Indiana ranked No. 18 in the AP, No. 20 in the Coaches’ Poll

Indiana returned to the Top 25 in both polls on Monday afternoon thanks to Saturday’s buzzer-beating upset of No. 1 Kentucky. The Hoosiers are ranked No. 18 in the Associated Press poll and No. 20 in the USAToday/ESPN Coaches’ Poll. It’s Indiana’s first appearance in either Top 25 since March of 2008.

UPDATE: Stole this idea from our good friend Zach Osterman at, but here is a link to’s list of where every Associated Press voter picked Indiana. The Hoosiers were picked as high as No. 5 by Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and were left unranked by eight voters.

UPDATE: In case you’re interested, here’s a link to Fittipaldo’s blog at the Post-Gazette and some of his reasoning for putting the Hoosiers fifth. I also spoke with him by phone, and he said that he didn’t want to penalize Kentucky too much for losing on the road, but early in the season, he also won’t put an undefeated team behind a team it beat. He dropped Kentucky to No. 6, so he said it was only fair to put Indiana at No. 5.

I’m going head-to-head 95 percent of the time on that,” said Fittipaldo, who as the Post-Gazette’s Pitt beat writer, watched the final seconds in the Madison Square Garden press room after the Panthers’ game against Oklahoma State. “I  know Indiana’s schedule wasn’t great before Kentucky, but they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. Know other people do it differently, but I don’t see how you put Kentucky ahead of Indiana right now.”

Fittipaldo ranked Louisville No. 1 followed by Syracuse, Baylor and Xavier.


  1. Feels good to be back! I think 18-20 might be a smidge low but who cares about the details, the only poll that matters is the last one of the season. Time will tell where we deserve to be as the B1G season unfolds.

  2. First ranking since March 2008, that awful dark month of infamy for our program. So great to be relevant again and to put that affair behind us.

    Let’s toast to our slow, deliberate, and virtuous climb back up the mountain, led by hometown heroes like Cody and Hulls, and artfully chosen 3 star recruits like Vic and Sheehey.

    Avoiding the Notre Dame letdown effect needs to be the top focus this week.

  3. Persistence has paid off: Crean righted the ship. He kept the faith when others didn’t and we are heading back toward’s our standard of excellence. The movement started way back and now it’s paying dividends.

    If Watford keeps improving and the develops a High/Low with Zeller, IU may be as good as Wisc, Mich. State, and Illinois. We don’t have that Ohio State talent yet, but we should get some quality road wins out of this team.

  4. Dustin-

    Don’t feel bad. For many years I thought it was a Zepellin song.

    Choice B: Springsteen’s “The Rising?”

  5. My vote is “I’ve Got a Feeling” from the Beatles’ rooftop concert. It’s connection to “The Movement” is a little more subtle and prophetic.

  6. “subtle and prophetic”..Well, put a pretty dress on..I just lost. You don’t sound like no hick. It’s yours Dustin shall pick. And that’s a darn prosthetic nice song from ya, Steve. Speakin’ of Steve, I have one last suggestion from a Steve. It ain’t real subtle, but I still like her.

  7. I hope none of the players were hurt during that scrum, Watford has had back problems before. Celibration is deserved but let’s not hurt anyone in the process!! What a wonderful replay!!

  8. “You’ll wake up one morning,you start to feel good.
    The sun in the blue sky looks like it should.
    Cause time is a healer,it’s strange but it’s true.
    So keep looking forward,the sun will come through. ”

    Ten Years After

  9. For many years I’ve enjoyed Senior Day at the last IU home game of the season. What do they call the day at Rupp Arena Sophomore Day?

  10. In reference to Oregoniu’s comment, did anyone notice that Pritchard was on a table at the end of the game trying to get Creek out of the chaos. Someone in the group we were watching the game with did make a comment that he hoped that Mo Creek wasn’t in the middle of that because of the boot can’t move well. Also, didn’t want anything that would hurt his rehab. Great win, Hoosiers! Keep it rolling and not have a let down this Saturday versus ND. Plus I have a side bet with my brother-in-law, ND alumn, and I don’t want to lose it.

  11. Hate to say “I told you so” to the naysayers who were after Tom Crean’s hide because of the last two years of rebuilding, but I told you Crean could turn things around at IU if IU administration would just let him do his job and people in the community would support him.

  12. Marq; don’t be so polite! Go ahead and throw those “I told you so” tabs as hard as you want. Those naysayers and chronic Crean haters deserve to get hit with an I told you so. Let it go, and feel good doing it for the rest of us Hoosier fans.

  13. About a week ago a ‘Facebook friend’ mentioned Chris Mack as someone he’d rather have as coach than CTC (this was AFTER the Kentucky game). I brought up the Cincy/Xavier episode. He ‘defriended’ me.

    Lucky me.

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