1. i got spoiled last week watching a ref crew who didnt call every touch on both sides.

    hightower calls everything. no team can pull away because he ruins the momentum. last week the refs let those boys bang around and knock around. THATS BASKETBALL!

    hightower just wants to be noticed.

  2. A win is a win. Verdell has lowered the bar again. He was just awful. I felt a sense of relief whenever he gave up the ball before something bad happened. Solid D by both teams. Lots of ticky tacky fouls called. No flow at all. If you like to watch teams shoot free throws it was your kind of game.
    In the end they did what they had to do to win. I’ll take it.

  3. Hightower and Valentine are the 2 worst ref’s ever..and it’s apparent they don’t like IU very much.I thought this would be a very sloppy game for IU after the player’s reading all week about how good they are!!! BUT..IU did win and Coach Crean did a great job rotating player’s with all the foul trouble.Would have liked to seen Roth a little when ND went to the zone…but other than that great job by both player’s and coach’s.Without a major setback…12-0 going into the B10 look’s awesome.If we could just take care of home and finish 9-9 in B10…that’s 21-9…would take that right now.Keep it going!!!

  4. Ugly game. Horrible officiating. Pritch may have set a record – 4 fouls in 10 minutes. Verdell was Verdell, but he still led the team in minutes, I’ll never understand that. Thankfully, Zeller was Zeller.

    The only bright side to this game was that we seemed to feed the Z better.

  5. CTC is the greatest coach since Naismith hung up the peach baskets. I would suggest that everyone wear “Bobby who?” T shirts and name the court – “Crean Court”. Then we can all call it a day.

  6. A very ugly and uninspired effort…But they won. These games happen particularly after a game like Kentucky. Every team has ‘let downs’ during the season and teams that win these games in spite of themselves usually wind up playing in March. This IU team is OK. This is going to be a good season (Hell it already has been a Great pre-Big Ten season). They’ll probably lose a couple of games that they shouldn’t but I’ll bet they’ve also got a couple of wins ahead of them that they shouldn’t get. Great time to be a Hoosier.

  7. Just when you think FC2011 can’t possibly come off looking any more idiotic he steps right up and proves he knows no limits. Impressive.

  8. So much fun to watch this team defensively. Agressive and opportunistic. What a job by Crean and the players over the summer to develop the defensive focus.

    These are the types of games that even the Sampson team couldn’t win.

  9. Exactly…. I thought the defense was by far the most impressive part of last nights win. If it hadn’t been for 3 desperation, BAIL-OUT 3-ptrs by Dragocevich in the first few minutes they would have been just about shut out in the first half. IU managed to be smothering without really fouling… There was some ticky-tack BS called but that was about it. I also liked how Jordy stepped up in the second half to cement the win – knocks down a 3, hits a pull-up, makes a great pass…. Game out of reach.

    Funny story about another ref, Ted Valentine (funnier if you actually know my father, but even those who don’t still laugh) – my father is an elementary school guidance counselor. His nickname from us growing up was Mr. Rogers. He now practices buddhism. He is just about the most peaceful, most easy-going guy anyone knows…

    Until he sees Valentine reffing an IU game! I had my father and brother over to watch the IU-UK game and we are getting ready for the game to start. Emotions are running high for my brother and me, both in our 30’s, but my dad is just sitting back on the couch soaking in the fact he gets to watch a meaningful IU game with his sons… Smiling. Literally 1 minute into the game, barely anything has happened yet, my dad notices Valentine… 30 seconds later Cody goes up for a lay-up and it looks like he gets fouled… no call. My father EXPLODES off the couch pointing and screaming at the TV, “Valentine you f@&king c&@ks@$ker! I hate you! You never give a call to us! Call the damn foul, it’s your favorite thing to do – get your face on TV for calling a stupid foul! Now our guy gets fouled and you won’t call a f&$king foul. You’re a f€#king c*+ks$&ker!!!

    The score was like 2-0… My brother and I are just left staring at each other in disbelief. I guess that’s the special kind of love that IU fans have developed with Valentine over the years.

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