Stock up/Stock down

We aren’t quite the 1% here at the Hoosier Scoop, and admittedly, I don’t know much about occupying Wall Street. But we do know a little bit about basketball (or like to think so), and thus, we combine the two for our new feature on the Scoop: Stock up/Stock down.

In Stock Up/Stock Down, we look at Indiana, the Big Ten, and sometimes, the nation for players who’s stock has gone up or down in the past week. It’s all about the net change, folks.

This week, we start with those moving up the market:


Will Sheehey (Indiana): Sure, Sheehey plays off the bench. But through six games this season, Will Sheehey has looked anything like a role player. He scored 21 points the other night and has either maintained or upped his point total in each game the Hoosiers have played this season. That won’t last all season, but the last two games have been especially impressive, as Sheehey has shot at a clip of more than 60 percent from the field. He’s also played better defense, making him even harder to keep off the court. Coach Tom Crean says he’s the No. 6 starter, but could he be No. 5 before we know it? It’s definitely possible, but if it ain’t broke, should you really fix it?

Tim Frazier (Penn State): With senior do-everything player Talor Battle gone for new coach Pat Chambers and the Nittany Lions, “hope” wasn’t something you associated with basketball in State College. And for Frazier who averaged around six points last season, he had a near-impossible task of replacing Battle. So far though, he’s done about as best as he could. Frazier’s line of 19-6-7-2 is one of the best in the Big Ten. And even though Penn State hasn’t beat much good competition, someone has to score, rebound, and defend. So far that’s been Frazier.

Robbie Hummel (Purdue): How many of you thought Hummel would come out and play to the form that he did before his knee injuries? Well, he’s done it, and that’ll mean a lot for Purdue going down the stretch. He’s shooting his best percentage ever from beyond the arc, and his 19 points per game lead the Boilermakers. There’s still a chance he could crash because of his injury history, but if anyone’s stock is up from its his injury-marred past, it’s Hummel.


Verdell Jones III (Indiana): Jones started off the season well, scoring in double figures in all the Hoosiers’ first few games. In his last few matchups though, Jones hasn’t quite thrived. He hasn’t made a field goal since playing against Savannah State, and has just five points in his last two. That doesn’t necessarily mean Jones has been hurting the Hoosiers; he’s moved the ball around and hasn’t forced that many shots (he’s only taken four in his last two games), so his stock being down doesn’t hurt Indiana. But for Verdell, it’s definitely down.

Melsahn Basabe (Iowa): Basabe was expected to take a huge leap forward for the Hawkeyes and coach Fran McCaffrey, having added plenty of muscle to his frame. That muscle has slowed him down so far though, as the sophomore big is averaging just 6.4 points per game and just four rebounds. That’s not going to fly if Iowa wants to move up in the Big Ten, and Basabe’s 38-percent field goal percentage is pretty bad for a post guy.

Jordan Taylor (Wisconsin): The consummate All-American point guard for the Badgers has been decent, output-wise, this season, with 11 points, five rebounds, and six assists per game. But he’s shooting 42 percent from the floor, which isn’t great for an All-American like Taylor. He’s been heating up a bit the last two games, but his stock is definitely down from its sky-high beginnings.


  1. Maybe you are being kind… maybe I am beating a dead horse… maybe both ?? But VJ3 DOES hurt the team right now. Just because he has not forced up a bunch of shots (like CW) should not be the only measure. You can count on 3-4 times a game that he’ll put his head down and try to force his way somewhere. (Sometimes the lane, sometimes through a trap, etc.) Invariably… he ends up on the floor and turns the ball over. THAT hurts the team, the flow, the break, etc. If he could stay on his feet he’d probably force a few more shots. LOL

    I’m not a hater. I appreciate his coming to IU when we needed players. But better players have since arrived. And better players should get the majority of minutes. He has a role on the team (maybe not the one he wants !) and he should comport himself to that role. He’ll be fondly remembered down the road if he was one of those guys who was always what the team needed him to be… rather than TRYING to be what he wanted to be.

  2. I hate to pile on because I also like the guy and appreciate what he has given to IU, but I have to agree with “Just Is”. Verdell should now be a limited role player off the bench, not a starter.

  3. I would delegate more minutes to Remy before Jones. Why did Crean go after Remy in such a last ditch recruiting effort if he merely wanted to give the kid butt blisters? I suppose he’ll throw him in the fire unprepared against Kentucky to make some strange justification for the kid wearing candy-stripes. Remy is a talented player, and I’m willing to bet that given some chances to put some minutes together, he would a positive force on the court. The only logical spot to find some of those minutes/momentum/confidence is in the place of Jones. And Daniel Moore getting more court time than Remy? I’m perplexed on that decision.

    JPancake stock is up. Tsao is down…Where is Tsao? I miss Tsao. I never thanked him properly for having my back a few days ago…Thanks Tsao.

  4. I’m betting Remy sees the court more and VJIII sees it less as the season progresses. Remy’s a freshman and as he learns more his physical skills will win out. It’s good to remember we’re not watching the kids in practice. Remy might be lost in practice right now. He’ll be fine.

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