1. Caving into pressure from of a rather cynical blogger using the screen name ‘Laffy'(or was it George Michael?)…. and a few other prehistoric fans stuck in the days of the popular Alford Brillo Pad, we now reach the sad conclusion of the Ryan Kartje avatar. Damn.

  2. Nice wrap-up and analysis. Good commentary on the team’s efficiency and on Cody Zeller. Loved your line, Dustin, about how does this translate: “Who knows, but there’s something here.” Perfectly captures my feelings. Also glad that you two noted that IU never won a road game while Hugh covered them. I always had my suspicions about that guy.

  3. Good job, Ryan!!

    I’m not the only one who thought it looked ridiculous….especially since Dustin actually wears a tie.

    Loved the smak talk.

    Guess Dustin wasn’t able to get the opening video from Hugh.

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