1. College of the Desert? Sounds fake… But he can’t possibly be worse than the DBs we already have.

  2. I think this is the second JUCO recruit for IU’s class of 2012. I’ll bet that IU get’s at least five for this class and that they will all be starters. And I hope all of them play defense.

    There is a ton of talent in the Junior Colleges located throughout California. As long as they’re not “Weather Wienies”, they could do very well at IU.

  3. Yes, 3 so far, but more to come: Jacorri Alexander, LB 6’1/238; Shaine Boyle, CB 5’11/190; and Darrius Stroud, LB 6’2/225 3-star. There are also 2 LB from the same Junior College as Boyle who are being recruited by IU: Robert Caldwell, 6’3/245 and Cade Cowdin 6’2/230, both will graduate in Dec.

  4. I like the JUCO route as a temporary salve. Bill Snyder at turned Kansas State around twice primarily with JUCO players before he was able to recruit his own guys.

    It does come with a risk though. These type of kids are in JUCO for a reason and usually it isn’t football skills. Keeping them in classroom and out of trouble requires a little more diligence.

  5. Andrew; I stand corrected. I must have missed the announcement of the second JUCO commit. Thanks.

    DD; while you make a good point, I think Wilson and staff have a lot of experience recruiting and coaching JUCO players. I’m confident they will recruit kids that meet IU’s requirements. They better because they need help in a hurry.

    My daughter went to HS with three guys that had to go the JUCO route. All three went from JUCO to a DI FB teams. All three got their degrees. They weren’t problem kids or stupid, one was just academically lazy in High School and two were a bit under-sized upon graduation. All three did well in JUCO and went on to play at DI schools. Some kids just need a little more time to mature, both physically and academically.

    The one young man told me recently that if he’d gone direct to a DI program out of High School, he’d have quit and never gotten his degree. He said that JUCO was the best thing that ever happened to him, giving him a little more time to mature.

  6. Now there appear to be 2 more JUCO recruits, making a total of 5, all on defense: David Cooper, LB 6’0/230 and Tregg Waters DB 6’1/185. Both will enroll at IU in Jan. I don’t think that this is the end of the recruiting news that we will see from Coach Wilson and the staff. IU now has 21 new recruits lined up and we can get 5-7 more.

  7. BeatPurdue; Where did you see the news about the 4th and 5th JUCO recruits?

    Wow, 28 new players will be a lot. It should be interesting to see how fast they assimilate into Wilson’s program. But as Wilson knows, it’s easier to build up new talent than it is to correct the bad habits of those with experience.

    One thing is for sure, the level of competition for playing time is going to increase.

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