1. Go Hoosiers. Proud that my new jersey girl daughter is a freshman there. Don’t know much about b’ball but I’m learning from you guys! Final four???? Indulge me. I work in NYC!

  2. Wow…just..wow. Thought we were a goner for sure after being 7 down and Verdell doing his best Rex Grossman imitation…


  3. Hoosier Mom; welcome to the site and congratulations on your daughter attending IU. I hope she has a wonderful college experience. As for basketball, the passion that we Hoosiers have about basketball is something you have to witness in order to believe it. I hope you get a chance to attend an IU game in Bloomington, surrounded by the best basketball fans on earth! I assure you you’ll remember the experience.

  4. Great win tonight for the Hoosiers!!! VJIII needs to dribble less, but it was a great team effort. 7-0 baby!!

  5. WOW!!! Best I think Indiana has played since they beat Duke in 2002.I think Watford is really starting to come around..Jones I don’t think will ever come around.Hull’s played great and what a 3 toward’s the end of the game!!Coach Crean made every right decision..Remy gave some great minute’s and Pritchard did what he had to do.VO was awesome…look’s like Isiah out there and Zeller…well let’s hope we keep him for 4 year’s.Will played a good game…I think Indiana served notice to the nation tonight that we are on our way back.Very young and will lose some game’s we should win and win some game’s we should lose..but tonight was awesome.Don’t overlook Stetson just to get to Kentucky…but to beat Kentucky…

  6. I really like CTC but his love affair with VJIII has got to end. We could have won this one by at least 20. Jordy never ceases to amaze. Whenever we need a basket…BOOM. Vic and Will…outstanding. CW had his moments. CZ was great but didn’t have to be the whole show. TP really provided some great minutes.
    With the exception of leaving Verdell in FOREVER CTC had a really nice rotation.
    I feel bad because I’m a very positive fan but the Verdell experiment has has its run. He can be a valuable contributor coming off the bench but he needs to understand that he is a complimentary player, not a key scorer.

  7. Gary Harris are you kidding me?? Did you watch this game…why would he not want to be apart of this??

  8. Abell really played well tonight and is establishing himself as the best of this freshman class. He will be able to contribute this year and make a difference as a freshman. I think Watford may have started to see the writing on the wall with WS and VO playing so well. If he continues to play like this and improve, he will be a difference maker. Great Win! The last two years this team would have folded after giving up the lead like they did at the end of the first half. They hung in there and use the defense to make the comeback.

  9. Tonight, I saw the major improvement in IU’s rebounding. But I was most impressed with IU’s poise. I never saw them get rattled tonight, and that was huge. They’d give up the lead and just work harder to recapture it. In fact, NCS lost their poise in the game, as if they could not believe the refs would dare to call a foul on their star shooter in the last five minutes. NCS lost their poise while IU kept their focus. Then IU finished the game with an exclamation point. Beautiful. HUGE IMPROVEMENT!

    When CZ puts on 20 pounds in muscle, he’ll be unstoppable. He plays well beyond his years and is better than advertised. He was a great recruit and makes a huge difference.

    Chet, I respect your posts and agree with many of your comments, but I don’t agree with your comments about VJ. He does some things I can’t stand to watch, but I don’t see anyone else on the team replacing his minutes. He has improved since last year, so hopefully he will continue to improve. Back in the day, I could not stand to watch Dan D play. Every time he was on the floor he made me want to cover my eyes. That continued until I saw Bobby Knight explain the value of the many things that Dan was doing for the team, most of which I had not considered. Given the improvement I’ve seen with the team this year, I have to give TC the benefit of the doubt about his choice to play VJ as much as he is.

    After tonight’s win, Michigan’s recent losses and the news about Minnesota’s star going down for the year, I might have to adjust my prediction of IU going 17 – 15 this year. Tonight they showed that they are better than most people, myself included, thought they’d be. Great win.

  10. Welcome to the darkside you VJ haters. J/K
    I’ve said it for a year and a half. It seems every crucial play, there was a crucial turnover, by VJ. I know he can still be valuble, but…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………We need to salvage somtething out of Watfords heigth. The kid busted a big shot tonight. Is it me or does he just not realize there is a game going on around him? He seems lost on D. Real slow with help. I want him to do well.
    Good job Hoosiers, good job Big Ten.

  11. Jones sucks. Pritchard is awful. Coach needs to cut ties with these two dumba**es. My evidence: coach took those two homers out with four minutes left and look what happened…IU started rolling again. Give Remy Jones’ minutes and Elston Pritchard’s minutes. Good win, but it took awhile to get there. Still some imprvements to make (i.e. blocking out).

  12. Podunker, I understand. He has improved. Sometimes it takes an unbiased eye. My wife (no expert) watched for ten minutes and asked “Why is that guy on the floor”. Granted, an unbiased eye of a novice is not where you go for advice, but even she saw his failings. He is ‘below the level of team competence’. How’s that for a stat?
    He’s playing worse than the people who would be playing if he were not on the floor. That’s the deal. He can be a GREAT contributor. BUT, he thinks he needs to be a primary scorer. He doesn’t have the skills. They need to put him in a position to contribute

  13. …forgot to finish. Remy looked really good. But…”the best in the class”? CZ is in the same class. He’s kinda better.

  14. Vj needs to really stop with his dribble drive. What a game for CZ who was fouled alot! Im still not sold on the intentional foul on vic but considering we got alot of bad calls i’ll take it. This is a much tougher team! Last three years down 7 I know it’s over. CZ is a an all around very good player who will score alot more when we get a pg who can get him the ball on time.

  15. Thanks to Coach for coming in and doing all he has to clean this IU program up and turn it around.

    For the last 3 years his teams have hustled and played very hard despite being short-handed and taking their lumps. Now they have grown up, added some talent, assumed their roles(for the most part), and they still play very hard! What a pleasure to see the kids on the bench all cheering at the end! They’ve bought in to the plan and appear to play for each other. Leadership is beginning to appear.

    Certainly there is still improvement to be made. We’ll have some disappointments too along the way. But I’m glad I’ve got my tickets. I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

    I’m proud of the effort that went into this the last 3 years. Keep it going Hoosiers!

  16. I do have to say ctc subs way to early for me. We got up 10 or 12 early and he pulls two or three starters off the floor. Does anyone know why he does this? If we get in foul trouble I get it or the other coach subbing but that wasn’t the case tonight. We had a dd lead and when we subbed it vanished. Other than that great job by ctc. They really improved on the glass in the 2nd half also. Thank god!!

  17. Chet…
    “CZ is in the same class. He’s kinda better.” That has to be the kindest rebuttal I have read on here ! I got a good chuckle out of that.

  18. I see one (only one) more performance like that out of Hulls and I will have to put him way up on that list of PG’s (from the earlier post) and a definite candidate for 3rd team all-B1G. I don’t see Taylor not getting first team and I sorta assume Craft will get second team since OSU will be a top 5 team all year. But that was a downright ballsy performance. Not only did he make all his FT’s, all the big shots, and steady the team, but he had longer, taller, more athletic defenders on him all night and still thrived. I thought he even did a decent job on D.

    Zeller is a friggin man already. He is already the best big man I can ever remember IU having. DJ doesn’t hold a candle to his skill level or bball IQ. Jeffries wasn’t a true big. Who else is there to even consider since 1980 (about as far back as I can summon a memory)… Garrett? Uwe? Who am I missing? Newton? Killingsworth? OHHHH, I figured it out – Alan Henderson, as a senior, was better than Zeller is as a freshman. But Zeller’s ceiling is so much higher, because of his clear understanding of how to play.

    It’s great to finally be the hammer and not the nail. I am sure we’ll have that feeling a couple times this year, but now we actually have a few athletes to assert the pressure on D, instead of constantly being the ones under distress.

    So proud to be a Hoosier tonight!

  19. Laffy, IU did a very solid job down the stretch of holding NCS to one shot. Sure there were 18 offensive rebounds, including a big one on a missed FT to cut it to 3, but NCS is a taller, more athletic team, whose bigs are stronger, bouncier, and/or more experienced than ours. They certainly seemed to have more of them.

    So I’ll take getting out-rebounded by ONLY 3… that’s right… 40-37 on the boards. That is not getting “killed”.

    After looking at the stats I couldn’t help but notice… How was it that Jones only had 3 TO’s? I felt like every time he touched the ball he was giving it up. I was starting to get sick… Did the stat guy start feeling bad for VJ and giving his turnovers to other players? Gross.

  20. Most won’t remember but IU had a center years ago who averaged 15.5 rebounds and 20.5 points a game….. Walt Bellamy. Zeller’s IQ may be better but Walt’s game was more physical. He owned the back board and holds most of the rebounding records and played just 3 seasons. Back then Freshman could not play.

  21. Cody Freakin Zeller, FREAKENSTEIN !
    Bellamy was just before my time. Didn’t get to see him play in person. I know he was a beast. But, I have to say, Zeller is the best center I’ve seen play for IU, in my life time. He’s just the total package.

  22. Yeah, I know the name, but he certainly pre-dates me…

    I could see Zeller owning a few records if he decides to stay. No one puts up rebounding numbers like that anymore – the game has changed too much and there are just too many long, athletic players who can rebound out of area.

    I want to enjoy this season and not look ahead, but it is kinda exciting to think what a Perea/Zeller front line can accomplish.

    Does anyone think that Jurkin will be able to provide back up minutes to Zeller next year, or is he a total project? Could he end up anything like Henson? I see him in highlights and it’s so tough to tell. I do like the way he keeps the ball high on offensive rebounds.

  23. The thin forward/center Henson for Carolina ? I thought the same thing watching the Wisky game. I would say thats a fair comparison.

  24. Laffy I said they improved on the boards in the second half. In the first half we got killed but im sure ctc let everyone know to get aggresive on the boards. Geoff from what i’ve read on Jurkin he’s a great shot blocker and rebounder but has no offensive game yet. Im sure he gets a ton of put backs now but in the b10 is a different story. Alot of people (doug gottlieb) said the intentional foul was a horrible call. I clearly after seeing the replay saw two fouls on the play. We were up 4 at the time and vic was going to the line anyway so im sure we still would have won the game.

  25. Podunker I can honestly say your the first iu fan i’ve ever heard say that. I understand no one being able to fill his minutes and that might be true but this kid is a turnover machine and everyone knows (especially knight) that turnovers kill your offense! I was to young to remember dd but im sure he didn’t turn the ball over like vj.

  26. Hoosierfaninky, I have sometimes questioned Crean’s abundant substitutions as well. I particularly didn’t understand why Zeller wasn’t in on the last possession of the first half when we gave up a basket. He changes our whole defense by allowing the perimeter players to pressure more knowing he’s back there as a back stop.

    But, down the stretch, IU definitely was fresher and had the quicker feet and more energy across the board, as evidenced by our big run the last 7 minutes and 10-0 run the last 1:38.

    So, I’d say those substitutions serve two purposes: 1)keep the defense off balance by not allowing defenders to get used to guarding any one player or lineup for a long period of time; and 2)wear down the opponent by keeping players fresh. That’s what depth does for you.

    At least that’s how I see it.

  27. As Chet has stated above before the season is over RA is going to play more using somebody’s minutes and it won’t be Hull’s, VO’s or Will’s with the exception of injury or foul trouble. Only 1 possibility left on the list. If the season truly becomes 1 of over achievement Coach Crean is going to turn up the dial of the potentiometer for performance and that means the best performers play the most minutes. I do not see the performance line and the skill line on Jones graph intersecting at a higher point than the 4 players mentioned above. At the least he certainly will not garner more minutes in the future than he presently is receiving.

  28. Laffy; IU out rebounded NCS in the second half. Even TC mentioned the improved rebounding as a key to the game. I did not say IU was a great rebounding team, I said they showed “major improvement.” NCS was generally longer and stronger than IU and still IU did well on the boards. They need to get better, and I trust they will, but last night they showed that they have made major improvements.

    Chet, VJ certainly makes too many turnovers. And he needs to continue to improve if he wants to play. But in fairness, at least for last night, their were several occasions where the refs failed to call it when VJ was obviously fouled. VJ does things that drive me crazy too, but until some other player can perform better during extended minutes, my guess is VJ will continue to play.

    Hoosierfaninky; DD made a lot of contributions to his IU teams, and was a good defender, but let’s just say that he was not the guy you wanted handling the ball in critical situations. He was not a turn-over machine because he was not allowed to handle the ball aside from catching it and passing it.

    I’m sure Crean is making it clear to VJ that unless he reduces his turnovers, his minutes will begin to decrease. For the first time since taking the job, Crean now has the depth to use as leverage in helping his players break bad habits. But VJ’s experience and potential for offensive production is not easily replaced.

  29. Nice team effort. I agree that if Verdell continues to turn it over, he needs to sit. The level of talent and expectations has increased this year, so if he cannot rise to the occasion then coach should limit his minutes to others who can control the ball. He’s an upperclassmen now so he should not be surprised if people are critical of his mistakes. Hopefully he’ll be more diligent going forward.

  30. I agree 100% podunker that so far no one can play his minutes. Im sure he will get it figured out. If he would just not drive everytime and give a head fake he can knock that mid range jumper down. Eric im in the same boat as you. It makes me cringe when he pulls them out early but so far it’s paid off twice in a row so im going to just shut my pie hole!

  31. I am not defending VJ. He has given his best effort on the court for bad teams. He did not sneak under the radar, the radar does not go that low, he went to high school in Champaign, so that should tell you something. He came to IU and has given his best effort. Whether he loses playing time or not, is not important. What is important is that he appears to be a gentleman and hopefully a student.

    I realize that this is blog so anything goes but I believe VJ should be appreciated and respected. I know that I could not play in the B10, how about you?

  32. I can’t play in the B10 either but Will and VO can.

    As Sophomores Will and VO #’s – ppg 12+, % .500+, TO’s doz. ea., rpg WS 3.3 VO 5.1

    As a Senior VJ #’s – ppg 9, % <.450, TO's 19 (he does have more assists as TO's would indicate) rpg 3.1

    With this benchmark having longevity Coach Crean's decision will be all but done by B10 opening.

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