Six IU football players with a year eligibility remaining will not return

Indiana’s game notes for Saturday’s game against Purdue lists six players with a year of eligibility remaining who will participate in Senior Day festivities and will not return to the program for a fifth year. They are fourth-year juniors Connor Creevey (WR), Marc Damisch (G), Adam Follett (QB), Adam Pines (P), Chad Sherer (LB), and Greg Svarczkopf (LB). Pines, the Hoosiers’ starting punter, and Damisch were the only two of the group who saw significant playing time this season. Sherer had a knee injury before the season and is finishing his career for medical reasons.


  1. I think Wilson referenced Follett when he was recently discussing whether to recruit another QB this year. I wonder if Follett’s departure will change Wilson’s thinking? Otherwise, nothing in this story is a surprise. If they’re not playing and not likely to play, why hang around and risk injury in practice? I wish them well.

    Dustin, were these departures factored in to the recruiting needs or does this allow Wilson to recruit more players for next year’s class?

  2. Podunker,
    I doubt Follett’s departure has much to do with it. He said what he said, but it appears they were/are more set on getting a quarterback than he let on publicly. I’m honestly surprised Follett didn’t get more of a look from either Lynch or Wilson because he has a pretty strong arm, but I’m doubting it changes much for his long-term planning.
    I’m not exactly sure what this does for next year’s class because there is, I believe, some creative accounting that can allow them to bring in more than the limit of 25, which by NCAA FBS rules is the maximum for any class regardless of the number of scholarships available. If the math I just did on scrap paper is right (and it might not be) they already had 25 available before this group decided not to return. Maybe when it all shakes out, it makes for one or two more guys that can be added to the class.

  3. Unless of course you want to: 1) start, 2)travel, 3) see if you have the stuff for professional football, 4) have great business contacts, 5) have special referrals for medical, dental, law, business and other professional education programs, 6) etc.

  4. BeatPurdue is exactly right. A graduate that attended on an athletic scholarship and stayed on the team for four years does have some advantages in looking for a job and/or applying for grad school.

    Jim Riddle; why are you even on this thread? Why waste your time if you have such disdain for IU football?

  5. So many players gone/left/leaving. Are we actually going to get players that are as good or better coming in? We’ve seen alot of freshman play this year without wins. Maybe Gunner will still come to IU. We need something like him to build around. Like Zeller in b-ball.

  6. Hoosier heart I think we are heading in the right direction. Remember this group had not won before. Clean them out and start over is the right move.

  7. Now that Rich Rodriguez has been named the new head coach at Arizona are there any rumblings that Frey and/or Smith might be leaving to join him?

    To the six that are leaving, thanks for your time at IU. It’s their time to move on/pass the torch. Except for Hines who was actually playing a significant role with the team the rest were dead wood.

    I can only hope that these six spots will now be taken by more talented recruits. When Wilson was first hired I would have taken that as a guarantee, but after this year I’m not sure any talented recruits (the talent to actually compete and win in the Big 10) are interested in coming here. Now I’m concerned if we will be able to fill these vacated spots with players who are at a minimum just as good.

    Oh the life of an IU football fan. Unbridled optimism from April until September, then the painful stark reality from September through November.

  8. Wynn, Latimer, Eckert, Richardson, Flo and Hunter and many others are some of the reasons why there are 6 more moving on. Shocking if you are part of the old culture. The future was charted early on by Coach Wilson and staff and actions like this were part of the plan. Probably more to come.

  9. Dustin and others,

    I believe that IU can sign 30 players for the class next year. That would not qualify as “Gray Shirting” I believe, because there are scholarships available.

  10. Jeff Simms is damn sure busy updating the scholarship possibilities. I believe I counted 34 total available after this season before signing day in February. How it all shakes out with so many options I will not offer speculation. If Collin Rahrig is presently a walk-on he certainly will get one.

  11. Waiting: I had the same thoughts upon hearing the news of Rich Rod going to Arizona. By the way, a great many Arizona fans are not happy with that hire. They say Rich Rod does not know that area of the country, has no experience recruiting the west/southwest, his teams play bad defense, and they are concerned about the real reasons he was fired from Michigan. One thing is for sure, he’ll shake it up in the new Pac 12.

    Hoosier heart; these fifth-year seniors leaving is good news, not bad. Most of them would not have been able to compete for playing time on next year’s squad. You need competition within the team in order to improve performance. A lot of people expected this and worse when Wilson was hired. Some times, it has to get worse, before it gets better. I think we’ll know in February if Wilson and staff can recruit higher caliber players.

  12. I’m surprised that anyone is surprised that our record this year is as dismal as it is. Give or take one win (or 10 losses), the results are where they should have been.

    Why then am I feeling strongly that we have the right coach? Because he has identified the heart of the problem (the culture of losing that had set in within and outside the team); he took nearly immediate action to confront the core problem directly and without compromise; he was unafraid to spell out his expectations with the players and candid in his evaluations each and every week. He also remained positive about the progress of those who bought into the new environment and were willing to raise their own standards. Most IU fans can not take that much clarity all at once…too many are still whining about ‘win now!”. How? Jim Tressel could not have won more than 2-3 games with the returning players and the freshmen were simply too little, too physically immature and having to handle a totally new system in the first semester of their college lives.

    Now…we grow. Beginning the week after the Purdue game (I don’t even have expectations one way or the other with the Bucket game), we grow into men.

  13. And 27 new players will have chosen IU, Wilson, and his staff and are likely to be bigger, faster and better than most of the players leaving the program.

  14. I have to believe that KW is going after a different breed than BL. The baseline he’s working from is the players at Oklahoma. The baseline Bill Lynch was working from was Ball State. BL probably looked at kids that would be a star at BSU and assumed it would translate into the same in the Big Ten. KW is no doubt trying to entice the type of players he coached at OU.
    As far as bringing in a football version of CZ and it having a big impact, I don’t see it. While a single player can make a huge difference on a basketball team, we’ve produced some pretty good NFL players. They were still on bad teams. I mean, I want as good players as he can recruit, but unless one of them is Cam Newton I just don’t see a single player making that much of an impact. KW is going to have to build a roster of ‘his kind’ of players. It looks like there will be plenty of fresh faces next year. I just hope the coaches can recruit enough quality players, and people, to fill those spots.

  15. With the season being a terrible disappointment hopefully Wilson will exhibit a better aptitude as a recruiter then what he has shown as a head coach.

    How effective will Wilson be with attracting better high school talent when he could be selling a 1-11 record. He probably will have more success with JUCO players as they can’t afford to be as choosy. The question will be how quickly will they be able to contribute? JUCO success/failure is not much different than that of high school recruits. Hopefully Wilson is a better judge of talent, and to borrow his own words, I hope he “Wins Today” with his recruiting otherwise he could be digging himself a hole that he himself won’t be able to climb out.

  16. So the three of you (Tsao, Podunker and Chet) have finally decided to grow into men after this weekend, after the Purdue game. I am very happy for you guys and, frankly, it was about time! I look forward to hear how that works for you… Meanwhile, would you please show a bit of respect and attention for the last game of the season, eh?! I hear that Coach and (what’s left of the) Team are getting ready to literally devour those Boilermakers!

  17. Win Today; you were reaching with post #20. The thread and our comments were relevant to the story. I know ADD can be tough, but try to keep up.

  18. Hey Chet, Ball State kicked our ass with their talent, and they were way better prepared to play than IU. Both coaches were in their first year at their schools. Kevin Wilson had to remind his kids to play with enthusiasm after the game. This is the enigmatic leader that’s going to attract better talent? Is he going to hijack players from Norman and hope they don’t notice the slight difference in the block “IU” vs block “OU”? And what exactly is a “Kevin Wilson” type of player? Do they need to be found locked out of a dorm screaming in the early morning to be his type, or do they need to go the added step of sounding like a fool on a radio talk show to make his club? Just wondering…

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