1. anyone know where the IU game will be showed? Central indiana is getting the purdue game on big 10. i have comcast. any help would be great. thanks

  2. Try Channel 692 to get the IU-MSU game on some Comcast systems. (In Bloomington, it’s on the regular BTN channel.) The BTN.com/gamefinder provides zip-specific channel information.

  3. Hard to believe that Comcast can divide the town for channel allocation. But must be true. We’re close to campus and have IU on 64, as usual. Purdue is on 692, accessible only with the digital box, not the adapter.

  4. It is one thing to get beat all the time, but MacIU is just not competitive…unless you count 2 or 3 touchdown loss as competitive….outside of a few select seasons that is the whole tradition of IU football….Currently, I do not see any end in site…even if they would luck out against Purdue….I still see the same old IU.

  5. Now getting Purdue game on Comcast 692 even with the digital adapter. Just took a little time for it to come on. IU remains on 64 in Bloomington near campus.

  6. Bring Back Bill Lynch! This Wilson Guys a Clown. I hope Crean brings it this year. I’m tired of this downward spiral happening in Indiana Sports.

  7. Embarrassing. When are we going to submit our application to D2 college football so we can finally get a W. We don’t belong in D1

  8. I actually think IU has taken a step backward with Wilson from Lynch. We used to compete and win some games with the hope of being bowl eligible. Now, most people don’t even consider Indiana a D-1 level football program. If you look at the recruits coming, how can any reasonable person who follows college football think IU will get any better? I love IU, but I’m realistic too. If they get embarrassed by Purdue too, you can bet it will be a struggle to get more than 10k IU fans in the stands for next years home games.

  9. There are many reasons for our lackluster football program, but one of the big ones is that we have fired coaches too quickly. The guy has basically dismantled the program and is building it, his way, from the ground up. In the end, he may fail. But, for the present time, and really for about two more years at least, I dont see the benefit of putting heat on him. We’re just as well to give him time and see what happens.

  10. ^ Can somebody relay Wisco’s message to Coach Wilson and the IU Athletic Department? Please. Maybe then they will think of another catchy phrase instead of “Win Today!” for the ads. How about: “Stink Today, Win Tomorrow!”

  11. The young guys on offense give me hope, but it does feel a lot like Cam Cameron’s days as head coach. Big talk of changing the culture from a guy that’s never been in charge. Hey Coach Wilson, you didn’t inherit a team coming off the death penalty, and the facilities are now top notch. Win today? How about “get a three and out today”. How about “tackle someone today”?

  12. It all started with that Husky Tom guy that wouldn’t shut up on the blogs with his “FIRE LYNCH NOW!” constant campaigning.
    And then we had Tsao’s manifesto proclaiming in 50,000 words per week that Wilson coming to IU was a godsend of unmatched proportion only rivaled by the invention of instant butterscotch Jello brand pudding.

    The geniuses sure seem silent of late.

  13. Wisco (Chet as well) seem to be the only two still using their heads. Coach Wilson has basically taken the program down to root level and is doing the only thing that makes any sense whatsoever…start all over from seed.

    I clearly remember thinking 3-4 years ago, “…too bad we don’t play Michigan State…”, they seemed to be that bad and wondering how long the MSU coach, Mark D’Antonio would last. If any of you can recall today’s MSU game, D’Antonio was facing and doing what coach Wilson is facing and undertaking now (only the MSU coach was in better shape than us at the early stages). In his first year D’Antonio he was 1-10.

    Today, the BTN also did a feature on Barry Alvarez who took over a Wisconsin program just as pathetic and just as impotent as the Hoosiers. He, then a successful top assistant, had to take his first Badgers team through through his own 1-10 first season. Few can touch Wisconsin today, after Alvarez passed the program off to his own top assistant. A similar story is true of Bill Mallory’s first couple of seasons here, IU’s only consistently winning years since WWII.

    IU has played this year with what is, realistically, a freshman team (6-9 months the players were high school kids whose voice was still cracking)against grown men, some of whom are getting ready to play in the NFL. The Big Ten hesitated a long time before allowing freshmen to play because the physical difference between men and boys is just that great. The Hoosiers need to go through this process if we are serious about creating a new culture.

    I understand, if we were mediocre it would be an improvement. But, if where I think we are is that we have identified someone who can teach us to compete, something we don’t know much about in football. I think, from all I’ve been able to see about his achievements as a coach, the school (in a tradition sense)he comes from he is the type of inspired, able and hardened individual we hope is around when a group of weak individuals needs to draw strength from a leader because it is nearly impossible it come from within. There are many hurdles Wilson faces, none greater than the fact that s a group (as frequently evidenced by many of the posts in this blog) we, the IU football fan community, are that weak.

    Since I want to live to enjoy the Hoosiers as a tough, respected, even feared football program, I’ll wait. Something I’ve seen before in strong leaders tells me that Wilson has a measure on the problem, has the vision and the character; and is strong enough to conquer it.

    In the meantime, I’ll stand aside. Other than my musings for entertainment purposes here, I’ll let him select talent and coach. I think there is nothing I can teach Wilson about coaching football or how to make a winner. Like with most IU fans, we don’t have a whole lot of experience at it.

  14. TTG, in addition to being a long-winded blowhard, you’re a liar. DANTONIO WAS NEVER 1-10. His first year at MSU, 2007, he was 7-6 and they went bowling. Nice try tho.

  15. What did Kevin Wilson inherit?

    He inherited a program that has had maybe 10 decent seasons out of over 120, with probably only 5 of those being Top 25 teams. He inherited a program that hasn’t been ranked in 17 years. He inherited a program that has been the doormat of its conference as long as anyone can remember. He inherited a program that has been such a disappointment for such a long time, most students don’t bother to go to games and has lost generations of fans to more successful teams. He inherited a program that has vastly inferior talent than even the middle-of-the-pack teams in its league. He inherited a program that has never won 10 games in a season. As a matter of fact, this program has averaged taking about 3 seasons to win 10 games, or every 6 seasons if we’re talking conference games. He inherited a program that is regularly blown out by its arch rival, who holds a lead on the series of about 2-to-1. His program’s stadium is regularly taken over by other teams and their fans and mocked, laughed at and embarrassed. His program has stiff competition from elite programs to recruit the best kids in the state and is located in a state that traditionally does not have a lot of football talent. His program has to manufacture tradition. His program has to employ carnival gimmickry to try to sell tickets. He inherited a program who has defeated Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State, the elite of the league, about 5 times in the past 50 years. Yeah, that’d be approximately 5-105 or so. And I’ll leave it to the reader to guess how many of his program’s approximately 105 losses to those teams in that time were close games or absolute thrashings. The program he inherited has a reputation far and wide of being a gimme win for most teams in the conference. The stadium he inherited is one of the smallest in the league and is still rarely full, at least of its own fans. Not only do many IU fans become ambivalent, give up, find another team, or tune out until the day we’re worth watching, but also it’s often embarrassing to even talk about it. The program he inherited has basically had anomaly years of high achieving in 1945 and 1967, one sustained period of decent success from 1986-1994 and a mediocre team that had a nice year and a sentimental achievement a couple of years ago. Most of the rest has been failure. Often dismal failure. The program Kevin Wilson inherited is regarded as one of the worst, if not the worst, football programs in the country, certainly among BCS conferences.

    I could go on. While, yes, we are worse this year and that’s disappointing, I think expectations around here sometimes are a little crazy. The reason this program is a failure is because it always has been a failure. That is a very difficult thing to change. Similarly- and this shows how absurd it is to even compare the two- IU basketball went through an unprecedented debacle and had some down time but looks like it will recover nicely due to landing major talent. Talent that most schools, even some in our league, only dream of. On the flip side, in football we are the have-nots.

    I’m not saying this must be. I’m saying that beyond a few brief moments in time, it has been this way for over 120 years. Thus, really changing the program is going to take more than 1 season. And obviously with graduation (Chappell was huge for this team the past couple years) and the attrition of a coaching change being more than usual, he has decided to start by building his own foundation. 

    This isn’t about defending him. I want us to be successful more than anyone, but I don’t have any reason to stick up for him. He might be an utter failure as a head coach. But I guarantee we will always be a failure if we continue to fire coaches every other year.

    When people start crying, I can’t help but think, ‘what did you expect?’  Especially with an unknown brand new QB, among other things, I think the common thought was we’d win 3-5 games this year. We won 1. Maybe (doubtful, but screw Purdue) we’ll win 2. And this was with a coach taking a stand for people not following team rules, something that usually seems important around IU. It became clear at some point that he decided to get young players experience for the future. And, for what it’s worth, some Schembechler-Knight-Lombardi-Gen. Patton-Christ hybrid likely would not have won more than 4-5 games. I don’t know what it is about sports fans, and it seems like IU fans are particularly susceptible to this (maybe RMK’s influence and always getting the most out of sometimes slightly inferior players), but coaches can only do so much, you have to have the horses. Coaches often get too much credit when they win and too much grief when they lose. And, for what it’s worth, the hoops team would’ve sucked under Knight or anyone else these past couple years, for that reason.

    We are not just hiring a new coach like OSU is contemplating doing as we speak. Or even, sadly, Purdue transitioning to Hope. Or any average, middle of the pack team hiring a new coach. We are historically one of the worst programs in major college football. Fan support is weak. Money is a problem. Facilities are much better and should help, but came 10-20 years late. Competition is brutal, part of why it’s always been so hard to climb up. Recruiting competition is even more brutal. The list goes on.

    All I’m sayin is, if we want someone to build a legitimate Big Ten football team that can sustain success over a period of time and be relevant in the league and possibly beyond, we have got to invest in facilities and coaches and give them the time and opportunity to do it their way.  Best case scenario, we get what we want. Worst case, at some point we decide to try to find someone who, uh, likes a challenge, and we try again. But this changing direction every other year and having unreasonable expectations and second-guessing every detail is just ludicrous. 

    Besides, what do we have to lose?

  16. Tsao TsuG, I know this is just an internet message board, but you’d think you would at least use it to get you facts correct. Dantonio has never had a 1-10 season as a head coach, so quit pulling statistics out of your @$$ and stating them as facts.

    2007 Michigan State 7–6 3–5
    2008 Michigan State 9–4 6–2
    2009 Michigan State 6–7 4–4
    2010 Michigan State 11–2 7–1
    2011 Michigan State 9–2 6–1

    Are you still wondering how long Dantonio is going to last at Michigan State? All indications are he will be there longer than Wilson.

    Five years ago we kicked Sparty’s butt 46-21, and from the looks of it it will be a long time before we get to the level required to ever do it again.

    This is Wilson’s team and he is solely responsible for the product on the field. He was the one who decided to destroy this team, thinking it was better to not use what little talent we had on this team in the junior and senior classes and play underdeveloped and over matched underclassmen. If he had indicated this was his objective when he first arrived I would not have purchased season tickets. His “Win Today” motto actually had me believing that that was his intent. Now we have all learned that his “Win Today” mantra was nonspecific as to what day he planned to win. It certainly hasn’t been Saturday’s from September through November.

    I am very disappointed in the coaching exhibited by Wilson and his staff so far.

  17. That sounds like a ‘you’ problem. I expected 3 wins but, once I saw the shakeup, I realized he was in it for the long haul. Be better next, then the year after, and so on, I”l be happy. Shoot, if he wins one more game each year and eleven years from now we’re 12-0 I’ll be ecstatic.

  18. Hep was the perfect guy to lead IU, and Mallory was a great fit too. The formula is simple, find a winning head coach from the mac or other similar conference and hire him and his proven team to take over. But Glass wanted to hit a home run, so he got a “football guy” from a “football school” (gee whiz, he’s from Oklahoma!). Who knows if he will succeed, hope he does, but the biggest culture change needed is IU being viewed in football as structurally inferior. If Northwestern can become a top tier program, anyone can. Purdue has the same issues, but Tiller built a great program. Iowa and Nebraska aren’t exactly recruiting hotbeds, but that’s never even mentioned. The haves and have nots have never been closer in talent, it’s time to expect more than slogans and coordinator resumes…..

  19. We’ve been ‘waitingforwins’ for 20 years. Prolly longer. So, don’t cry about your season tickets. Sorry.

    Heaven forbid that Glass wanted to hit a home run, i.e., do his job. Everyone praises Mallory because he’s the only person to take an us to more than one bowl game, but let’s not forget he finished the way he started, winning (I think) 3 games in his final two years. Hep was awesome, may he R.I.P., but I think if we are honest with ourselves, we’d have to say it’s an unknown whether Hep would’ve worked out. Yes, he was awesome and there was a lot of progress, but there was also a long way to go.

    Insinuating Nebraska is a have-not like we are simply takes credibility away from the portions of what you said that have merit. Yes, we oughta be able to be similar to PU and NW, but we aren’t currently. Both of them have been competitive and even damn good a few times since 1995. And, this coordinator resume, I think most ‘talking heads’ would call this the best IU hire yet, certainly better than a washed-up XFL coach and middle-aged MAC coaches. There’s one reason we’ve always been what we are: we settle for MAC coaches, pay them MAC salaries, get MAC players, have MAC facilities (until recently) and expect Big Ten results. One of the biggest culture change problems isn’t changing that we are viewed as structurally inferior, but actually not being structurally inferior.

    And as far as Wilson blowing up the program. I’m surprised that people don’t stand by Wilson for having enough integrity to enforce team rules on everyone. I find this especially surprising after Belcher and someone still on the team (Beckum I believe) said Wilson did the right thing. I know that there were other losses for perhaps other reasons, but in this crowd especially, I’m surprised people don’t support a coach who is trying to get control of a program his way. And has this been a problem? Doesn’t seem like a big one, but I do find it odd that Lewis, Hardy and Belcher all had chips on their shoulders like Heisman candidates, even though they probably wouldn’t have been recognized outside of town. Seems that Belcher’s departure had to do with him thinking we can’t live without him. And yes, we are worse without him, but his presence wouldn’t have translated to another win. 

    It just seems odd to me that people think you can ‘coach’ nothing into something. And, that IU football fans, who’ve really never had anything, seem so quick to demand the world.

    And, finally, to say this is solely Wilson’s fault. As William Faulkner put it, “The past is never dead. In fact, it’s not even past.” 

  20. IUKoolAid lol, I like your new motto: “tackle someone today!” Billy Lynch is in his office up at Butler right now hanging up a “Win Today!” poster on his office door.

    If IU finds a way to win against Purdue, I think that will at least give fans something to look forward to next year, or maybe Gunner Kiel deciding to come back to IU.

  21. I find it funny that some people seem to think successful head coaches came out of the womb as head coaches. They were all assistants at some point.

  22. Assistants can be great head coaches, Wilson has a great position coach resume, and might be great. But 7 years for a guy that’s never been a head coach? We won’t know for awhile, but it sure would be easier to be patient if we could look at a prior record and see that he’s done it before. But hey, we’re still IU, got to admit, if we beat Purdue, I’m thinking all those freshmen will getting bigger/stronger, and I’ll be back at the rock in 2012….

  23. Wilson’s decision to come to IU and immediately to start proclaiming left and right: “Win Today! Win Today!” shows just how little he was prepared in taking this head coaching position… Maybe he’s a good coach, maybe he’s a bad one, it’s going to be harder and harder to find out because the years to come will be under the sign of his poorly chosen words made as first year coach in Bloomington. How do you reconcile the stridency of “Win Today!” with the reality of his record: 1-10. Only by saying: the man is out of touch, out of mind or both.

  24. I’d say the 7 year contract is likely to show stability to recruits and others, and perhaps also in recognition of the fact that Wilson is risking his career (like him or not, many pundits view him as an up-and-coming head coach) by coming here. Not to mention, we can always get out of a contract, or extend it.

    And, Tom, great to see you. I had forgotten about you. You’re one of the reasons I stopped posting on this site. Thank you for re-appearing and reminding me to find something else to do.

    Granted, maybe he’d like to take it back now, but holding Wilson to some stupid marketing gimmick/slogan is beyond absurd. I can remember one of Mallory’s final seasons the posters said “Expect to Win”, Cam Cameron had “Keys to Victory”, DiNardo was welcomed to Bloomington with a sign that read, “Welcome to Bloomington Coach DiNardo. The Football Capital of Indiana.” I’m sure there are many other examples within IU football and beyond. And, I also interpreted the slogan to mean win today’s practice, class, etc, etc. Which, who knows, maybe they didn’t win those days either. In any case, to take a stupid slogan so literal shows that it’s likely impossible to have a reasonable discussion with you. Would you have preferred: “Clean house, play for the future and win in 2012.”?

  25. Anyone who thinks there isn’t a coaching problem has lost their marbles. Same for anyone who thought that IU was going to be competitive in one season. Like it or not, all we fans can do is hope that KW figures it out.

  26. True. Really, coming to IU is like not coming to, let’s say, Colorado State, and planning on putting together a program. It’s more like Mother Theresa coming and saying she’s gonna feed everyone. Let’s give her a chance. We’ve been hungry for along time.

    I think he’ll do OK. But we won’t know for a few years. Anyone who thinks Bill Lynch was leading us to glory is an idiot.

  27. If IU is to succeed, it needs a head coach who isn’t publicly falling down drunk repeatedly. At IU, a coach isn’t going to get enough time to make the program a winner if he is a public drunk and he treats alumni and donors poorly.

  28. And anyone who compares Kevin Wilson to Mother Theresa is an even bigger idiot. 😀 Mother Theresa feeding the hungry and yelling: “Ribs Today!” or even “Pancakes Today!” — what an image… Way to go Chet!

    If you want a good comparison you could compare Crean with Jesus, or (even better) Sark with the Pope. That would be fine… But Kevin Wilson feeding the hungry is just near damn impossible: ask JPat.

    Take it easy man. Go Hoosiers! Harvard: you rule.

  29. My mistake, somehow I thought I had heard the commentator say Dantonio (I had also stuck an apostrophe in his name) had only won one game his first year at MSU. I was wrong, the reference was to Barry Alvarez at Wisconsin. I should have checked…but, luckily, no one died. My mistake.

    Nevertheless, the rest of my statement stands. I simply feel Wilson will get his arms around the problem. And, I expect he’ll take a good look not only at his defense and the defenders, but will probably take a look at his own staff’s performance there. The point, I prefer to let him do the coaching, selecting and monitoring his staff and selecting the players to be recruited.

    Between those who were screaming for his head after the first pancake breakfast and Wilson, I’ll stay with CKW rather than the losers whose support is fundamentally the reason IU football finds itself where it is. No, not everything is good or solid, but I do trust Wilson’s integrity, strength and ideas.

    Again, sorry about the mistake in regards to Dantonio’s record.

  30. I agree with Wisco. Ted what are you talking about? There is something malicious- viciously so- about throwing charges like this around.

    For what? It is one thing to complain about a style of football, question coaching philosophies, analyze and criticize decision making. You are questioning the character of a decent man, his personal habits, and making completely unsupported statement that could affect his career, his life and that of his family’s… What kind of a virus are you?

    I suspect you are one big piece of ****, a morally and ethically broken down low life. Mostly, I hope no one confuses you with a real Hoosier. I suspect there are many others out there who may disagree with me on a thousands issues we discuss here, but agree with me on this one.

  31. Wisco…really do hope you stay on this blog site. Your insights, comments and analysis are excellent and needed here. I understand how frustrating the negativity inbred in many of the comments, but I’ll bet three are others besides me who actually enjoy thinking about this process and enjoy your comments as a positive from being an IU fan.

    Hope you stay with.

  32. Thanks. I read the blog all the time. Best place for IU sports news. But, yeah, some time ago I got sick of 4guards and Husky (oh, and I’ve realized the HT I replied to is an impersonation) and just the general immaturity and attacking, etc. Anyway, we’ll see. POTFB.

  33. I have a few suspicious thoughts for the naysayers, contrast this; intensity of Coach Wilson’s practice sessions(pre-seasosn and in-season)to those of Coach Lynch. Yes I know CW’s are closed to the public(cultural changes can be brutal to the eyes of a naysayers faint heart). So the initial differences have to be analyzed by the number of players who could not handle the Win Today attitude. Oh by the way that means the ones no longer on the team. Realistically the only thing I fault Coach Wilson for is it took him 2 games into the season to make a move to weed out the remaining personnel who did not deserve owning the use of an IU FB scholarship. Yep life is a bitch, especially for an under performing D1 FB player at an under performing program with a new staff who’ve hailed from loftier levels. Stay tuned most likely more attrition to come. But naysayers being self anointed experts their criticism will continue until a level of success of the program is reached at which time another self anointing will occur and the naysayers will become like the rest of us, steadfast, lifelong fans.

  34. I don’t think CW is a bad coach. He knows more about football than I do, but I guess I didn’t see a 1-10 record coming. I thought at worst we would win 3 games. The players and coaches seemed to have such high spirited attitudes which I was sure would transition nicely into Saturday play. Unfortunately that has not happened. With that said, I don’t care for all the negative comments about Bill Lynch. I don’t know him nor have ever met him, but think he deserves some respect for having coached in the state of Indiana for so long. He always appeared to be a true Hoosier to me. I loved it when he would lose it on the sidelines. He wanted IU to win more than anyone. Lastly, IU must beat Purdue this Saturday. I don’t care who the coach is. The team and fans need to end this horrible season on a high note.

  35. Ted,

    Making statements that you have about CKW, you better have verifiable proof, otherwise you need to shut up. If this is inside information that you personally know I would still recommend that you don’t share it as you are attacking a man and his character without providing any factual basis.

    Hoosier Clarion,
    So every nonperforming recruit needs to get the boot? You want IU to become like one of those SEC schools that take scholarships away from kids because they don’t crack the starting lineup after a year or two?

    Good luck with that because it will only drive our rather poor recruiting further into the ground. Do you think a recruit wants to risk accepting an offer from a perennial loser, only to get it pulled after a season or two if he is not making significant contribution to the program?

    I hope Wilson becomes the greatest IU football coach in the programs history, but he’s not doing himself any favors by being 1-10 and trying to persuade a talented recruit to come here because of what he did at Oklahoma. Recruits are only going to care what he’s doing at IU and so far the returns are disappointing.

  36. I don’t think the uncorroborated rumors of alcohol abuse are responsible or mature, and they are likely untrue.

    But, let’s be honest: hasn’t IU football driven everyone to drink over the years?

  37. We’re all disappointed by another terrible FB season. I admit to believing, at the beginning of the season that IU would win more than one or two games this year. But none of us expected IU to go to a bowl game in Wilson’s first year, so it was going to be another losing season, one way or the other. After the North Texas debacle, my expectations were adjusted to IU not getting humiliated on national T.V. and maybe beating Purdue.

    While disappointed, I feel a lot better about IU football at this stage in this season than I did last year when IU had already won more games. That’s because I believe we have a coaching staff that is capable of leading IU FB to success. That’s not to say they will, but I believe they’re capable of doing that.

    I believe IU will be an improved team next year. It starts with a QB that will have significant experience under his belt and a full spring session to refine his mastery of the offense. It is supported by the fact that IU is going to bring in a very large class of recruits, most of which, if not all, will be better FB players than those players departing the program. These recruits are, on paper at least, bigger and more highly rated players. And I like the healthy dose of JUCO players coming in to provide immediate help for the defense. And lastly, I like the fact that our head coach did not take short-cuts in an attempt to win a game. He has stayed true to his principles. That may have cost him a win or two this year and a beating amongst the Hoosier faithful, but it’s a sacrifice I believe was necessary to build something bigger and better for the long-term good.

  38. Wisco. That’s pretty funny, but we’re not good enough to be driven to drink, it’s self imposed. So, uh, uncorroborated? Really?

  39. waitingforwins,

    My answer to your initial question is, exactly.

    To your 2nd query my reply is, yes.

    For #3, faint hearts such as yours need not apply.

    Study some history and see how many Mallory ran off during his first season and a half. The hiring of Coach Wilson to invest this philosophy into the program will allow you to change your screen name. Your comments represent the culture that is being changed.

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