Podcast on the Brink: A conversation with Inside the Hall

Two former Indiana Daily Student writers who have gone on to bigger and better things are putting together a weekly IU basketball podcast on Inside the Hall that includes various luminaries, and this week they even let me on. Greg Rosenstein and Matt Dollinger interviewed the esteemed Chronic Hoosier and myself for this week’s podcast, which can be found here. Other previous guests on the podcast, which you could find in the Inside the Hall archives, include the man, the myth, the legend Chris Korman. Worth checking out.


  1. Good Lord…Put someone different on worth listening to. Can you get 4guards or Husky Tom? How about Chet or Tsao? All you guys do is self-promote. I realize it’s your profession, but give a little back to your audience. I would love a live interview with JPat. There have been some long and devoted regulars on Scoop, IDS, and ITH since the early days these various blogging sites dedicated to Hoosier sports. Give back to the fans a bit. Give back to the those that have been so loyal.

  2. I didn’t interview anyone, actually. They interviewed me. And they interviewed Chronic, who actually doesn’t even post on the Scoop anymore, has his own thing going and is a generally insightful human being and Indiana fan. Not something we did, just something our friends did, so we’re shamelessly plugging them.

  3. Dustin,

    I always enjoyed Chronic. I also enjoyed JPat, MikeP, GFDave and some others. While I didn’t always agree with JPat and MikeP they expressed their thoughts and were open to discussion. GFDave was just a good guy. He made his point, mostly factual and moved on.

    I am not saying that this blog has lost my interest, because I read your articles for information about IU athletics. My mistake is reading the comments.

    By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. On Thanksgiving eve it made me smile and warmed my heart to read the comments from Harvard and Jay…thank you both very much!!!

  5. I am so thankful I will have all of you on this board to taunt when Crean makes his usual bone-head game time decisions. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Chronic, I always enjoy your comments. The Scoop should have hired you instead of the 16 year old kid with the metro hair.

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