Crean on the Stetson game

Indiana coach Tom Crean apparently won’t be available tomorrow when we have availability with players as well as assistant coach Bennie Seltzer. Today, we were sent quotes from Crean about the team and the upcoming game in a release. They follow.

“Our guys have done a great job in learning and preparing in a short time frame for opponents and that will be important once we hit the heart of the conference season.”

“I think thus far the non-conference schedule has helped us get better each week.  There is no doubt in my mind that our Division I scrimmage helped our mindset in a pressure-free environment and put us ahead of the game mentally.  We have won games in different ways, we have won a rivalry type game, we have won on the road twice, and we have won when having adversity and having to come back.”

“It will be a very special day for Hoosier Nation to have the 1987 Championship team back.  That was the first Final Four I ever attended and I have great memories of that experience.  I also believe our players and coaches have a great opportunity to learn from that group about what it means to be a great team.  When they see the genuine affection those teammates have for each other 25 years later, they hopefully will understand what a special time it is in their own lives.  I’m sure there were many hardships, but in the end they came together and achieved greatness as a group and no one can take that away from them.”


  1. My favorite quote from the ’87 NCAA tournament was what Bob Knight said after the LSU game…

    “It didn’t look good,” Knight said. “In fact, my assistants had just about given up, and so had I. Then I looked down toward the other bench, and I saw Dale Brown standing there. I knew then that we had a chance.”

  2. Too bad Knight can’t get past his grudge against previous administrations and enjoy this special reunion with his team. It just shows what a little man he truly is.

  3. I know that Coach Knight was treated wrong by the IU admin. All that he did for IU while he was there, and he was fired like he was. Regardless of this, I wish that he would have a change of heart for the Hoosiers. He would be a big boost for the team and fans at IU, please Coach…….come back! Go Hoosiers

  4. He was fired because of his own behavior and the olive branch has been repeated put out there. This is all on him.

  5. I am re-posting this from another thread, because I reallly want to hear people’s thoughts:
    Anyone care to offer their updated predictions for the year? I am now thinking 20-11 is realistic.
    Here are the losses I foresee. I still believe we will not win a lot of road contests, because they are always tough regardeless:
    vs. UK
    vs. OSU
    @WISC (because we will never beat UW in either sport in my lifetime)
    vs. IOWA (because there has to be one home letdown this year and they have our number)
    vs. MSU

    Please, offer your comments on where you see the losses coming.

  6. We definitely won’t lose to Iowa twice. I hope you are younger than 75, if not, your life will be cut short too soon – Wisconsin losses are a thing of the past. Holy War lines are being drawn… I guess I don’t understand it… it’s like there are realistic, rational people and then there are the ardent Knight/Alford supporters. It’s beginning to get a little weird, but I agree with Chet just about 100% of the time, Clarion is right there too, and then there are quite a few others that seem rational for the most part, even if I disagree and debate some of what they say… How is it that there are still people that don’t see the Knight thing for what it was – his own fault!

    I love Knight! My father was the faculty liaison to the NCAA for the IUPUI basketball team for a few years and Knight used to send me birthday cards. I coached HS for a decade and used motion offense and man-to-man defense because of Knight. There is nothing I enjoy more than listening to Robert talking hoops.

    BUT KNIGHT DID HIMSELF IN!!! The writing was on the wall for years, and he shook his fist at it. Crean has welcomed him back with open arms. The school has welcomed him back with open arms. The fans would love to cheer for him one more time. But there is only so much that can be offered before you just say, “okay Knight is apparently going to die a stubborn, spiteful bastard…. and I sorta love him for it.”

    Get over it folks. Whether or not he ever steps foot in The Hall again makes absolutely zero difference in how successful our basketball program is going forward. His support make absolutely no difference in what recruits we get going forward. Crean will work his ass off, recruit at a high level, and make us a contender whether he has Knights blessing or not.


  7. With regard to Knight and IU’s administration at the time, I think both were at fault. Certainly Knight did things that were wrong and frankly they were stupid. His departure reminds me of that saying “pride goes before the fall.” After the news broke about him “choking” one of his players (or whatever inappropriate contact he made), he should have resigned. When Brand issued his ridiculous “zero tolerance” edict, Knight should have resigned. If Knight’s ego had not gotten in the way of his brain, he’d have realized that his time under that IU President was finished. If Brand had not been such a PC wimp, he’d have taken Knight aside in his office and said, “look coach, you’ve had a great run here, done a lot of great things, let’s part ways in a manner that is good for both you and the University. I want your resignation. If you can’t/won’t resign, I’m prepared to fire you immediately.” The zero tolerance program was profoundly ridiculous. Either Knight deserved to be fired or he did not.

    Knight had not liked or respected Brand and his AD for a long time. He resented them trying to control him after years of being in total control of the basketball program. And being a PC academic, Brand did not like Knight. In fact, I’m sure he thought Knight had become an embarrassment to the University. And obviously, IU basketball had seen more successful times as compared to the last five years of Knight’s tenure at IU. When you’re not winning Big Ten Championships or going to the sweet 16 every other year, and when you don’t have the presence-of-mind to understand that your new boss sees things from a completely different perspective, or when you don’t realize that you’ve drifted into a new media-obsessed, PC culture, one’s career is bound to be adversely affected.

    Having said that, any University leader worth his salt would have managed Knight’s departure far better than Brand handled it. “Zero tolerance my butt. What a joke that was. What a sad and unfortunate chapter in IU sports.

    Personally, I don’t expect IU fans will ever see Bob Knight return to Assembly Hall. Time to move on and win NCAA Championships with a new coach.

  8. Speaking of choking…Did anyone see the Alabama coach grab one of his players under the chin(nearly looked like a choking grab) in last night’s game. Why does he get a free pass?

  9. Let’s focus on the IU players that will be there. I revered BK for many years but am over him.
    It was a special team…not as physically talented as others but they were very smart and executed very well. Case in point is near half time of the championship game. IU gets the ball in the last 30 seconds or so and everyone knows Alford is gonna shoot it. And still they get him a wide open shot at the buzzer. The screen was set and used properly and the ball was in the right place so the ball could be delivered to Alford. Perfection! The players knew their roles and did them well.

  10. I predicted Alford’s hair would make it to the NBA….it was a nightmare to guard.

    Most guys first step is given away by an accepted Newton Law of Motion. Alford’s hair was the best fake in the game…..For every action his first step there was no singular strand of hair moving in an opposing direction..Impossible to guard him from the brow up. His expressions never changed..His poker face eyes were sly and glazed…The posture was rigid and the hair was concrete beyond all normal laws of nature. There was constant deception. It messed with the mind…Even the best defenders had little defense for the Alford broomstick posture and hair trance. A Kieth Smart running jumper and the rest was history…the Alford hair went first round.

  11. Coach Knight will never be at Assembly Hall…first of all he still has a pending lawsuit against IU.He stayed 5 year’s to long by his own admission.The administration did nothing wrong in firing Knight..anywhere else he would have been fired 20 year’s earlier.IU owe’s Knight nothing…IU made Knight everything he was.His true coaching abilities came to the top at Texas Tech and they were not very good.From 1970 to 1995 he was the best ever..from 1995 until he stepped aside in the middle of the season to save his own son’s job…he was closer to the bottom than the top.He was told in 1999 that Pat would not be the coach at IU ever…and was told at Texas Tech that Pat would not coach…so he stepped down in the middle of the season to leave them no choice.Knight should be there Sunday to celebrate with the ‘ 87 team and just have a great time…not allowed in his world.I’m sure other than Alford there is no other player that could really care less if he is there or not.I am grateful for all the thing’s that Knight brought to Indiana basketball…but was nor ever will be bigger than the game.He was given the chance to retire and have the biggest celebration in college basketball history…but he stubbornly refused…Denny Crum was in the same boat…retire or else…he retired and was the best party ever…and now his name is on the Louisville floor.Poor coach Knight…very lonely and depressed man inside.

  12. The lawsuit was settled in 2009. An anonymous donor gave RMK some cash and it went away. Other than that you’re on target. He is a sad character.

  13. I believe that if Bob Knight would choose to forgive what he percieves as a wrongfull termination, and put it all behind him so he could attend this reunion of the 87 team, a great healing would occur on several levels. The greatest level of healing would be for Coach Knight himself. You see, it tells us in the bible to forgive, and when we choose to do so, the offense then no longer has any power over us. Now I know Coach Knight would say the whole situation has no effect on him whatsoever. But I think we all know it does. So come on Coach, be the bigger man and choose to forgive. The whole Hoosier Nation would welcome you back, and think of you as a better man because of it! It’s time Bob, be a man and do the right thing!

  14. At least once a year we have to have this conversation.

    Can we start a Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck poll, just to change the subject?

  15. 23 & 8, we are going to upset KY at Assembly Hall. At Purdue??? We’ll beat Purdue at Purdue, Zeller will come up big at Mackey. At Iowa!!!

  16. all you knight haters should ask his former players who defend him until the end what they think of him. knight was a great coach who did not cheat and who raised millions of dollars for the library. knight is not perfect but neither are you! let it go. he has no responsibility to be there sunday. i would have sent my son to play for him any time!

  17. I haven’t read any hating of Knight. He’s just a sad character at this point. It’s too bad that he can’t move on. Everyone else has. IU fans would welcome him with open arms and treat him like royalty but he can’t bring himself to accept it. It’s like an old family feud that no one remembers what they are feuding about anymore, but he’s the only one feuding. I feel pity for him.

  18. I tend to agree with T. Burns on Knight. On balance he brought nothing but good times to IU, re-established the Hoosiers national standing, revolutionized the game in many ways, contributed to an image of integrity, academics and legitimate college sports; became a huge contributor on the academic side of the institution, left a legacy of great basketball to the state’s high schools, motivated nearly all of his players towards a life of legitimate achievement and success and was loyal to the nth. degree in regards to his relationship with the University until the very tragic and obviously sad separation.

    The same is true of Steve Alford who did nothing but brings us honor and pride.

    Why then, are we so eager to address these two outstanding examples of true “Hoosiers”. I can understand the rationale behind the reasons some may think the separation was needed (while, truthfully, disagreeing with their view); but I can not, for the life of me, understand the bitterness and resentment with which many address two men who gave us much more than they took away.

    I simply don’t understand it. What did Steve Alford ever do to hurt the Hoosiers? (whether we sought him or not as ‘coach’)? Even before Knight considers a visit to Indiana, shouldn’t Hoosiers reconcile to him as well? It just surprises me. (By the way, I fully acknowledge I’ve always been a big fan of RMK’s but the reason I am writing this is that I don’t think we’ve been anywhere near fair with either).

  19. Indiana high school basketball greatness predates RMK by about a zillion years. To attribute any sort of legacy upon Indiana high school to Bobby is laughable…and I like him. Nobody is dissing him. I’ll grant that he added to the great legacy of IU basketball but, as I’ve said before, he won one more championship than Branch McCracken. A tremendous feat but he didn’t bring basketball to Indiana, as so many try to attest. He is simply a part of one chapter.

  20. Coach Knight will alway’s be a legend in Indiana.But he will never forgive IU for firing him and Pat.Of all the great thing’s he did for IU..and there were many…there were also some very bad thing’s…hitting a police officer in PR…hitting Ron Felling…choking Neil Reed…kicking Sheron Wilkerson..all the foul talk in public..and thinking he was bigger than IU and had to answer to no one.Had he taken the Norte Dame or Wisconsin job in 1970 instead of IU…he would have not made it to 1985…IU owe’s him nothing..he owe’s IU.This celebration Sunday is not for IU…it’s for his former player’s and the fan’s.But his stupidity and ignorance will once again get in his way and cause embarressment to him and his former player’s.Alford is also a legend and alway’s will be..and all know I would have loved to see him coach at IU…but his loyality to Knight come’s before what’s best for his own wife and children.He was offered the job at IU after Davis…but Knight would have cut all tie’s with him if he had taken it.So he raise’s his family in Mexico where they will never be heard from again instead of being here in the hotbed of basketball and close to family.Alford’s youngest son is a JR. in high school in New Mexico and scored 44 point’s in this year’s first game of the season…but not many will ever hear about him and the only place he will be able to play is for his dad.Steve you need to also grow up and cut the apron string’s from Knight or you to could end up just like him.I am sure when Alford is at Assembly Hall Sunday and see the energy that is here now…he will know that he made a big mistake.Coach Crean is a big man for welcoming the 87 team in and letting them take the day over…knowing that Alford is still some of the fan’s first choice for coach.I can hardly wait to see where IU and Coach Crean will be 5 year’s from now…and where Knight and Alford will be.BITTER SWEET STORIE.

  21. go to and you’ll find out… You have to pay for the subscription, but you can go month-by-month for a reasonable cost. There is also an app that is free (I think – it’s been a while since I downloaded it)

  22. Chet, I’ll agree that Indiana HS basketball fame predates Knight by several decades; but Knight ‘s contribution to the legend is significant and valid. His imprint and contribution to the Indiana legacy are clear, particularly to the emphasis on defense and Knight’s specific motion offense approach.

    Like you say, neither did I see ‘Knight haters’; but there has been an undertone of anger in regards to Knight and a ‘dismissal’ of Alford’s merits that does bother my sense of what each of them has given IU. We shouldn’t forget that following Branch McCracken’s retirement IU went through some pretty lean years under Lou Watson and Jerry Oliver. Knight recovered a pretty weak program and in a very short time had the Hoosier’s competing evenly with UCLA, Kentucky and, shortly thereafter becoming the country’s dominant program.

    What happened, happened. But, I am proud and grateful for the Knight years and what they brought to IU and to the game of basketball itself. I am proudest of the contribution he made to the lives of those who learned under him. Few coaches have had the impact on a sport (worldwide) that Knight had, an impact that is still evident today and is clearly seen in the top coaches formed in his coaching ‘school’. Just as he would argue the same in behalf of Claire Bee, Pete Newell, Don Haskins, Tex Winters…

    I am also happy to see the Hoosiers re-emerging and sincerely hoping to see similar success under Tom Crean. That would continue a thread of great coaching that has always distinguished Indiana University.

  23. Old School…that’s a lot of anger you carry. And, it takes a while to get through your syntax and decode your labyrinth of southern Monroe county dialect and goofy geography. First, I think you need to figure out that Mexico and New Mexico are two different places. You drive to Albuquerque and turn left and when you get to the border and see some nasty looking guys with sombreros, missing teeth and automatic weapons…that’s Mexico. If, on the other hand, you see Steve Alford’s wife coming out of a gym where his kid scored 44 points, you are likely still in the US- the state of New Mexico to be exact. If the road signs say “Welcome to Albuquerque”, or “Welcome to Taos” (I said Taos, not tacos)…that’s New Mexico… in the USA.

    In either case, if you are trying to communicate your thoughts with folks here in the US, it would help if you did so in English and if you lost whatever it is that has you so frequently insisting that coaches you dislike are ‘idiots’ or ‘ingrates’ or ‘traitors’. Otherwise people will read your nonsense and come to the conclusion that you are exactly who they thought you are.

  24. I understood him. I love New Mexico, by the way. I was in Taos last summer. He probably right about Steve’s kid. Maybe the Alford name will help but off the top of my head I can’t think of any players recruited out of New Mexico and I can’t imagine the competition is very good. I’d live there, though. It’s a lovely place.

    Hey, who knows. Maybe RMK will show up unannounced. God knows he’s done stranger things before. It would be great. Ten minute standing ovation. I’d bet.

    …and then he’d break a chair over Martha the mop lady.

  25. Tsao TsuG your name say’s all I need to know about you….idiot….I would say you are in your mid 30’s still in school still living at home with your parent’ enough to build an atomic bomb…but to stupid to know when you have to use the bathroom unless mommy tell’s you it’s about time again.

  26. i think that when a person calls knight a little man then that is hating. it is not up to us to decide if knight should be at the game today. why don’t we all just get behind THIS team and THIS program?

  27. Yeah, I think the undertones you speak of are a few of us trying to talk sense into OldSchool and his crew who were insisting that Crean was a bad choice and Alford should have been hired prior to Sampson and instead of Crean. At least on a personal level I was trying to defend Crean and the administrations decision under the circumstances, and in doing so had to point out some of Alford’s coaching flaws. Doesn’t mean I don’t love Alford, or that I ever would have been mad if IU had hired him at any point. I think that is true of the others that were on my side as well, if I may speak for them.

  28. Knight wants nothing to do with our program!! Yes he was a great coach yes he was an @#@hole but the bottom line is he’s not here and more importantly he doesn’t want to be here! Lets move on! Only IU fans would have a 7-0 soon to be 8-0 and talk about a former coach coming to a reunion. Lets move ahead. We have a good coach whom also is a good recruiter thats more than enough for me to forget about Knight. If he comes back great if not great either way it’s time for IU fans to move on. It’s hard to rebuild when 50% of your fan base can’t get out of the 20th century. Im sure ctc feels the same.

  29. Knight was a great coach. He was also an embarresment to the university and to IU fans. Pray for him yhat God will show him the error of his ways then forget about the past be proud of the team and the coaches we have now. Also don’t forget the players that have been here the last 4 years. We owe them a great deal of respect for sticking with it. God bless them!
    On a scale of 1-10. BK=9 TC=12

  30. To raffer1 or mister expert on Coach Knight. Coach Knight was who he was, he was no phony like some out there. He got shafted by a President who didn’t like him, and it wasn’t right to all concerned. But thats in the past, let’s get behind this hoosier team/and they’ll only get better. Next year they will really be tough, but we have this year first. I hope that some day Coach Knight will have a change of heart and come back to IU……Go Hoosiers

  31. I still expect there will someday be a 22k+ seat Hoosier RMK Fieldhouse on the IU campus. He will go for it as we will.

  32. People need to understand that the characteristics that made Knight such a great coach are the same ones that allowed him to behave in ways that often embarrassed IU and a lot of fans. And they are the same characteristics that will keep him from returning to IU.

    I love Bob Knight and have always been a huge fan. Always will be. I think he was the greatest coach in college sports, ever. As I’ve said before, I had the pleasure of meeting him on three occasions and he was funny, charming, interesting, and sincere on each occasion. He was a great guy. But adoring and respecting someone does not prevent one from recognizing their faults and objecting to some of their behaviors. Knight had his faults, but overall, his positives were far greater than his negatives. In my opinion, Bob Knight’s biggest mistake was not departing IU on his own terms and putting himself in position where a PC wimp like Brand could fire him.

    But he’s old history now. Time we Hoosier fans provide the new coach the support he needs to get IU basketball back to where it belongs, back to winning championships.

  33. Geoff, we agree. While I was one of those who thought IU made a terrible mistake…that was several years ago. Crean was as a good coach at a good program and after the mistake we had made with Sampson …it was time to move on. Whatever gives meaning to Hoosiers today is good.

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