Movement Watch: Jeremy Hollowell

Lawrence Central’s game at Bloomington South on Friday night didn’t reveal all that much about the aptitude of Jeremy Hollowell. It just served as a reminder of something anyone who has watched South should know by now.

Don’t go to a South game expecting an opponent’s star to put on a show, because there aren’t many coaches more dedicated to and effective at neutralizing star players as South coach J.R. Holmes.

Hollowell finished with just six points, making just two field goals all night. He did have five rebounds and four assists, though, and Lawrence Central won 51-50 on a buzzer-beating fastbreak layup by point guard Tyler Corley.

Hollowell and Lawrence Central coach J.R. Shelt went into the game expecting Holmes to have his players physical in their defense of Hollowell and to employ any number of an array of defenses to keep the 6-foot-7 Indiana signee from making his mark on the game. The Panthers sometimes ran a box and one, but more often ran a “T” and one, putting one defender on the top of the key, three on the baseline, and the fifth on Hollowell. That defender, in this case senior swingman Michael Bower, practically stuck his nose in Hollowell’s chest and barely even looked at the ball because he was so dedicated to faceguarding Hollowell.

“It’s pretty difficult, but I knew it was coming,” Hollowell said. “It happens every year. I just wanted to keep my composure and play with my teammates and get them the ball really.”

That’s what he did for the most part, but the problem was, they weren’t scoring. That allowed South to pack the zone in even tighter, and when Hollowell was moving across the paint, the Bears tried to force the ball in the paint and turning it over.

With Lawrence Central missing shots and having a hard time driving the ball, South was able to take advantage and took a lead of as many as 12 points.

Lawrence Central came back by attacking the Panthers with full court ball pressure, however, and forced turnovers that led to easy baskets that got them back in the game.

It also helped, however, that the Bears started using Hollowell to bring the ball up instead of Corley, their point guard. That gave Hollowell more space to work and allowed him to distribute the ball. Lawrence Central finally started hitting shots late and that opened in turn opened up at least some space for Hollowell, who knocked down a big 3-pointer at one point to tie the game at 43.

“He wanted the ball, not necessarily to score, but to create, and I thought he did a really good job of that,” Shelt said. “(Bringing the ball up) changed his energy level. That’s what I told him. The guys feed off of him. When he got positive, it picked up everybody else’s game. Tyler Fischl hit two or three monster shots from the corner, all from Jeremy just playing with his head up and playing with energy.”

Said Hollowell: “At the beginning of the game, I think my teammates were trying to get me the ball a little too much and just worrying about getting me the ball. So I just wanted to bring it up and get them set up in their open spots. I knew they were coming to double team me and stuff, so it’s just me working on my ball-handling and being ready for that type of stuff.”



  1. South is very good. They really limited the opportunities for Hollowell to score. But like any great player he found a way to lead his team to a hard earned victory 51-50 over a higher rated and very well coached opponent. I say Hollowell won the contest.

  2. Hollowell only hit one field goal, a 3 from the top of the key. His other 3 points were from the foul line and only scored one point through 3 quarters of play.

  3. He won’t last through the summer at IU. He has no drive no motivation. You gave him way to much credit for bringing the ball up the court. He simply walked the ball up the court and passed it to a wide open man in the corner. Good coaching move, not that hard to do as a player. There were way to many times in transition where he could have finished but decided to pass it to a guy who wasn’t in a better scoring position. I’m sorry but he might night have the take over mentality. But he could at least want the ball. South’s defender’s didn’t do anything special when they face guarded him.

  4. Laffy,
    I did but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Excited about it.
    IU fan, i see where you’re coming from and there was a point when I thought the same things. Everyone has the same knock on Hollowell, that he doesn’t look like he’s into it. But he’s usually more into it than he looks, and when he’s really on, there aren’t a whole lot of wings in the country who are more explosive. Could he be a bust at the next level? It’s possible. Talent obviously isn’t enough in college ball. But I think he’ll be fine.

  5. And don’t forget about the poor officiating that also limited his play last night. The “Bear Hug” defensive stance usually would have been called a foul. Then there was the lay-up/dunk that he should have had that he “missed” because a South defender put his shoulder in him and knocked him 4 feet sideways (this particular hit would probably result in a fine in the NFL). And finally, I do feel the need to bring up the three different times that he was intentionally inappropriatly touched in the first corner. Considering all of this, he kept his composure and didn’t force things. Wasn’t perfect by any means (which a lot of that can be attributed to the good defense), but whoever can’t see the talent is blind.

  6. Very disappointed in what I saw out of Hollowell— an awful lot of standing around?? He wont make the team like that!!

  7. I had some of the same thoughts when I 1st saw Jay Edwards playing in HS. He proved my opinion of those observations were not reality.

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