1. Same old song and dance….Series record is something like Purdue @ 71 wins to MACIU 27 wins and 6 ties….MACIU competed with an average Purdue team at times with the help of some early penalties against Purdue…Now it is time to recruit major college ability level players at almost every position….So the future will move in a positive direction other than the coaching staff salaries…

  2. The commentators had an interesting statistic. Eighty-six percent of the IU roster was freshmen or sophomores. If Notre Dame fielded a team with 86% freshmen and sophomores they’d be lucky to win three games.

  3. 86% freshman and sophomores are just fools gold if they possess limited ability or potential that is not major college material. Underclassmen will get better and better has been MACIU’s history that has usually produced loosing results. I agree they will get better but the question is how much better. Instead of getting beat by 4 or 5 touchdowns you get beat by 2 or 3 touchdowns…that’s better….but still a loss.

  4. Well, I suppose that is one point of view. If that is your point of view, what kind of masochistic behavior would cause you to post here?

  5. I sort of side with “t”. I’ve been doing some analysis for fun and and I’ve found using recruiting rankings (rivals) is a decent predictor for wins. I’ve not matched this up via positions for teams head to head, but just going by class recruiting, it’s not bad at gauging how teams will perform. Goal figure. I’m not taking anything away from the current players and 2012 recruits, but I’m just not seeing IU do anything but maybe win 5 games tops. Maybe we schedule some nice cupcakes and go 4-0 in future years, but we will likely win 1 game at best in B1G. I support IU football, but the fact is, unless Wilson can recruit players better than the ones Hep/Lynch were getting, we won’t do any better than we always have been. Lets be realistic. Recruiting is key. You find someone who can recruit 4star players to IU and we have found our coach. If you can’t do that, forget about having success in football.

  6. I can’t imagine that KW will not recruit better players. BL was recruiting the same guys he had (and lost with) at Ball State. KW may not bring in Oklahoma caliber players across the board but that’s who he’s gonna target. BL had nothing to offer kids as far as coaching expertise. KW has can use words like ‘Heisman’ and ‘championships’ when he’s talking coaching.

  7. Good point Chet. I respect the fact that the coaching staff is at least trying to get the best guys. Lets hope we see some competitiveness next year.

  8. KW has can use words like …

    No wonder you like KW… His top ten quotes this season were:

    10. The slowdown is accelerating.
     9. It’s time to swallow the bullet.
     8. It’s time to grab the bull by its tail and look it in the eye.
     7. Here’s the crutch of the matter: …
     6. That was a low blow between the belt.
     5. It’s as easy as falling off a piece of cake.
     4. He’s between a rock and the deep blue sea.
     3. Let dead dogs sleep
     2. And that’s the whole kettle of fish in a nutshell!
     1. That was a very hard blow to swallow.

    Thus ends Indiana’s first season under this tragic “symbiosis between man and maxim”. He’s like Gerry DiNardo. He might also last only three seasons. Here’s hoping we might experience “Win Two” Day before he gets fired. Now we become invincible until August 2012.

  9. I agree with what Lee Corso once said many years ago that the team with the best players win 80% of the time….that is why the football program history continues to display the win/loss record they have….Also that is why the basketball program history displays the win/loss record they have which is a winning tradition.

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