to bad basketball that when we actually do have a talented team everyone is scared to jump in. I will be the first to admit that before we played our first game I was very skeptical. I knew if we had to rely on watford and jones we would be in trouble but after seeing not just zeller but vic and sheehey play hard nosed good all around basketball I knew we were back. Heres the best part though we still have not learned when and where to feed cz! The man demands double teams which opens up the 3ball which according to most experts (IU must hit 3’s to win). Imagine when we actually can get him the ball on the block! Jump in chet the waters fine! Whats your prediction on the butler game? Do you do predictions?

  65. I really enjoy the confidence and brash attitude displayed on here by Hoosierfaninky. He really sells it. He really believes in Tom Crean and this bunch of Hoosiers. Why am I not convinced he’s totally on board with his own convictions? It must be because he works the Scoop blog like this passive averse guy works the clubs.

  66. No, I don’t do predictions, at least not game by game. I’d say we are a lot better than we thought. One reason I’m not getting ahead of myself is that I don’t yet know how good our competition is. Here goes, we win several games nobody thought we would and we make The Big Dance. How’s that?

    …and Old Fart Hoser will spend all season posting New Mexico’s latest wins against Northern Pocatello College and the New Mexico School of Mines.

  67. Hoosierfaninky, just out of curiosity, and it doesn’t matter either way, are you an alum or just an avid fan?

  68. Chet-

    Too much over-saturated flavorless stuffing in the bird and the bold predictions came out like turkey gas. The carving technique looked amateur and the chewy crust on the pies was just one of many multiple signs a novice baker. The marshmallows on the yams weren’t even properly browned into dark amber tops with the traditional melting white lava oozing about the bright orange. I didn’t even have to take a bite to know it was a canned product. Party is over.

    I predict the Hoosier will win 22 games(this was my prediction after seeing only one game played a couple weeks ago). I got out of the gate early and I don’t equate number with being “back.” There is no going back, there is only forward. Those 22 victories includes Big 10 tournament wins. I also forsee a trip to the Big Dance. Favorable match-ups could make for a very exciting time in March Madness.

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I would assume a late afternoon motorcycle ride took place with leftovers sputtering out from behind into the misty air of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  69. Damariscotta is a beautiful little fishing village. Is the Freeport Inn still in Freeport? I had the most wonderful breakfast, featuring fresh grilled rainbow trout, at the cafe adjacent to the inn many years ago.

  70. As far a seaside villages go, Damariscotta is okay. There are several that are more beautiful. Drive through there all the time on the way to the in-laws camp.

    Freeport has probably changed a little since the last time you were there. LL Bean has taken over.

    Certainly most parts of Maine are more asthetically pleasing than most parts of Indiana… Although I do love my Indiana home…

  71. It’s been nearly twenty years since I’ve been up in those parts. Sure seemed like a beautiful place back then. I purchased a round globe-styled lantern for the back porch of my old Indiana farm house from a company called Heritage Lanterns out of Maine….I remembering driving through Yarmouth and finding a gorgeous Cape Cod home for sale…It was built in the late 1700s, priced around 150,000, and was located on one of the main streets. I knew it was a steal..If I would have had the funds, I would have purchased the home as a summer retreat in a heartbeat and lived out the rest my days as a lobster fisherman.

    Apologize for my confusion..I honestly thought you were a blogging friend I used to know from the IDS Basketblog. Please forgive.

  72. Yeah, had a nice ride. The weather was ridiculously nice. I’m the cook and I’m pretty damned good at it. Cornbread dressing with oysters and water chestnuts. Try it. Never really got the candied yams and marshmallows, though. To each their own.
    I’m on board with your predictions. As these things go, I’m more of a one game at a time guy. I never look ahead. Frankly, nothing these guys do will surprise me. They could stumble along the way or they could win the conference. I don’t know. But, as they say, that’s why they play the games.
    My freshman year was the first of 2 undefeated regular seasons. It ruined the next 4 years, or so, for a large number of IU fans. The first loss of the season was a letdown. The next 8 a disaster.
    I have learned to appreciate each game, savor every victory. My needs are few.

    After never having been to Maine I spent several weeks around Machias Bay, including a delightful day hauling lobster traps. What a beautiful place with wonderful people. But the winters would kill me.

  73. Well I’m a good 5 hours from Machias… never been that far Down East. Winter is useless to me. I don’t ski anymore, and I can’t stand any of the other outdoor winter activities. All I do is play ball and wait for warmer weather. Late August – mid-October in Maine is unbelievable… usually dry, perfect temp, leaves start to change, and the air smells great. Too bad it is gone already.

    All is forgiven Hooper. We looked in Yarmouth before buying a place in Raymond. Yarmouth is a great place to live – affluent, great schools, 10 minutes from Portland… In 2006 the house you looked at probably went for $450-600K and now is probably around $350-450K. Very expensive place to live.

  74. Rented a beautiful place on Orange Lake for a song. Twenty minutes to the coast. Ninety degrees at the lake, 70 on the bay, fifty on the water. Wonderful area. Not my cup of tea but I can understand those who live there.
    I was teaching an online graduate class. I found internet access in Cutler. I downloaded final exams at a one-room library as a Lab tried to climb in my lap as I was on the one computer looking at the lobster boats outside the window. It was a wonderful experience I will never forget.
    I watched the 4th of July fireworks from Eastport. I’ll never forget my trip to Maine. It’s a place unto itself.

  75. Woahh! Great memories of Maine to calm the hurt from the PU game. Had a great friend (Purdue grad) who had a beautiful place in Corea, a little lobster fishing village at the eastern tip of Maine’s Schoodic Peninsula. (NE of Mt. Desert Is.). Incredible place and nothing like picking out your lobster from a boat when the fishing fleet comes back and boiling it in sea water that same evening. Or watching the sea roar at Schoodic Pt.

    Been a long time but good memories. The drive up the coast should be done over three days.

  76. Enjoyed all of your stories…I only had a small taste of Maine(my wife and I were incorporating a few days to sightsee during the process of a job interview she had. The company eventually offered her the position, but she had already decided on another offer closer to home). Would love to get back someday.

    How does Butler’s talent fall off so rapidly after back-to-back trips to a championship game? Does this not prove just how difficult recruiting and keeping the top strength of a lineup away from the NBA even with proven success? Coaches are continually faced with selling kids on small percentages a deeper and everlasting proud feeling; convincing kids the immediacy and contentment of huge dollars and financial security instantly provided by going onto the next level in the NBA does not have the staying power in the heart and the memory of a rare feat in becoming the final victor along the pathway to a banner.

    Of course, there are those programs that seem to be able to just keep reloading within these parameters. Even in our banner heyday, was Indiana really ever in that group? Is it possible we just have the fortune of kids that were extremely dedicated to school and love of the game being coached by a man with nearly unmatched knowledge of the game?

  77. At the end of the day, that’s what I respect about Steve Alford. He imparted those same values onto other players around him. He didn’t let his own skills get in the way of his team’s growth and overall success. He was a gifted shooter, but unselfish in style of play. He was dedicated to becoming the best within his abilities. From my view, unlike what I see in many players of the game today, it was about team and honoring coach and school first. Does that mean he can be a better coach than Tom Crean and change the trend of immediate gratification at the personal level put before four years of dedication and success your team?

  78. Wow! Im sorry for whatever hvh. I didn’t think the game would be as close as it was. I was wrong that was a test. Butler came in and played with emotion and it lasted longer than I thought it would. No big deal chet if you dont do predictions I agree with you most of the time anyway. I was shocked that hvh called me a novice baker “clever by the way” when he predicted 20+ after watching one game. Really? After watching one game you saw us winning 20+ and going to the dance? Hey old school forget alford lets get hvh!! That’s rich. Whats your prediction on the NC state game hvh? Was it just me or did anyone else feel like butler brought their own officials? It felt like we were at the other assembly hall.

  79. I can’t explain it. I saw Cody in the middle..I saw our added experience and chip on our shoulder. I saw Hulls molding comfortably into the point guard position..I had new expectations for this team. It was only after watching one game, but my opinion was predicated on the total transformation from what was evident last season. I saw a healthier and confident shooting Elston. I saw much of my skepticism put to rest concerning all the chatter Sheehey’s immense improvement over the summer. I make no excuses. I just threw the cake together. It was impulsive optimism it could bake into an opinion worth tasting. I don’t pretend to be an expert. There are few teams that always play to Hoyle. The Hoosiers will likely win some games they should lose and lose some games they should win. But there was a marked difference after only watching one game. Undoubtedly, there was a new feeling from watching this group that worked their asses off the last couple years with nothing to show for it…The new guy in the paint… depth, experience, maturity….Maybe I got carried away. Maybe my cake will be left out in the rain. Maybe you’ll enjoy feeding my prediction down my throat by season’s end. That’s fine. It doesn’t change whatever crude instincts in a few years watching college ball that brought to believe in something I have no desire to retract. 22 wins(including Big 10 tourney)…a mid-to-upper finish in the Big 10 standings..and I felt this about the Hoosiers prospects come March.

    And what an interesting turn in emotions. I actually felt a bit sorry for Butler tonight. How quickly the so-called experts will write them off and forget just how close they came to something only movies and fantasy would dare venture. Is it really any less ridiculous to see 22 wins for this Hoosier team? Maybe you could show me a quote from three years ago predicting Butler to be in back-to-back championship games. Almost anything is possible in college basketball.

  80. You have to be a chef or atleast in the food industry! Your food references are making my mouth water. I agree that this is a much better team and you hit it on the head “they worked their asses off the last couple of years with nothing to show for it.” That in itself will make a team play better and harder. I won’t feed your predection down your throat. I think they will finish top 3 in the b10 myself. Ive seen nothing from iu or any other b10 team to make me think any different.

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