1. Syracuse sure gets the benefit of the doubt. Their big win was a squeaker over Florida (not to diminish the Albany Great Danes). Maybe voters just want to put a target on Boe-whines back after he tried to protect a child molester.

  2. Interesting to go up in the polls after beating the University of Must Be Cupcake(UMBC)…Last year spanking the Hoosiers was like stealing Tiny Tim’s crutch on Christmas eve. This season we’re a Big Ol’ 13th-ranked Scrooge. In just one year, we’ve gone from a working class bum just thankful for a goose to keeper of all the coal. Now we are the targets for snowballs and ornery sneak attackers that would love nothing more than to see us fall flat on our backs. This boosting of our rank is a conspiracy to paint us a powerhouse. It’s intended to falsely raise our confidence and give Izzo’s Spartans a chance for more excitement from their normally bland fans. I love our team this year, but I hope they ignore this ranking garbage. It means nothing.

    Can we beat the Spartans in East Lansing?….Blue Lobster is still crunching the numbers, but he’s leaning toward the Scrooges.

  3. Given that several teams ranked ahead of IU in last week’s poll have since lost, I think it’s an appropriate rank. I’m a bit surprised that several teams with two losses are ranked as high as they are. Of course, rankings mean very little, but the notoriety it gives IU BB is a positive for future recruiting efforts, increases exposure, and is fun for the fans.

    If IU wins one of the next two games, I believe they will be ranked in the Top 10. But in my humble opinion, the outcome of IU’s Big Ten season depends on the players staying healthy. Hopefully, WS and VJIII will recover and quickly return to the form they demonstrated in the first 11 games.

  4. It’s a nice spot. It gives the guys recognition for what they have done without painting too big a target on their back. I’d be fine if they stayed at thirteen even if the win streak keeps going.

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