Signing day schedule

“The Movement” — or at least most of it — officially puts pen to paper tomorrow, the first day of the early signing period for basketball players in the Class of 2012.

Among in-state recruits, the signing day ceremonies begin with Hanner Perea, who signs at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time at La Lumiere. Park Tudor point guard follows at 11:45 a.m. Peter Jurkin will sign his letter of intent at United Faith Christian Academy in Charlotte, N.C. at 11:55 p.m. Ron Patterson is scheduled to sign at Broad Ripple at 3 p.m. and Jeremy Hollowell will sign at Lawrence Central at 7 p.m.

IU is obviously still pursuing Hamilton Southeastern guard Gary Harris, who is expected to choose between Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan State and Purdue this week.


  1. “signing day ceremony for Peter Jurkin” …? Yikes. Hoops are that important at IU?

  2. i thought the game was going to be on btn today? will be siked once these kids sign. you know coach cal is making last minute bribes to all of them. go iu

  3. Gary Harris…you can become the 2-guard at IU that we all thought Maurice Creek was going to become, and more.

  4. Dustin – Are you going to ask Coach how he intends to get down to 13 next year since we are oversigning…If all sign today, Harris even if he commits (which I dont expect) can not sign because you can only oversign by 1

  5. Let’s not worry about Gary Harris anymore. Let’s focus on this great 2012 class that is signing TODAY!

    Go Hoosiers!

  6. If any of our top three (yogi, JH, or Perea) waited as long as Harris has, they would have shot straight up the rankings. Poor Ron patterson would have gotten pretty high up as well.

  7. At this point, as seniors in HS, player rankings really do not matter. I want somebody to show me the 140 players in the class of 2010 that are better college players today than Will and Vic!

  8. I do not agree with the comments that the rating services rank kids lower because they commit early. Why would the services intenionally try to be wrong? I does not make sense. A lot of the higher ranked kids wait until the last minute because they have the clout to do so (i.e. they are told by coaches “we will have room for you”).

    Would be great to get GH because he is an elite 2 guard and a Hoosier but in any case we have a great class on the way.

  9. If it will help if I stand by the highway with a ‘Come to IU Gary!!’ sign, I’ll do it. Tell me what highway and what day. I offered to stand along 37 with a similar sign for Cody Zeller and he picked IU, maybe it works!

    I am curious about the oversigning issue, however.

  10. I am hearing that Gary Harris is leaning toward MSU. Not solid sources, but know some people at the NCAA.

  11. If all 5 IU commits sign today, then Gary cannot sign a letter of intent during this signing period. We only have 5 available, including the oversign. His mother indicated he won’t sign today anyway, but “will have a decision in a couple of days.” Could he hold off? Sure he could, but I wouldn’t hold our collective breath for him anymore.

    Gary Harris is going to go to Michigan State (my gut and what I’ve been told by my “sources”) and be an extremely talented Big Ten player. Good luck to him and his future, even if he were to choose one of those other schools on his list not named MSU or IU, I’d still wish him well (but will enjoy beating his team). IU would have loved for him to join “The Movement,” but this train is leaving the station without him.

    Our 2012 class has a phenom at the PG spot and solid wings in Hollowell and Patterson. I think Buss is way underrated and Hollowell can be a real stud for us. Perea is a beast and Jurkin will be a defensive stopper in the paint for us.

    Add that to what we’re already working with this year, and it’s a good time to be an IU basketball fan.

  12. HoosierSmitty, I used to agree with you but it turns out that Indiana can sign 6 right now as long as they are “certain” that they will have scholarships available in August 2012 and actually do have scholarships next August without exceeding the 13 limit! So bring it on Gary Harris, join “The Movement”!

  13. As long as Harris doesn’t go to Kentucky, I don’t care where he goes. Kentucky should be on probation before he graduates or decides to turn pro anyway. Wouldn’t want him to waste his time down there.

  14. wow. what a great day. we missed on gh but if watford and hulls step it up who cares? the important posistion is “finally” here. PG!!!!!!!! given the depth of the 2012 team and considering every player signed is noted for defense “something iu hasnt had in 4 years” we should be a tough nut to crack. yogi jordi at point,still unsure on sg, sheehey,vic,patterson at 3, perrera hollowell at 4 and zeller and jurkin at 5 are you kidding me right now!!!

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