1. Sav. St. was a team with really good athletes, but not good basketball players. IU looked very sloppy for the most part against such athleticism… but with all the fouls being called, it was hard to develop any flow.

    That being said… Watford needs to learn how to get his shots in the offensive flow and STOP forcing everything. He is starting to be a bad role model for Jones, who up until tonight was being very team oriented and looking good. (Hope this was just an aberation for him.)

    Elston continues to impress.

    Cody… is he actually BETTER than we hoped at this point ?? WOW ! He plays beyond his years.

  2. ^ Hey! That’s what I was going to say…

    Chet, do you know why don’t they have any ice at UW? The guy who had the recipe graduated… Man, how I miss Bill Lynch! Why in the world did Fred Glass have to fire him? Can anybody tell me? Nobody can tell me. I miss Bill Lynch…

  3. Cody is a FREAK! Freakenstein. He’s alive! The kid plays hard, I think he might just be the scrappiest on the team. Sprinting the floor, diving for loose balls, diving for steals. A freak I tell you. He has the total freakin package. FREAKENSTEIN lives. Long live Freakenstein.

  4. I thought VJ was starting to get it and play within the team famework, but tonight he, for just a little bit went back to drive it to the basket and just throw it up with no chance of anything going in or any way to dish it off. When we get into the meat of the schedule he will need to play with in the team or sit.

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