1. Dustin – I am not so sure that your comment about being full for 2013 due to Creek injury is 100% correct. IUBB is currently over by 1 for next year. Barring the resolution being the leaving of a senior (Elston, Wafford, Hulls) then most likely the solution would roll into 2013….ie someone leaving from this year class or a freshman not enrolling in 2012. I would be surprised for someone to decide to wait another year to come to iu as many suggest. I think they just get a release and go elsewhere

  2. Charles,
    That’s what I meant by “currently.” At least I think (hope) that’s how I worded it. There are a lot of different ways this scholarship situation could shake out and it obviously has to get fixed before the 2012 season, so that would presumably have to open up a scholarship for 2013. But I honestly don’t even have a guess right now as to how it’s going to work out. So I just pointed out that there currently are 13 players scheduled to be on scholarship in 2013. But like I said, I’m expecting one more signee for that class beyond Davis and Hartman. If I were to guess right now, I’d say they don’t go into the oversign again that year. Of course I could be wrong…

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