1. Would it be too much to ask Sparkly Twilight to lose the chin fung? (just giving you a hard time . . . kind of)

    Also, agree on the mics.

    Wait, was there a game or something?

    Counting the minutes until Friday.

  2. I always look forward to the Scoop Talk. Thanks for doing it. But seriously, it is ALWAYS difficult if not impossible (and therefore frustrating for viewers) to hear whoever is in the back row. You waste our time and theirs putting someone in the back row. Go with two people, or invest in some mics or rotate people in and out of the front row because with the limited “I’ve got a laptop with a videocam” technology, the front row is all there is.

  3. I actually thought it was a good ScoopTalk..I turned up my volume when the IDS guys in the back talked and had no problem hearing them. Nice to see some young faces and different perspectives from journalists a little more in touch with the student body. The IDS member in the dark navy polo shirt(back row left…Ozzie?) had an excellent delivery and conveyed his ideas in a veteran-like manner a seasoned sports journalist…I was pretty impressed. And Ryan led the discussion very efficiently and surprised me how well he already has a thorough grip on the roster along with the Hoosiers strengths and weaknesses. Hard to find any disagreement with Ryan’s praising of Hulls; particularly his analysis that Jordy looked very sharp considering it is an opening game(albeit an exhibition) and is settling beautifully into his role as team leader from the point guard position. Maybe a lot of the stuffy old men that blog on Scoop are a bit envious these articulate young men that are only just beginning to blossom into their professions. I honestly thought they all did a nice job.

  4. I did the same thing, FWIW – turned the volume way up when the fellas in the back row were speaking. But I had to be lightening quick to get it turned back down when Ryan came back on as to not get blasted out of the room. I thought all four guys had good analysis and enjoyed their perspectives a lot. But I didn’t enjoy having to watch it so carefully in order to get the volume turned down and not annoy others in the room. They are using technology to deliver these reports and I’m just suggesting that they use the technology appropriately to produce a better result. Just a suggestion, that’s all.

  5. Agree with many other comments re: sound.

    That’s not a negative! We like what you guys have to say, so we actually want to hear it!

    Also, say the names clearly or have name tags or something. We all have a tendency to mumble on the names because we’re shy with our own names and/or we’re maybe a little unsure of pronunciation of someone else’s, etc.

    Make ’em loud and proud, guys!

  6. I have a small pair of auxiliary speakers wired into my home laptop computer..Best thing I ever had come free with a desktop computer purchased years ago. The harman/kardon speakers(can be found on Ebay for $10-15) outlived the HP desktop, that’s for sure..Anyway, one speaker has the master knob that gives me fast and easy control of the volume. I understand what you guys are saying. If I had to mess around with the settings on the YouTube page, or the slower standard +/- controls on the laptop, it would have been a lot more frustrating with the poor sound coming from the IDS guys in the back. If you like listening to YouTube music clips, enjoy streaming games/movies, then I would highly recommend a set of auxiliary speakers to plug into your laptop or desktop…..It’s a tiny investment that brings a lot more listening satisfaction.

    I still think the format was fun and felt all four journalists contributed and made for an interesting ScoopTalk…As I said above, sometimes it’s nice to see new faces and new perspectives bouncing back and forth in the discussion/debate. I’ve also enjoyed ScoopTalks from the past when Dustin brings in a guest(Chronic, Osterman, Bozich, etc)…..for what it’s worth.

  7. “Also, say the names clearly or have name tags or something.”

    But that takes a bit of the fun out of creating nicknames!

  8. Anyone else see the two player lists on cbssports.com. Jordy is listed 30th in the list of top shooters and CW is listed as the 81st of the top 100 players in college basketball (and they feel will move up).

  9. I’ll bet Hugh’s keyboard is in full tilt boogey. It appears Houston Nutt is not returning as Ole Miss coach nest season. His 1st big topic in Mississippi.

  10. Is this a sports chat or boy band audition?? Can’t really tell, but I’m pretty sure Ryan is wearing mascara…

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