1. Told ya you folks didn’t give Chattanooga enough credit. Evansville didn’t have an answer for anything. We could have easily won by 40. Other than getting sloppy at the end there wasn’t much to complain about. CWat and VJIII even looked pretty good.

  2. I had a meeting, only listened to second half. Sounds like IU kicked some a$$. Did they look really good, or was Evansville just bad?

  3. I am betwixt and between. Is the U of E that weak or is IU that good? I believe 4 on 5 would have won that game tonight.

  4. The team blossoms with Hulls at the point.

    Other than a couple instances of biting on head/pump fakes on defense, Zeller sure looked impressive. He may have been tiring a bit toward the latter part of the second half. I love his “all business” attitude on the floor…very poised and disciplined young man.

    Hoosiers really appeared sharp in the first 10 minutes. Nice to see Watford hitting his bombs and Elston gaining confidence. Should be interesting. Don’t want to get the hopes too high over semi-cupcakes, but this team appears to have turned a giant corner. Most of that turning is probably due to the big guy.

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