Murray State at IU women

A turnaround jumper by Georgie Jones with 15 seconds left gave Indiana its first lead since it was 2-0, and Sasha Chaplin added two free throws with 3.1 seconds left to seal it. Murray State’s desperation heave was well short. HOOSIERS 70, RACERS 67

3:52: Down one, Indiana missed four free throws and a jumper before Danilsa Andujar made 1-of-2 to tie the game, but a Murray State putback regains the lead. Racers have the ball and the lead. RACERS 62, HOOSIERS 60

7:47: Getting over the hump always the hardest part of a comeback, and that’s what Indiana is facing now. Hoosiers have twice had the ball down just three but turned it over, allowing Murray State to score. RACERS 58, HOOSIERS 53

11:29: Indiana keeps clawing back, getting within two on Aulani Sinclair’s long 3 moments ago, as close as the Hoosiers have been since it was 6-4. RACERS 51, HOOSIERS 49

15:19: Jasmine McGhee continues to enjoy her best game as a Hoosier, getting IU within five. But back-to-back 3s from Murray State push the lead back to 11 in no time. No doubt IU is playing better now, but Racers make you pay for every lapse in concentration. RACERS 46, HOOSIERS 35

Indiana went to more man-to-man defense late in the half, which helped cut down the Murray State 3s and offensive rebounds. Hoosiers just need to keep pounding the ball inside and attacking the basket. They are missing some chippies on the way to 26.3 percent shooting from the field, including 0-of-4 3s. Murray State is 5-of-20 from 3 and shooting 36.8 percent overall after that hot start. Racers also winning the rebounding battle, 30-25. RACERS 35, HOOSIERS 25

3:42: Back-to-back 3s by Murray State restored a double-digit lead, and Indiana suddenly looks fatigued as the Racers keep shuttling players in and out. IU going deep on its bench, too, but not like Murray. Hoosiers getting hurt on offensive rebounds lately. RACERS 31, HOOSIERS 20

6:10: The mountain isn’t nearly as high as it once was. Jasmine McGhee caught fire en route to 8 points to get IU started and some offensive rebounding coupled with poor shooting from Murray State, which has gone very cold from beyond the arc, made this a game again. RACERS 25, HOOSIERS 19

11:47: It will be long uphill climb the rest of the way for Indiana, which is shooting 2-of-17 from the field, while Murray State is 9-of-18, including a banked 3 from the top of the key. Racers forcing a frenetic pace. RACERS 21, HOOSIERS 6

15:59: Rough start for Indiana, which took a 2-0 lead, then missed its next eight shots (and counting) from the field, a drought only interrupted by two Sasha Chaplin free throws. RACERS 9, HOOSIERS 4

I’m at Assembly Hall as the Indiana women’s basketball team plays its home opener tonight against visiting Murray State, which boasts two players from the state of Indiana in Rockville’s Beth Mahurin and Martinsville’s Mallory Schwab. The Racers are an up-tempo, pressing team that forced 31 turnovers in a season-opening win over Evansville. Meanwhile, the Hoosiers look to recover after dropping their opener on the road at Central Arkansas.

The second game of the season might seem early to call this a must-win, but this is pretty close for a young IU squad that goes back on the road for the next two games at Belmont and Miami, Ohio. Updates here and on Twitter.


  1. Okay Jeremy? I think Fred Glass owes an explanation for extending Coach Jack. the team is getting worse every year and not better. Huge mistake right?

  2. John,
    I know some view it as a mistake. I would call it a calculated risk. With a highly-touted recruiting class coming in this year and a young team, I’d say Fred Glass simply gave her the chance to sink or swim, while giving women’s basketball some of the continuity it has often lacked. I think by the end of this year, we’ll have a better idea of whether the gamble pays off or not.

  3. I will not claim to be a basketball genius, or claim to know a lot about the game period. Furthermore, I have a few questions. I hope Jeremy or other bloggers can answer them for me. #1 How much time does an athletic director give a head coach to hang themselves + why would an extension be granted when the program is declining? #2 Has Coach Felisha Jack had the opportunity to bring in a class as freshman and graduate them, if so, how did that group do? #3 When Coach Felisha Jack was hired, was the program in dismay like the men’s basketball team was? #4 Is the recruiting class next season “highly touted” as well? #5 Why is the program in a rebuilding state already? She has been here for years, correct? Was last year a rebuilding year as well? and the year before that? #6 Could Central Arkansas compete with other Big Ten schools or just Indiana? #7 Why did IU struggle with an average mid major division I school in Murray State? #8 From Coach Felisha Jack’s resume, is she possibly out of her league? #9 Why did she give that awful speech after that terrible win? I absolutely love the enthusiam in her voice, but that does not by any means overshadow what took place in Assembly Hall tonight. #10 Is it too early to worry about the Lady Hoosiers success this season? I am not here to bash the program, but I think my questions are plausible and I would like some opinions.

  4. That’s quite a list and can’t say I have all the answers, but in brief: (1) Better question for Fred Glass; (2) Last year’s seniors were the first class recruited by Legette-Jack to cycle through, 9-20; (3) Maybe not in disarray but certainly unsettled after Kathi Bennett resigned and Versyp jumped ship to Purdue; (4) No, it’s not; (5) I’ll consider these rhetorical questions; (6) Don’t know, maybe/maybe not; (7) Because IU is searching for an identity and Murray State has one; (8) Time will tell; (9) I think when you go to Central Arkansas and see 3,400 fans screaming at you, then come home to less than half of that, it’s frustrating; (10) No, it’s not too early to worry.

  5. I just listened to the post game conference. I was curious to know what Coach Jack’s reaction would be. “We are a young team…5 new players..2 new managers.” I have seen several coaches and players leave from season to season. It seems to be the norm. If it’s affecting the program’s success, why the constant change? Are these coaches going on to be head coaches at other institutions or just leaving Bloomington? Maybe keeping coaches around for more than a year or two would aid in eliminating the “we are a young program” issue. 5 new players? How many of them really play? What about the other 10 players on your roster who have returned and aren’t injured? Are there any injuries this season? How does new managers affect a team’s success? I like when a coach can admit when they flat out didn’t come out and play like they know how versus the, we are young. She’s been here toO long to use that EXCUSE. I can’t say if I will continue to drive from Indianapolis to watch less than mediocre play. It’s disappointing.

  6. Doe,
    Only injury among returners is Simone Deloach, who is still recovering from an offseason issue. All five newcomers have played in every game, two start. Don’t know about the managers, maybe they aren’t rolling the balls out for warmups quickly enough … LOL.

  7. I have never understood how the women’s team has always been mediocre at best even when the men’s team was really good…

  8. i Will Have to say that mondays game was a half good coaching job. In the first half they were not ready again to face this really good murray state team. But at half time she did make the adjustment to get them in the right positions to beat the pressure they were seeing. I can’t speak of the central Ark game but she does have alot of very talented players and need time to play as a team.

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