Mbakwe tears ACL, out for the season

Basically every Minneapolis media outlet is reporting that Minnesota forward Trevor Mbakwe has an ACL tear and is done for the season, including the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The Minnesota power forward and preseason All-Big Ten pick suffered the injury in a game against Dayton on Sunday night at the Old Spice Classic. Minnesota was picked by post outlets to finish in the middle of the Big Ten pack and in the general vicinity of Indiana. Mbakwe’s loss could make that more difficult.


  1. That’s really rough. Feel bad for him, the team, Tubby Smith. I like him and generally am okay with the Gophers when they’re not playing IU. Hate to hear this. Hopefully he can get a redshirt.

  2. He was a man child. Obviously we know how it feels to lose such an integral player early on – Creek – it sucks… I feel bad for him/them.

  3. Tubby got treated like crap when he was at Kaintuck. He wasn’t a good fit for UK. They are more comfortable with a cheating sleaze. It’s a matter of familiarity.

  4. Yes Tubby was treated like dirt at UK. I lived in lexington while he was coaching there and everyone from the gas pumper to the elite horse owners hated him mainly because he was black! I know people don’t want to hear that but everyone in and around lexington knows it to be fact. I feel for them because I know awful it felt when Creek went down. You know your seasons over before it began.

  5. And the same could be said for the reasons behind much of the despise for Davis and Sampson and picking a Jesus freak as our coach that is a close friend to Calipari. The NCAA will keep their distance now…We love Catholicism, Christ, and Calipari. How can we go wrong? We’re more untouchable than a Knight chokehold.

  6. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t subjected to the same demonizing attitudes because of bigotry and racial intolerance. Any fair-minded person could recognize the man had his heart in the right place when it came to wanting to help kids that didn’t necessarily come from typical backgrounds. Maybe Calipari is painted as a criminal as a defense mechanism to our narrow- mindedness. It’s easy to call kids flunkies when we are unwilling to see it isn’t a perfect world and athletes don’t necessarily come to the table with the same sets of flawless family values and access to a strong education that a wholesome suburban life might allow for a neighbor on Pleasantville Street to a Jerry Sandusky or a holier-than-thou Tom Crean. Calling them cheats and criminals is so much easier than calling ourselves supremacists and bigots.

  7. Bigotry is alive and well— that’s why there is so much hate for Obama. If CTC spends much more time in the tanning bed– we may see a Michael Jackson in reverse.

  8. Except For Tubby’s situation in K-Tuck bigotry was a secondary product. All Davis was charged to do and BO campaigned he could do was to get the job done. As successes they could have been sky blue pink for Christ sake. Same for Sanctions, he just had to stay clean. His recruiting thugs is another matter. Declaring racism in its self is an issue even when there is none.

  9. I’m sure there were some bigots out there (there always are) who didn’t like Davis or Sampson but they brought themselves down. Davis continually reminded the fans he saw Indiana as a stopover on the way to the NBA and nobody liked that. When he couldn’t produce on the court his own snarkiness did him in. Sampson requires no explanation.

  10. Thanks Chet, your explanation rounded out the corners of mine although I still maintain bigotry charges are shrilled in as many unsubstantiated fairy tales as they are in true circumstances. My experience and training says affirmative action in every case is racism.

  11. Where else can a basic news story about an ACL tear turn to a discussion about affirmative action in 11 posts? Only on the Scoop. As Bill Simmons would say, yup, these are my readers.
    I should say, HC, that whether or not it had anything to do with his eventual demise (the impact probably wasn’t direct, but it’s difficult to put in perspective the psychological impact) Mike Davis did experience confirmed, tangible acts of racism according to several sources, among them Rick Greenspan and Don Fischer. Davis would still tell you that he loves Indiana and feels he owes the program and that he simply wasn’t ready for that job (I wrote a story on this. It was long) and even that the majority of fans were welcoming. But there were letters and e-mails and phone calls that were racist and vicious. There’s no confirmed evidence that there was an element of that within the department, and it obviously isn’t enough to explain his record. But it existed.
    For reference:

  12. Frankly, I’d say that Davis gave a pretty good assessment of the situation. I’m sure he would have liked to have chosen a lot of his words more carefully but, as he said, he wasn’t quite ready for prime time. I’m glad he has a positive take on it. Good for him. I’m truly sorry that he was subjected to the stupidity of a tiny minority of bigots.
    While my own upbringing was probably on the low side of middle class, my parents, particularly my mom, came from abject poverty. My father used to tell me that there was a certain class of people with no redeeming values who provided nothing to society. They realized that they had little to no worth. In order to feel better about themselves they would try to find something that they could cling to, to convince themselves it somehow made them better than someone else. For lack of any real quality they feel upon skin color because it was simple and didn’t tax their little minds.
    Unfortunately, there is still no shortage of little minds It’s a more civilized world than my parents were raised in but things can certainly get better.

  13. DD, The point was if Davis had produced 14-16 more conference W’s nobody would have cared if he was a taupe stripped frog who spoke through his left rear knee. I do not doubt he suffered some biased actions but it was secondary to the criticism of his poor coaching. Underachieving brought on both.

  14. When the SEC first arrived in the 20th century and ‘allowed’ black player on their football teams there was an outcry When the fans realized they could not win without them they quieted down. You can’t do much about bigots (you can’t fix stupid) but most sports fans care more about results than their petty prejudices. The nastiest bigot in Chicago would sell his mother for an evening with Michael Jordan.
    Along with the military, sports has probably done more to promote racial harmony than any other institution

    What was the article about again?

  15. I can be entertained by the idea of this frog who speaks through his knee for days.
    Again, not saying he failed because of racism necessarily. Just saying he faced it, and it wasn’t a fairy tale. I’m not going to try to delve into the psyhchology of racists here, but I’m also not sure that those who were willing to call his office, call him the n-word and threaten his family when he was losing would’ve loved him if he was winning. Maybe they would’ve held their beliefs but stayed silent about it. I don’t know. Regardless, I think we can agree that those sort of threats shouldn’t be a consequence of an NIT trip.

  16. Say what you will about Davis as a coach. Stevens didn’t reload instantly with top talent and it looks like Butler is in for some down years. Is he now a crappy coach that should have stayed in the business world?

    I was at the Sweet 16 game in Lexington when the Hoosiers came from 17 points down to beat #1 Duke. There is no debate in my mind that Davis out-coached the man that is supposed to be at the top of the pedestal in the world of college coaching. Chet, on this very blog, has proclaimed Krzyzewski to be that man. Davis and the Hoosiers Coach K in head-to-head. Davis beat him with team ball and a roster with far fewer All-Americans. Every screaming and obnoxious Dukie, and every U of K fan in Rupp just there to watch the Hoosiers and their “incompetent” Davis get spanked, all believed Indiana would come out of the locker room leaning on Jeffries; thinking he would be their only prayer to get them back into the game. Davis did the opposite. He set up numerous inside plays to free Odle. Odle opened the half with the first five Hoosier buckets and the momentum of the game had turned. I watched a transformed team with a determination in knowing they could win against the best team in the nation because they were all playing a part in the comeback(not just the future NBA player).

    Can Hoosier basketball be resurrected outside of the short term a “savior” recruit or two when the most important credential to play for Tom Crean at our state university is an unwavering duty to Christ? Does history not support how hatred and supremacy can build from secular vision and narrow perceptions that become justified by failures of those we took an open heart and mind? Winning is not so important to me if it exists at IU in a culture of exclusion, bigotry, and labeling those you put little effort in giving hope and direction.

  17. DD, Racism did not cause him to fail. Performance did. Just like every other coach on the big stage. Alford knows about the B10. MD would still be in Bloomington if he had 14-16 more conference W’s. Not 1 of his 79 loses was caused by bias. He was in charge of performance.

    Hooper, So he had one win in which he out coached the better coach. Explain his coaching in 79 L’s against coaching opponents perceived more on his level. He never arrived for those challenges because he was inexperienced, inept and overwhelmed.

  18. He won a few to get to that game against Duke..and he won two more to get us to the championship game.

    I don’t think you get to an NCAA championship game(even with inherited recruits from the “coaching god” he succeeded) by being “inept.” He took over a program that was in a lot of turmoil from the bitter departure an iconic figure.

    He was plenty competent compared to what Knight did the previous ten years…Purdue fans love to hang their hats on Big 10 championships and regular season records. And with all those claims to fame, Keady was never able to achieve in 20 years what Davis did in three-get to a title game. And as I said above, from my perspective, there is no amount of incompetence that can be used as an argument in hiring a bigot. I’ll take Davis for 10 more years beyond his departure over intolerance and a sectarian basketball program that excludes kids based on religous doctrines of having the same chance a suburban choir boy. This is a state school and the leader of a prominent basketball program should conduct himself in a fashion that promotes liberal principles of inclusion.

  19. Davis did a nice job coaching a team loaded with seniors and an All American. No question about it. But in the long run he couldn’t build a team on his own. End of story.

  20. I don’t necessarily believe head coaches build teams “on their own.” Is it possible that Davis was being undermined at IU by the same type of ‘4guards’ mentality we’ve seen on the blogs? I think the hatred for Brand was permanently attached to his being. Within that environment, show me a coach that can successfully recruit.

  21. Inexperienced, inept and overwhelmed and yes on 6-7 occasions lucky. He belongs right where he is at.

  22. “He belongs right where he is at”

    Yes, back in Alabama. I do declare, Clarion, that I can only hope we put him fairly and genteelly at the back of a coaching bus that is part of the Rosa Park’s fleet of “don’t belongs.” It is Christ and Crean that saved us from the incompetents and the Kelvin “Sanctions” ..Put them all on a bus for their lucky ways they strayed and their hideous offenses of listening in on a phone call conversation with a choir boy that screamed bloody murder to the NCAA our sinful deeds. They can’t help it. They belong in Alabama with God’s helpless children. Put them on a bus. Roll the bus over them. See nothing of value in their names. Wall up the b-ball plantation and turn Bloomington into a religious compound of bigotry run by holier-than-thou Kelly School of prim, proper, and perfect bus drivers.

  23. I always thought that Davis’s two fatal flaws were:

    1. thin skin – he just seemed to care too much about what people were saying about him or the program. I think this was what led to the overwhelmed feeling.

    2. Wishy-washyness – I can’t cite any specific moments with so much time removed, but I can specifically remember watching pressers/interviews/etc where he just seemed to be all over the place. Admonish one thing and 2 minutes later extoll the virtues of it. I felt it made him a poor communicator. I know he wore his emotions on his sleeve and his players loved him for it, but I can’t imagine it made practices easy. “Do this, ahhhh, no I want you to do that. Why aren’t you doing what I said?” (That was a poor simulation of my perceived Davis practice communications)

    I will always cherish my Mike Davis signed Rawlings (that resides in the corner of my garage at the bottom of a bin), but I was happy to see him move along.

  24. Geoff is accurate but I think it would be naive to say that there wasn’t a faction that wanted to undermine him. However, I don’t think that race had much of a role in it. I think it was because he was the coach who replaced Bobby Knight. It was pretty much a sacrificial position.

  25. I can’t remember specific moments, but I specifically remember…..

    You have now been accepted into the Tom Crean School of Floppy Tongue. I believe such statement as earning serious consideration for another blabber twister belonging in the category of a Crean “deflection.”

    I was always hoping IU would go after a guy like Lorenzo Romar after they put Davis on his Bama bus. We went as far as Idaho for an assistant…Why not look to the Pacific Northwest for a new head coach? And another thing that seems odd about our Joyce Meyer quoting blowhard…Crean coached a couple hours from Chicago. Has that helped him in recruiting any talent from the Windy City? One would think the man would have had some success in that market while at Marquette that could transfer to Indiana. Why must he only go after corn-feds, A-Hope missionary program kids, and homegrown savior-types hand selected from ‘4guards’ Alford clone factory to wear cream and crimson?

  26. You’re a good man, Chet. You’ll find something redeemable to cling onto. Though you are without issues, I still like ya. Maybe instead of biking we could do a dude ranch?

  27. seriously, Hooper? If you are married I am sure that you have come across the situation where you can’t remember a specific example of your wife doing the very thing you are arguing about… but you can specifically remember there were occassions it happened. That is not floppy-tongued-ness, that is reality. As time moves along the exact details may elude you, but the overall feeling does not.

    Sorry I had to translate common sense to you.

  28. Your signed Rawlings from Davis…Is that a b-ball? I thought Rawlings made mostly baseball gloves. Do college teams play with Wilson or Spalding basketballs? Spalding was big name in making basketballs when I was a youngster.

    No problem, Geoff. My wife hates my guts. Can you possibly understand why? I just thought the double use of “specific” sounded funny when no specifics were actually remembered. My wife remembers specifics. She’ll feed them to me…pull them out of places in her brain that must be solely reserved for winning arguments…She’ll give me details 10 years after the fact. She’ll remember dates and times better than song lyrics…She’ll pummel me with all sorts of ugly details that boggle my mind. Then, conversely, she won’t remember what I made for dinner yesterday. She can’t stand watching or talking about sports, but she is very specific how she is planning to divorce me if I continue to blog and have obsessive interest in the specifics of Hoosier basketball and Bears football.

    I think I know where your coming from. Duh. It takes me a while. Just remember that I coined the term “floppy tongue” if one of those Crean haters come on here and attempts to steal it.

    What started all of this? I guess I was just trying to say we can’t necessarily accuse Kentucky of attitudes housed in bigotry without taken a bit of an honest look at ourselves. Is that such a horrible declaration to make? I just can’t buy into the fact we are without flaws and never paint our actions in a better light than what is underneath the surface of accusations and judgments. Is that so wrong? I think Dustin understands what I was conveying. Sorry if those so adherent to think that cannot exist at Indiana may choose to be blind to it. And finally, I don’t believe a coach should impart his religious views upon a background of IU basketball images on his personal Twitter page. I think it’s wrong. Can I not have that viewpoint and still be a fan of IU basketball? I don’t want Alford or Knight back at IU. I just don’t want the world of evangelistic floppy tongue blabber thrown in my face when all I merely want to do is escape the daily grind and watch my favorite team play some quality hoops. What is wrong with keeping faith and spiritual beliefs in the place of your own heart? I am always skeptical because history has proven how racism and discriminatory stereotypes have hidden behind symbols of religion. Sorry I said a damn thing.

  29. The funny thing to me is, if people on this blog didn’t complain (occasionally praise) Crean for all christian tweeting or evangelicalism I wouldn’t even know he was religious. I don’t pay much attention to Crean, and I could give a rats ass about Twitter (think its useless)- I just pay attention to basketball, recruiting, these blogs and games. Since I am up here in Maine I guess I’m lucky enough to miss all the local fluff.

    Interestingly (to me at least), I care just about least of all how Crean feels about things or his explanations. I trust my own analysis of whats happening out on the court, am more entertained by the views I find on these sites, and can get the most important nuggets I need from DD and other bloggers – all without the paid sales pitch from a head coach.

    I guess it’s kinda like Tebow… I keep hearing everyone bitch and moan about his views, but I rarely hear him say anything more than “I’d like to thank God/Jesus/The Lord…” and then go on to answer whatever question is asked.

  30. Hooper,
    I did kind of see where you were going. It was over the top of course, but that’s obviously your schtick, so I get it.
    To briefly address Crean’s religious tweets, I think if you keep following him you’ll notice he’s taken it down a notch.

  31. Thanks Dustin. I’m sure Occupy Wall Street protesters our viewed by many as “over the top.” I don’t know what you call someone that accepts everything as status quo. It’s easy to take stances on a blog and call people names as if they have no redeemable qualities. We form blanket judgments without really knowing the men behind our targets of slander and ridicule. We have made choices to see people in simplistic terms basked on win/loss records. A man’s lifetime of good deeds trying to be a father to kids from troubled streets are immediately erased due to a targeted investigation based on allegations that are tossed out the window one year after being used to take the same coach down and disgrace his name from the sport. I guess I don’t see it as over-the-top to somehow speak up. I’m not sure if it’s issues of race or privilege that motivates why corporate executives can steal from retirement accounts of hard working Americans, seniors and people that fought for freedoms in our country that now have little sources of income opportunity in their twilight years, and not have it cause the same outrage that vilifies a coach of that sat in on a 3-way phone call to a recruit.

    After the events at Penn State and Syracuse, you would think that eyes would open up and a realization just might occur that sometimes the guys targeted as the wrongdoers, the big bad wolves, the cancers, and the so-called cheaters, aren’t so bad compared to some of the despicable creatures that can hide for decades behind their created angelic images a program’s winning record has afforded them.

    Thank you, Dustin. Thanks for acknowledging some worth in my opinion. You don’t have to take that risk and I appreciate it.

  32. so wait… did anyone else know that Hooper and HforH are the same poster? Am I late to this party too, or am I just reading the above comment wrong?

  33. 1. I don’t think anyone who was a big supporter of RMK and his antics can claim to be without flaws (and he really, really had to work to drive me off).

    2. I’m with Geoff in that, while I read all kinds of stuff about CTC and IU basketball, the ONLY place I’ve heard anything about his religion is on the Scoop.

    3. I’m not a religious guy While I , and all my children, were baptized we’re all a little more ‘eastern’ in our philosophies (you know, karma, good deeds come back to you, bad stuff bites you in the ass). I believe there’s probably a God and NO ONE has any idea what he/she/it looks like or his/her/its policy positions.

    4. I don’t care about other peoples’ religions as long as they leave me alone Working in health care I know that people find great strength in religion.

    5. I’m glad he has ‘toned down’ his tweets. I get a little squirmy when people associated with a group I am associated with start doing that stuff.

    6. He seems to be a genuine good person.

    7. Racism exists. Sometimes people claim to see it where it isn’t. Sometimes people ignore it where it exists. I hope our children do better. I’m pretty sure mine are doing OK.

    8. Mike Davis did a nice job his first year but couldn’t handle an entire program. He’ll be the first to tell you so.

    9.I SO can’t keep up with anyone’s screen names.

    10. I think CTC has done an excellent job so far with this team.

  34. It is easy to understand Hooper does not think we get enough crap from hfh. hfh or hooper or whatever the name of the day is on Wednesday, MD also had another enduring coaching quality, immaturity. Remember his famous whine he should be fired by IU? I knew then he could get lost in a bakery. How about when he complained the team would not practice as hard. Now that is some kinda coaching. He has made equally childish statements in Birmingham; they just do not care as much down there. I’ll take Coach Crean’s tweets over whining 10 fold.

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