1. The Student has become the Master. “When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, you are ready weedhopper.”

  2. Wow. Exciting game. We’re 12-1 with a road loss to MSU. Awesome. Not our best shooting night but a tremendous amount of fight in these guys.

  3. Zeller was schooled tonight. Looked like a total freshman.
    I guess those boys from the city got tired of reading his press clippings in USA Today. Welcome to the Big Ten Cody.
    This time will be 0-2 this weekend and in Last in the Big -10. Crean is not the answer.

  4. Indiana is still ok..12-1 and we did compete at MSU.IU has not won there since 1991 and we have had some awesome teams leave there with a loss.Next year we will have the speed and bodies to put the game away.Tonight we just could not put them away and Izzo knew we had nobody who could stop them inside.VJIII played his best game of the year so far…Watford and VO played well.Hull’s is a great kid and great player before the Big Ten starts…with no speed or size he just get’s ate alive.Roth is not in the game for his defense…not sure how many minutes he played in the second half but think he only took one shot.Coach has got to get the team to understand that the 7-9 minutes that Roth is in the game it’s to get him shots.Indiana is still a year away from being able to win these types of games..Zeller played like a true freshman..because he is.He will gain 20-30 pounds and then he will not be knocked around like he was tonight.Coach did a great job…I think VO nedds to play 35 minutes..he must be in the game for us to have any chance to win.Indiana must take care of home and steal one or two on the road and 22-23 wins is within site and a trip to the dance…and remember..we are still a year or two away from being really good.

  5. Watford was ready. Verdell played well. MSU brought the D, and showed us what we need to work on. Now IU can work on basketball, and not worry about being undefeated.

  6. I am going to beg to differ with you J Willsey. Overall, I do not think Zeller got schooled. He can’t make his teammates throw the ball to him. Many of the times he posted well, the ball was either thrown in very poorly, or not even attempted. Not to say he was without blame. Several times he did not establish good position.
    The player who got exposed was Jordan Hulls. (And I like the kid.) But he was too small to shoot over them, not quick enough to dribble by them and way to slow to defend them. But he IS our best point guard, by a long shot. (Unfortunately, Yogi will have size issues too next year. But at least he has speed !!)
    I think you have to acknowledge not have Sheehey tonight was large ! Was it the difference between an L and a W ? Maybe… maybe not ? But it certainly would have provided the depth and athleticism we lacked from the bench tonight.
    Even if we are 0-2 after Saturday… it is not a mandate on Crean’s coaching. There probably aren’t 10 teams in the country that would sweep those two games. So… I guess we are probably appropriately ranked (i.e. not in the Top 10). Hey, we are 12-1 and maybe 12-2. But no one is delusional enough to think this is a 30-win team. The season is going well. IU will make the Big Dance. And next year… we’ll have even more depth… and may well be able sweep these 2 games !

  7. So, jwillsey, how did you enjoy your first basketball game? You do know this team is 12-1, beat the #1 team in the country, and hasn’t won in Lansing in 20 years, right?

    What a maroon.

  8. Ugly night for Hulls. Ugly shooting..ugly defending..ugly decisions on far too many weak passes. Geoff looks a lot more knowledgeable about the game than I after this one. Jordy really struggles with quicker athletic guards that can lock him down. I’ve never seen him look slower..He just didn’t look like he belonged.

    The final momentum turn in the game occurred when Elston committed three dumb plays in a row(a horrific looking wild forced shot and what I remember as back-to-back turnovers).

    The season is young and maybe coming a bit back down to earth is a good thing before getting OSU on Saturday.

  9. Just is..I agree with Mass. Now we have a watermark for the Hoosiers that is valid. I especially agree that the Hoosiers need much better point guard play to compete wit the MSUs, OSUs and especially on defense. Like you, I like Hulls and think he has character but, unfortunately, it is character with slow-twitch muscles while giving up 2-4 inches… way too much. As it stands, Remy needs to be prepared and worked in, no question about it.

    I was also glad to see Watford have a strong game given the very unfair shredding he has taken.

  10. How does Izzo get this kid from Valpo? He transferred to MSU after completing his bachelor’s degree from Valpo U.? He looks like an All-Big 10 prospect…Open his page on the official MSU basketball site, and its blank with no photo and no history/bio…Go figure.

  11. Looking forward to Crean’s comments after the game. Izzo simply got lucky. Damn! Lucky Izzo. Crean remains the best; Crean is the Pablo Neruda of the Big Ten country.

    Tough night for Hulls and Zeller. But let’s not forget when we took the lead after Zeller’s first points of the game. It didn’t look that bad for Hulls and Zeller then…

  12. Go back to the basement and popping pus out of 4guards’ back pimples, Rico. Gutless Puke fan.

  13. Way to go Hahvad!! Let him have it! What would Rico know about Neruda anyway, that’s for those of us who can read and write…Neruda could see motion and words flow into sound of music when Rico is not only illiterate but devoid of ideas… Neruda would spit!

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