Hoosiers set to take on Stetson with ’87 championship team in attendance

Victor Oladipo has seen “The Shot” time and time again, in the Hoosiers’ intro video at Assembly Hall. But tomorrow, he’ll get to meet the man who made that legendary shot.

With the 1987 national championship team returning to Assembly Hall for Indiana’s matchup with Stetson, Oladipo said today that he was very much looking forward to meeting the Hoosiers’ last national champions. And coming off of, arguably, one of their most important victories in the Tom Crean era, an 86-75 win over N.C. State, the team’s momentum and general excitement is at one of its highest points in those four seasons.

But with an emotional win, a host of national champions in the building, and a big game with top-ranked Kentucky just a week away, can Indiana keep their early-season focus intact?

“This is the only game we’re even mentioning,” assistant coach Bennie Seltzer said. “Whatever happens next week happens next week. With the ’87 team coming back, I think it’s important that we play well. To have those guys in the house is exciting. We want to play well in front of our national championship team.”

Added Oladipo: “We have to make sure we represent really well. They speak for themselves, they’re a national championship team. I can’t wait to meet them…I’m trying to be where they’re at.”

The Hoosiers still have a long way to “be where they’re at”, but a 7-0 start is as good as they could ask for at this point. But to be 8-0 heading into their matchup with the Wildcats next Saturday, Indiana will have to get by a Stetson team that Seltzer says the Hoosiers “can’t just show up and win” against.

Stetson is led by Delaware transfer Adam Pegg who is averaging 13 points and five rebounds this season for the 4-3 Hatters. Much of their gameplan involves dishing the ball to him in the post, and Seltzer says that strategy has been effective this season.

But where the Hatters may cause the most problems for Indiana is on the perimeter, beyond the arc, where the majority of their team, including Pegg, is comfortable shooting from.

Because of that comfort from deep, Oladipo said the Hoosiers have been focusing on defending the 3-point line more than usual the last few days of practice.

“This is a team that shoots a lot of three-pointers,” Seltzer said. “If they catch fire, they’ll be a team that can really compete with us.”

With momentum from an “overwhelming” win, as Oladipo called it, still brewing, and a national championship team in attendance, Indiana’s matchup with Stetson should provide an interesting sample of how this team is poised to respond to big wins the rest of the season.


  1. Does anyone know if this game is being broadcast on TV? Will I have to rely on btn.com to give me a good video feed?

  2. You guys might be able to catch the game at a bar, say Yogi’s or Nick’s? Not totally sure on that though; I’ll try to get it confirmed tomorrow afternoon.

  3. Kartje, “catch the game at a bar, say Yogi’s or Nick’s? Not totally sure on that though; I’ll try to get it confirmed tomorrow afternoon”.

    What if I’m under 21 and they want to card me at Nicks or Yogi’s? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to include the time (EST) and a very short note (italics, in parents) at the end of the pre-game story showing time, place and TV outlets. They used to teach that in j-school (at the good ones), sort of ahhh…informing the readers. (I live away from Bloomington and have searched three days worth of stories for the basic info (when, who, what, where, why)before I finally spotted it buried as the 4th subtitle graph (‘Next class’) in your Friday review. The assumption ‘we already know or should know’ doesn’t work if a reader lives in a different time-zone, tv market.

  4. You can always see the schedule on the IU Athletics website. Day, date, time, TV, and radio, including Sirius/XM are all listed. I agree that it would be nice if the Scoop included it in articles about upcoming games, but I wouldn’t be stymied by its absence since its available numerous places on the Internet. For those living where the Big Ten Network isn’t available and you’re out of range for the terrestrial radio broadcasts, you can listen to Fisch and Royce call the games on All Access for a monthly fee. Check out IU Athletics at http://iuhoosiers.cstv.com/sports/m-baskbl/sched/ind-m-baskbl-sched.html for the schedule and info about All Access.

  5. TsaoTsuG,

    Who crapped in your cocoa puffs? Time, place, TV & radio are always in the pre-game article. Spring for the subscription or expect to search for free information.

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