1. Turnovers, missed layups, poor rebounding…and we won going away. I love it. Great, great defense. Solid composure. Way to hang tough when the ball isn’t falling.

  2. To save time let’s cut to the chase. If you’re gonna come on here and say that the coaching adjustments that turned a tight game into a run away were a product of bad coaching…you’re an idiot.

    Good night and thank you for playing.

  3. A really exciting game. Butler is a great team to watch..well coached & play together. IU had it’s hands full for much of the game but did pull away. On to NC State, Wednesday

  4. Cool win — no let up or sulking when the shots weren’t falling and the play got rough. Just a deep bench and a LOAD of energy. A win against NC State on the road and we are officially a good team. Not a great team or a contender for championships, but a respctable team with a chance for post season play. Fun to watch, too. Starts to feel like real IU basketball again.

  5. Well I guess Chet is the boss and no one is allowed to voice their comment’s…I kind of thought this was what this was about.My bad…

  6. Actually this time Chet nailed it: he’s the first and (so far the) only one on this thread to qualify as an idiot based on what he himself wrote. Way to go, dumb a$$!

    Otherwise Hoosier coaches still need to find a productive role for Verdell. Jordan Hulls is extremely useful as is Cody Zeller. Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey are (to my knowledge) the only two cases of truly astonishing player development under Tom Crean ever. They are INCREDIBLE! And the entire team played very very good defense throughout the game!

    Now let’s go and get Kentucky!

  7. Whether Chet is the boss or not can be open for debate but he is undeniably right about in-game coaching adjustments by this coaching staff as damn definitive.

  8. I’d really like to hear OldSchoolHoosier’s critique of the in game adjustments. I believe he just made that post to avoid having to comment as he has been so incredibly off base in all his previous posts.

  9. Oldfart, I noticed that you commented, but didn’t actually say anything. Was that a capitulation? Defeatism? Admission of domination? If so, it’s about time…

    I think it would be hard to say that Crean was completely out-coached by the boy genius last night. A lot of the nay-Creaners were making that prediction last week. Where are they now?

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