1. BTW, did anyone catch the comments that Gunner Kiel’s dad made about IU after committing to LSU this weekend?

    Any insight here? They seem to be pretty turned off by something that happened. Is this something we should be worried about?

    Kiel committed during the summer but the relationship between the staff and family deteriorated and Kiel decommitted on Oct. 20. The day Kiel decommitted, his father, Kip, said Indiana’s poor record was a factor but that also “a lot of things are concerning.” He didn’t elaborate on what the other factors were.

  2. Dustin,

    In the chat, you outlined next year’s scholarship scenarios very well but I am wondering if there is a fifth possibility: a player going off scholarship but remaining with the team. Is that even allowed by the Big 10 and/or the NCAA? If so, is it a possibility for IU? Thanks.

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