1. Awesome!

    Who was that dingus who said this group of guys rides on Zeller’s shoulders (in an attempt to slight Crean)? Love this TEAM.

  2. Wow! Will’s out. Cody rides the bench. Nobody but Jordy seems to be able to hit a three (and HE misses a clutch free throw!). While he did a lot of positive things, Verdell was a turnover machine. The officiating was…I don’t know what the officiating was. With all that we still beat #2. Face it all you Crean haters, this team is pretty darn good and Coach Crean is a very good coach. If someone tells me a different coach could have gotten more out of this bunch so far this season I’m calling bull$hit. 13-1 with wins over #1 and #2!
    Somebody remind me, why is it that Jordy can’t play in the Big Ten? I seem to have forgotten when he was blowing past his defender going to the rim. If anybody is slow on defense it’s Verdell. He was the one getting beat to the hole. I hate to beat on a guy that put up some valuable points tonight but, in crunch time, all I wanted was to see him give up the ball before he lost it.

    What a great victory for the Hoosiers!

  3. Elston gets credit here. He played really well when the pressure was on. Zeller goes out and the whole Buckeye team (the whole world really) is looking at Sullinger. I don’t think he even got a touch those last 2:20, thanks to Elston’s defense. Give that guy a game ball.

  4. firecrean2011 you obviously do not know what you are talking about. clearly crean can coach. are you a closet purdue fan? what a game. yes chet, jordy can play. i am with you 100 percent. a lot of people owe him an apology tonight. by the way firecrean2011, this is the first year in school history that iu has defeated the number one and number two teams in the country during the same season! GO HOOSIERS AND GO COACH CREAN!

  5. I hope all the recruits who are considering IU take a good look at what is going on in Bloomington. We come to play. We come to win. Thanks to every Hoosier fan out there who has been patient with the team, coach Crean and his staff.

  6. Sensational win,astonishing really.Now how we could possibly win with Verdud stinking up the joint?Could he have played worse?The only thing worse than jones was the officiating.They missed more calls that jones made turnovers.How bout a new years resolution,jones get pulled every time he makes a mistake.His Sean Klean moment was throwing the ball away on an inbounds pass,then running alongside the guy who stole the pass pointing to other defenders who they should pick up,meanwhile his man goes in for a layup?I didn’t think that imbecile could top his record of ineptitude,but no ha can and does time and again!!!

  7. FC2011 must have a backup tiny head…foom!…there it goes. There’s nothing ‘closet’ about his Purdue woody (balsa).

    What a funny little guy. Don’t ever stop posting. You always make me laugh. You’re like ‘Jackass – The Blog’. Time for some more bandages.

  8. My favorite Verdell moment was when he booted that perfect bounce pass that found him alone under the basket, then the camera catches him yelling at the passer as they head back down the court afterward.

    Here’s the thing. We’re winning. We’re winning against the best teams in the country. It would be ridiculous to think we should be winning more. Maybe it’s just some brilliant psychological gambit to make the other team do certain things that is simply way above my understanding. Whatever it is. it’s working.

    I don’t care. Just win, baby.

  9. I noticed that IU really started attacking the basket once they realized that the refs would blow the whistle so much. In the second half they just kept attacking. I’d like to see them do that every game, instead of dribbling around 25 feet from the basket.

    In contrast, IU got to the bonus in the first half at the 12 minute mark, but didn’t draw another foul until the 6 minute mark. They learned and adjusted in the second half.

  10. Hulls draining the 3-pointer(@ 3:42 mark) that immediately surged IU back in front by a bucket after OSU’s Smith drained what appeared to be a back-breaker of his own(@ 3:51 mark) was pure demonstration of a kid that instinctively identifies and lives to seize the moments in games hanging in another dimension of balance a world the outcomes have already been determined…He grabs fate and spits in the face of destiny. He’s about as close the real deal gets to fantasy only found on movie screens. He’s the Roy Hobbs of the Hoosiers.

    That might not be NBA..It’s far more. It’s having a chance to watch on full display an untouchable gift that infects the senses..It’s where the immortals forever play and the rest of us can only dream.

  11. I’ll second the game ball to Elston. He played a nice role. Nothing fancy, but he filled the gap, and hung in there.

  12. Happy New Year everyone!

    Am I dreaming? Did we just beat the #2 team in the country? Is that Chet and Clarion barging into Geoff’s steamy dream of Jared Sullinger spanking the Hoosiers? Oops, wrong dream

  13. Harvard, I love the hyperbole. You are a true poet.

    I actually think Sullinger is extremely over-rated. I believe I stated that after they pounded Duke. He is certainly an effective college player that takes full advantage of the multitude of reputation calls he gets every single game, but I just don’t think he’s all that. I do have a lot of respect for the overall talent and maturity of that team though. I think that Craft, Buford, and Thomas are all in the top 3 at their positions in the Big Ten. When you have that many high-quality players you should win 95% of the time.

    It’s great to see that we can finally play with, and beat, teams of OSU’s quality.

    Next year we should be a pre-season top 5 team! Not bad that Crean can take a program that was in it’s worst position ever, in it’s entire history, and hadn’t sniffed the top 5 since what 1992(?), and in 4 short years turn them into a potential national powerhouse once again.

    That is impressive.

  14. I am really enjoying this team. They have talent, stamina and heart. They find a way to win even when not playing their best. Any team that comes up against them when they play 40 minutes of their best basketball will probably quit and go home.

    Regarding the OSU victory, I was most impressed how the defense made OSU burn 80% of their timeouts in the first half. I think it really hamstrung their game strategy and had them second guessing.

  15. Agree with all the comments except those from the “Jackass”. Continued play like DE had last night and we could go a very long way. Play like VJ offers and we will go nowhere. His +’s are 30% luck and those +’s are all neutralized by his -‘s. He looses as many for IU as he wins. I believe that makes his floor game a zero. In other words if he was playing for the opponent the score and the outcome would be the same. The tape of this game will reveal to Coach Crean who deserves time and who deserves pine. Nice to see Watford has steadied up his efforts. Onward, forward, upward.

  16. I don’t know…Frankly, the bashing of Jones is even tasting old from my tongue…I’m not sure if we’re even in the OSU game without Verdell. I’ve been one of his biggest critics so it’s tough to be objective. Where do we get the scoring without him on the floor? He can shoot the ball. If he’s not on the floor, it allows our opponent to heavily key on the very few guys on our roster that can create on their own. Defenses can pack it in on Cody more..VJ is forcing the issue a little less of late…He’s an improved guard over last year and the benefits we get from defenders having to respect his shooting stroke has outweighed the negatives this year. We really have no better options coming off the bench to give us point production. I used to think VJ’s abundance of minutes was only about Crean’s loyalty to his first true recruit at Indiana…Maybe the loyalty is finally paying incremental dividends.

    I do think Sheehey can fill the void when VJ has those Devan Dumes sorta nights…At times, it’s a flip of the coin…Sheehey has his own problems with securing the ball in traffic and I’m not as confident in his consistency with the shot.

  17. In the first 5 minutes Jones fails to switch on Sullinger giving a 3pt play,takes a bad shot,throws the ball away and trails his man while pointing all over the floor.Then he makes that lame bounce pass to watford turnover.it isn’t just that the pass was terrible but even if he completes it watford has nowhere to go.he is a senior and makes more mistakes,than anyone.If he where pulled everytime he did one of these he might be an efficient player by now.But no,he has been rewarded with max minutes unfairly,so is still making these hopeless plays.I agree he makes less perhaps than in years past,but can’t we do better?Can’t HE do better?

  18. Should I write more in defense of VJ? Why not? New year..Turn over a new leaf…haha.

    Without Sheehey available off the bench, I think the loss in point production that would result from taking VJ out of the flow would have been very detrimental. Zeller doesn’t make many bad decisions on the floor, but if he did, could we afford to put him on the pine? The deeper the roster, the less we’ll have to take smaller amounts of good with bigger helpings of bad. We’re much deeper this year, but we’re still not there in terms of production depth. If you rotate too many guys in and out do your hurt continuity on the floor? There may be diminishing returns to treating your roster like a revolving door. Crean is doing a pretty damn good job balancing the rotations without hurting the flow and continuity.

    I don’t think Crean was necessarily rewarding mistakes the past 3 years…He was simply trying to work a very thin roster and still find points and production. Why are Jones’ turnovers down? Don’t you think having some talent around him is helping? If the points came come easily from other spots on the floor, there’s less reason, and less opportunity for him to force the issue. It’s likely that more competence around him is helping his comfort level..He’s not attempting to do more than he is capable. In the past, those mistakes were magnified because he likely carried more load than ideal. Balance and presence in the middle makes everyone better.

  19. One final thought:

    I think a similar phenomenon applies to why some players(emphasis on “some”) that don’t appear NBA-ready suddenly find more success once they hit the pro game. When you put talent at every spot on the floor around a superb athlete like Eric Gordon, he blossoms and becomes the kid robbing the candy store.

    Of course, I don’t believe VJ is NBA material…Only trying to explain how more options for production can help some guys that have struggled in the past due to a teams’ overreiliance. The style of college ball can also hamper very talented and athletic players that prosper more when quickness and explosiveness is unleashed in the more open /up-and-down style of NBA ball.

  20. Nobody ever said EVERYTHING Verdell does is bad. I’m right there with you, though. I WANT him to suddenly blossom. I WANT him to take better care of the ball. He seems like a good guy (though he needs to quit pointing at other players every time he messes up). There is no doubt that he is better than previous seasons. It’s just that there is no REASON to make the errors he does. A missed shot? OK. A reach in foul? OK. But ducking your head and dribbling into 2 defenders with no place to go? Not OK. Throwing a pass to a player being double teamed? Not OK. That’s a conscious decision as opposed to a physical error. THAT’S what makes me crazy.
    But, I have come to love him as a player because none of those things have cost us a game and he has done that that have helped us win. At the end of the day that’s what matters.


  21. A treatise in defense of VJ? We must both have cabin fever. For a minute there, I thought you were gonna go ALL-CAPS postal guy on me. Take a deep breath and ease her for a smooth landing, Chet….nose up..NOSE UP!

  22. Chet’s post #27 echoes my feelings, except maybe the last couple sentences. I dont really “love” him as a player, but I would say we need him right now. I’d rather see him as our sixth man, but since Sheehey is injured, we need him to fill those minutes.

    I do love him as a Hoosier, since he was with us in the bad times, I just wish he would stop making those silly mental mistakes.

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