1. Off topic but a while back Ryan, I think, was kinda dismissive of Richmond as being a quality opponent. I just read where they beat Wake Forest last night and they are 11-5 since 2009 against schools from BCS conferences.

  2. I didn’t see the NC State game in real time. I saw a recording. Hulls game wasn’t that great, he can be so much better! Jones wasn’t that bad, I have seen him much worse than that. The key I thought was that the team chemistry appeared to be really, really good. Jones is a smart kid and the team is in such an emotional groove Crean and his staff will surely find a productive role for him. Expect to see Jones and Hulls syncing better tonight and especially next game when we will rout the Kentucky Calamaris, who will be fried squid (battered and fried) by the end of the game. No doubt about it.

    By the way BTN sometimes have ALT channels that it uses to broadcast on TV what they broadcast on BTN.com and at the same time — and at least the Stetson game is played again tomorrow on the BTN regular channel at 7pm, so one can see it then.

  3. Thank God the Anonymous One is back… Pretty good post up there too. Hulls game wasn’t all that good – he only shot 67% from the floor including 75% from 3, was 100% from the FT line, including 4 down the stretch to close it out, oh and the big 3-ptr to put them up 4 with a couple minutes to go was actually an over-rated play, the 4 rebounds, 2 steals and 5 assists didn’t really make for a well-rounded game. But hey when you only score 10 points more than your season average on the road against a 5-1 ACC team who has already beaten Texas, as well as be a steadying influence when things are tight in the second half and the crowd is against you, yeah, I agree he wasn’t all that good the other night. it waqs obvious on the tape.

  4. ^ Nice to have Geoff in Hulls corner for once!

    Just wait and see what Hulls does to Kentucky. (I think you said he will “struggle mightily”. I think it will be Kentucky who will “struggle” while Hulls (with Jones) will “mightily” lead the Hoosiers in the “monumental” upset… You really don’t know how good Hulls can be and I am sure it will be a very pleasant surprise for you.

  5. I’m always in Hulls corner. I just don’t think he is an NBA player. If he makes the NBA, I’ll be in his corner then too. You must not have read my post yesterday concerning the Hulls/Teague matchup…

  6. It was great being in The Hall today.The welcome the 87 team got was awesome.I’m sure they left today knowing that Hoosier Nation loved them in 87 and now also.Some of them looked like they could suit up and play now…some..well age catch us all.The Hall was rockin and I was proud to be a part of it.Indiana has to overcome the slow starts though..against KY. we will never recoup.Would like to see IU jump out to a 5-6 point lead at the first TV timeout.I really think IU can play with and beat KY. but it will take there best game yet.Very proud of how well this team is doing and Watford Jones and Pritchard are starting to get with it.Looking for a Top 20 rating on Monday and if we beat KY….how about a Top 10 !!!

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