Kyle Tucker of the C-J tells us what Marquis Teague actually discussed

As I mentioned earlier, Marquis Teague delved deeper into what he expects from Indiana fans at tomorrow’s game than the quotes we were sent from the UK sports information department let on. (Transcripts that leave out slightly more controversial answers, of course, are not just a Kentucky issue and are pretty much standard — and really, understandable — public relations practice.) Anyway, here’s a link to the blog of Kyle Tucker, Kentucky beat writer for the Louisville Courier-Journal, who posted a more complete transcript.


  1. Nothing too controversial. Still, I think we can get into his head easily, despite him saying the crowd not bothering him.

    He doesn’t scare me as much as John Wall and Brandon Knight did.

  2. I don’t imagine that his teachers were very happy with him choosing to attend bait and tackle shop over a Big Ten university.

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