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Is Indiana back? Whether they are or are not, the Hoosiers are ranked for the first time since 2008. They come in at No. 18 in the AP poll and No. 20 in the coaches’ poll, Dustin writes.

Indiana football signs its 20th recruit of the 2012 class, lineman Ralphael Green, Dustin wrote.


The Chicago Tribune gets in on the fun, saying Indiana is back on the basketball map.

Al Hamnik of the NWI Times says that Indiana has slowly but surely turned the corner this season.

Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press writes that Tom Crean wants to move past this Kentucky win.

Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier Journal justifies his decision to keep Kentucky No. 1, tells the IU student section to eliminate the profanity, and other things.


I know how much Bloomington loves “Wagon Wheel”, as do I. So here’s an awesome cover of said classic, from Mumford and Sons.



  1. I’m not showing the Mumford and Sons clip in the One for the Road section.

    No Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle Again?” You guys are zero fun.

  2. Nothing like reading Rick Bozich to make one appreciate Dustin’s objectivity. Even Kentuckians find him tiresome.

    Dustin, I don’t know if he’s still writing (or even alive) but the CJ used to have a sportswriter named Dave Kindred. I think he left for the Washington Post. Helluva writer.

  3. Chet and Harvard,
    Rick is Alex Bozich’s father actually. Not saying I agree with his No. 1 vote — and I appreciate the complement Chet — but I am going to step up in his defense here. In my experience, he’s always been professional, and the Bozich’s have both done a lot to help me on the beat since I’ve been here. I’m sure we could go back and forth on columns that do or do not ring homer, but as I’ve said, columnists have different rules and from what I can tell he plays the game the right way.
    Dave Kindred is still writing and he’s been in a lot of different posts. Sporting News among them. In terms of pure writing, unquestionably one of the best in the business.

  4. Kindred wrote for the Courier Journal when I was a kid (it was SUCH a good newspaper then). I’m (ahem) not a kid anymore. Good to hear he’s still in the game.

  5. Funny, I was gonna comment earlier, about how my Makers Mark tasted even sweeter on Saturday. Didn’t want to jinx anything, but I couldn’t help thinking about it during the game. And then IU won. So I had a couple, er six more.

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