1. Derek Elston is hitting some shots this year which is nice, but he seems to have so much more energy out there. I hope he keeps asserting himself on D. Comparing him to Pritchard, you’d think he was on the juice.

  2. Dustin, do you think someone has set up some spam code to hit the Belcher article? The comments are completely incoherent. Cheers.

  3. HH,
    The spam code is out of control. I’ve talked to the web guys and they reinstituted the math problem, but apparently that’s easy to bypass and they don’t know why. I’m in no way smart enough to figure this out, but they’re trying.

  4. Dustin, I forget about the math problem sometimes and hit “Submit Comment” before I fill it out. So far (twice) my comments posted even though I left the math problem blank. I’m posting this without doing the math.

  5. I remember watching us play Pitt two years ago and thinking they were going to shock the Big Ten… So, I am holding my breath until I see consistency against solid programs.

  6. The math problem does not work. I am submitting this post without even thinking to solve it. Your tech guys should be set up some kind of a filter.

    Do you actually have a registration for each poster? Have you followed these to see who the various spammers ‘claim’ to be. Aren’t there rules regarding identifying with a false registration for the purposes of spamming?

    But, the ‘bluff maneuver’ of using a math problem that has absolutely no relevance is probably creating an even greater problem. It is also raising the possibility that they are infecting your blog site for the purposes of accessing and infecting ours.

    Here we go. If you are reading this, there is absolutely no ‘math problem’ filter.

  7. Tsao,
    I know it doesn’t work. The web guys don’t know why it doesn’t work because it used to work. I don’t understand computer programming, web design or spam filtering. I mean I don’t have the foggiest freaking clue. I’ve addressed all of this to the web guys, who are already swamped because they’re down a man. They’re working on it.

  8. Dustin-

    This is just an idea. I would do away with the side box that features “Recent Comments on Scoop.” The spam never showed up until that feature on your homepage was implemented. Any person tripped out on sabotaging a website is likely a narcissist of the most extreme proportions. I would tend to believe that removal of the subsection would put somewhat of a damper on the high the twit gets from dominating others that comment.

    Why do you think Tsao is the most offended blogger on here? He’s been knocked of the pedestal of Scoop dominance that features his name in 7 out of 10 “recent comments.”

    Obviously, you need to put in some safeguards to your website. But seeing how most of us are not getting a realistic look at legitimate comments recently made to various threads anyway, why not try taking the “Recent Comments” off this page? Getting to look at his/her own works of sabotage is probably the crack feeding the addiction. Why not irritate and take the stage lights off the egomaniac that enjoys looking at his own excrement?

    At the end of the day, I don’t think most bloggers really care. I don’t view the spam-dropper’s desire to dominate your threads and website any differently than a blogger that puts 3000 words per day on here. It’s simply a void in the soul and a thirst for something severely lacking that was undernourished in more innocent days when reassurance of love and worth must have been a struggle to find.

  9. DD- Harvard may be right about the side bar summary “Recent Comments…” which has a larger readership. That may be what the spammers are looking for.

  10. Do you know if you rearrange the letters in TsaoTsuG you get “Touts Gas” ? And “Podunker” reads: “Nude Pork” ?

  11. Harvard,
    It’s not a personal high anyone’s going for here, because I’m pretty sure we’re not dealing with actual human beings . I’m not exactly sure how spam bots work, or really what the reasoning for them is, but I doubt anyone’s actually typing all of this stuff out. It has something to do with web hit statistics for advertisers or something like that. But you’re right that the recent comments probably adds to that. I don’t know if deleting that is an option.
    And Tsao, neither Korman and Hugh knew what they were doing on this either. We have web guys for this, and now we have one fewer. The math problem thing used to work. Now it doesn’t, and we’re trying to figure out why. The web guys are trying to do a bunch of things at once. I’m trying to cover two teams at once and at the moment I really don’t have time to really bone up on this stuff. I know the spam sucks. I don’t like it either and I’m doing what I can. Just don’t click on anything that looks stupid.

  12. I know a thing or two about web design, and I can tell you what the spambots are after. Each bogus comment contains a link in the title. If you click the link, you go to the web site they are promoting. Google and other search engines rank web sites according to the number of other web sites that link to it. Therefore, the spambots go out and create as many links as possible to a web site so that it is more easily found in the search engines. As a side benefit for the spammer, some people actually click the links and go to the web sites directly.

    Personally, I love the “recent comments” sidebar. It won’t help to eliminate that, because the side bar doesn’t contain links to the spam web sites. If you click the sidebar, you just go to the original comment. The spambot doesn’t care about the sidebar.

    Dustin is right, the spambots are just software programs, not real people looking for fame. The software goes out over the internet looking for unprotected blogs and then infests the blogs with bogus links to the spam web sites.

    I’m not too impressed with your web guys Dustin unless they aren’t spending any time on it. This is not rocket science for a decent web guy, this is pretty routine to deal with. It shouldn’t take more than a day to put an end to it…

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