1. I think we’re underrated but I guess that shows how far we sunk in the eyes of others the last 3 years. But still, Harvard is rated and we’re not?

    Maybe this will help pUKe to overlook us and underestimate us.

    8-0 gets no respect, but I bet 9-0 will get ALOT of respect!

  2. There are 3 undefeated Big Ten teams….. 2 are ranked in the top 25 and one is not……Guess who? There is no way Illannoy is better than us.

  3. Patience, grasshoppers. Patience. We will be ranked before all is said and done. BTW, I like the coach’s poll better.

  4. A close loss to UK will be better for this IU team than beating cupcakes by 20. Look at the IU schedule before complaining about your ranking. Illinois beat Gonzaga. Who has IU beat NC State watch out now, IU should be a top 25 team with that win.

  5. 8-0, but this Saturday is what Indiana basketball is all about. We will go from unranked to #1 by beating #1. And believe me, this team will play well at a rockin Assembly Hall will do it. We are done being a door mat. We are Indiana!

  6. I agree with Boomer, Blue and Bear. Though I think THE IU victory of the year is NC State, it’s not that big of a deal when you look at the scope of NCAA Basketball. Kentucky IS the Big Deal. Beat them and IU is ‘for real.’ Lose and then we’ll have to see whether it’s one of those “off the cliff” games or whether IU learns and moves on. I think these guys are good and this season is going to be special.

  7. These polls mean nothing, look at Memphis, 4-2 and basically beat no one and are still ranked in both polls. they are a joke!

  8. And you have to agree with some others, its nice to see us getting votes, but we still havent played a top 50 team yet per sagarin, and I havent looked to see where NCSU was ranked on Pomroy. Just best pUKe this weekend and all will work itself out, polls mean nothing anyway!

  9. THE ONLY POLL THAT COUNTS IS THE LAST ONE!IU has been buried under 66 loses in three years and and is now on the move,but must be consistant and take no one for granite !You have to admite the first half against Stetson brought back some very scary memories and until we show that we are for real no one will take us seriously.A win against KY saturday would go along way toward that goal of respect!It can and will be done!

  10. The fact that we are even debating whether or not they should be ranked with such vigor makes my heart smile!!!!

    I plan to leave Assembly Hall with no voice left on Saturday!

  11. Just checked Pomroy and IU is ranked 17th in the nation after all of these “cupcake” victories. hmmm…. not saying IU is the best in the county (right now) but this game is going to show a lot about a lot. I dont even have the chance to go to the game, but ill lose my voice in my living room. IU!

  12. I am excited about the test. Regardless of the outcome, I see this as a great opportunity for our Hoosiers. You should always relish facing #1. Individual victories are confidence makers.
    His freshman year, one of my sons had a wrestling match against a ‘man’ from OSU who would go on to be an undefeated NCAA Champ. The guy looked ten years his senior. My son got the first takedown. He then got his butt handed to him. But he knew, in that moment, that he was good enough to take down anyone in the country. It was a huge confidence builder.
    No matter the final outcome, our guys are going to win a lot of individual (and team) battles against a bunch of lottery picks. That is a very big deal.

    I can’t wait.

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