1. Totally off of subject, but I saw the news about Georgetown losing a big freshman forward with a heart condition. So I thought of Moses Ayegba, the 6’9 kid that IU chased a couple of springs ago. I checked and he played in 6 games in 2010-11 but is not on Georgetown’s roster for 2011-12. What happened to Moses?

  2. anyone see that brawl at the end of the Xavier/Cincy game?

    Nasty! Usually there’s just a bunch of yapping and pushing. These guys came out throwing haymakers and asking questions later. Haven’t seen a face that bloody since Hansborough’s a couple years back, and that wasn’t from a fight…

    Game was ok, fight was awesome.

  3. CTC is the greatest coach, ever. I don’t see how Indiana could lose one game with him at the helm!

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  5. Hey yo “Fire Crean” You can call me Dick if you want but I must say Go to the Purdue Message board and Tell them IU’s comin to Mackey to Claim our rightful place in their house. IU is Back, Crean isnt going anywhere and All the Haters that talked down on V Jones and Crean all these years can go to He**

  6. Dick… that was the most exhilerating and satisfying win since 1987, because of who we beat, how we won, and the circumstances of the last few years…

    I shared a great day with my father and brother today! We will have this memory forever. We don’t get together all the time, my brother has lived 1000’s of miles away until recently, but we were all jumping around the living room hugging eachother screaming and high-fiving…

    I will be forever grateful to Watford for providing that memory.

    But Jones sucked. We spent a lot of the afternoon screaming at Crean to get him out of the game. He was terrible and we won despite him.

    Other than that TODAY WAS AMAZING!

  7. Well, we won’t hear from ‘FireCrean’ for a few days. It’s amazing how you can tell he looks like a weasel just by how he types.

  8. CWat had a good game overall. Maybe one of his best all around performances. Well there is your answer to who was gonna step up. Everybody contributed, and honestly, IU could have won by ten plus. It’s good that they can find a way to win, but we kind of reverted back to standing, one on one moves. That almost cost us.
    I don’t mean to piss on the parade, but I think IU could have knocked out Kentucky. We let them hang around. Anyway, big, big win, so proud to be a Hoosier.

  9. Kentucky needed that game to see their own weaknesses. Great job by CTC, though I wouldn’t have put the ball in Verdell’s hands at the end. It looked like Calipari wanted a reach in called on his own player at the end.

  10. Doug Gottlieb said UK ‘won’ the first half so, using his logic, they ‘won’ the second half by even more.

  11. Yeah, I wasn’t exactly sure where Doug was going with that. The begging and pleading Calipari at the end was priceless.
    That was my take on his arm-tugging motion as well.

    I have watched the replay, conservatively…., 37 times.

  12. I caught that about Gottlieb. So did we lose by two or four? Building off my last post. If anything, IU lost both halves according to my logic, but still ended up having the higher score.

  13. good point FakeCoach… It would have taken most programs at least 5-10 years to come back from what IU just underwent. UMASS never recovered. UNLV never really recovered. Michigan is just now recovering. Pretty proud of our guys and Crean that it only took 3 years to get back to respectability.

  14. apparently TS didn’t like FakeCoach’s language… My response was sarcastic. He seemed to think that 3 years was a little much for IU to figure out how to win.

  15. Harrier 3-D, do you think watford looks or at least channels, Will Smith? I made that ponit on p–gs once and was summarilly dismissed as an idiot!

  16. WOW! What a great victory. Credit to all the players and to Tom Crean and his coaching staff. But once again, the fans that filled Assembly Hall and the Hoosier Nation proved they are the best basketball fans in the world. That crowd was worth a dozen points or more. That is IU basketball and its was beautiful to behold.

    Once again, an IU team beat a more athletically talented team. Today they did it with heart, grit, passion, unbelievably enthusiastic fans and some great outside shooting.

    This great victory should quiet all the Crean critics for quite some time. No one outside Bloomington gave IU any chance of beating #1 ranked KY. But Crean believed it, made his players believe it, and got his team ready to play. Now he has these guys believing in themselves and IU has served notice to the Big Ten that they are once again a force. Wow, this feels great.

    Although a great win, what must be disturbing to other Big Ten teams is that IU still has plenty of room for improvement, like their offense around the basket (we missed quite a few bunnies today), reducing turnovers (yes, VJ still makes me cringe) and how to play while holding a ten point lead in the second half.

    I hope Crean remembers to remind his players that “the greatest risk for failure comes immediately after one’s greatest success” and that IU’s players will not have a let down next week, but see today’s win as a big step toward greater goals.

    Bring on Notre Dame.

  17. Who was it that was saying we would lose at Iowa a while back? This is a pretty good win come tourney time, I think.

  18. Great win!! Great win…just enjoy it! Leave the coaching to the coaches and enjoy! The Earth has North America back on top…a very good thing!

  19. I think that all of us saw things that could have been done better by players and coaches (and the players and coaches themselves saw and know those things) but let’s wait until tomorrow, or Monday or whenever to point them out or complain. WE JUST BEAT THE #1 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY AND IT WAS KENTUCKY. This is GREAT.

  20. Many thought we could win.Many thought we could shoot the lights out.NO ONE thought we would have an 8 pt lead in the first half,a 10 pt lead in the second half.Kentucky looked perplexed much of the game and frankly somewhat confused.We ran,we shot,we conquered.Pinch me I’m dreamin.Monster game by Watford not even counting the last shot.Lit up the stat sheet and shut down their best scorer!

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