1. This will silence the critics who said we haven’t beat enough good teams! That was a nail biter, wondering if we would crack 100 or not…

  2. Great game tonight but not sure why the starter’s played so many minute’s in a rout.Remember Mo Cheek’s??Zeller..VO..Jordan would not have played any in the second half if I were coach.Overall though IU looked pretty sharp against a bad team.Did anyone catch that Knight will be inducted into the Ohio State Hall Of Fame tommorrow night?Pat’s Lamar team will play Ohio State and lose by 30.Knight will show up for this I’m sure.He demand’s respect..but give’s no respect.Indiana did more for Knight in his time here than Ohio will have ever done for him.He was a bench player..very seldom even played…but he will be there I’m sure.Time to close the book on him and let him stay mad at IU…

  3. Maybe Jordy will never play in the NBA(as professional scout/ESPN analyst/Scoop blogger, Geoff, has repeatedly informed a less-than-knowledgeable Hoosier fan base), but when he made the running left-handed three to beat the shot clock, I went into complete JB wet dream mode.

  4. Next prediction: Due to another lights-out shooting performance by Hulls tonight, the “Unablogger of Kennebunkport”(a.k.a. Geoff) will retire to bed in his Depends tonight.

  5. It’s well documented that I love Hulls. Have since he was in HS. I love him for all the reasons you do and several you haven’t comprehended yet…

    Can you please teach me how to imbed pictures into red text? That’s neat.

    Oh and I am pretty sure that the IU fan base has above average basketball intelligence, and that the majority would agree with my assessment of his NBA potential.

  6. I bet you love him for the crack his rare smile that longs to come out of slumber a grumpy determined pouty lower lip.

    Kind of in a hurry tonight. I’ll teach you the picture thing for a box of lobster. You’re a good time.

  7. OSH,

    I lived in Ohio during RMK’s years at OSU. He played much more than the picture you paint with the remark, “very seldom ever played”. His Jr. and Sr. Years he was the 6th man on a team with the likes of Mel Nowell, Lucas, Havlicek, Siegfried and Joe Roberts. They were a force in college BB during their time at Columbus.

  8. I am not disputing that he might belong in the Ohio State HOF…they had some great player’s and great team’s there for a few year’s.My only gripe is that he most likely will show up for that event…but would not show up for the same honor at IU.Typical Knight.

  9. Since they did not fire him using the bogus 0 tolerance tale he feels the relationship with his state of origin is special.

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