MovementWatch: Jeremy Hollowell and Trey Lyles

I headed to Lawrence Central last night for my first foray into the world of Indiana high school basketball. And like I’ll do for the rest of the high school basketball season, I’ll post my thoughts on the Scoop in “MovementWatch” — our look at possible IU recruits or commits on their road to Assembly Hall. This will include video at some point, as well — a FlipCam is on the way in the next month.

Last night, I took a closer look at Lawrence Central senior wing Jeremy Hollowell and Arsenal Tech forward Trey Lyles as Lawrence Central beat Tech in a close game last night. Keep in mind: being the new guy, I haven’t seen these guys play before outside of highlight reels. Maybe I’ll add a new perspective, maybe I’ll say some things you already know. But here’s my look at both commits from last night:

Jeremy Hollowell (2012), Lawrence Central

Hollowell finished with a game-high 26 points and nine rebounds and proved again that he’s simply a pure scorer, through and through. Hollowell knows how to get to the bucket, and if he doesn’t have a hand in his face, he’s going to hit open shots with ease.

What he did show last night is that he’s capable of playing in the post, something he’s tried to improve on since last season. If he can post up with success next season, he’ll get a whole lot of playing time at the power forward spot. He showed that post ability against a 6-10 Trey Lyles, as the two guarded each other down low. Toward the end of the game, Hollowell showed some fire as his team was trying to stay in the game, as he followed up his own shot, got his own rebound, and drew a key foul down the stretch. He hit his last five free throws that put the game out of reach.

Most impressively though was Hollowell’s defense, on the perimeter and in the post. He blocked Lyles in impressive fashion and was a lockdown defender at times. He still plays a bit lax at times — one time, in particular, he blocked a shot and didn’t follow up on it, allowing for second-chance points — but his defense on the perimeter and down low is more aggressive.

Trey Lyles (2014), Arsenal Tech

It’s almost impossible for me to watch Trey Lyles and think that he’s just a sophomore with basically three full seasons left in high school. Lyles appears to have put on a lot of muscle and weight, filling out his huge 6-10 frame. He’s more aggressive, according to his coach, and it was pretty apparent that his driving to the basket has improved because of it. He loves the pump fake, and he loves to work from the perimeter and take the ball down low. Because of that, he’s had to improve his ballhandling, and like he told me after the game, he’s improved it quite a bit.

He finished with a ridiculous line of 19 points and 19 rebounds and was a man amongst boys on the glass. His lateral quickness is better, and that showed when he was guarding Hollowell one-on-one.

That being said, he’s still a young guy, and it shows at times. His shot selection was iffy at times, and sometimes he looked like he was forcing the issue because he wanted to put the team on his shoulders. That led to some obvious frustration on his part at times on the court. But when he let the game come to him, he was unstoppable.

If he can put on even more weight and develop a little more of a refined game with his back to the basket, Lyles is going to be a top 15 prospect in 2014, no question.


  1. Ryan, I sat right in front of you (asked you if you get a lot of people randomly saying hey to you). Anyway, that was the best high school BBall game I have been to. Couple of things I noticed were that it seemed like Hollowell let things get in his head and attitude a little bit (did you notice that). When Lyles or Hollowell got the ball within 10 feet of the basket they were either going to score or get fouled. I thought it would benefit Lyles to play more down low as he was really unstoppable there. He seemed to play more on the perimeter and tried to take guys off the dribble (had some success). What did you think about him focusing more down low?

  2. i noticed a bit of attitude with hollowell at LN-LC game. he would miss a shot and stand still and shake his head. little too much complaining to the officials. but what a talent!

  3. Fisherman, good to meet you at the game — it was quite the contest. I noticed Hollowell and Lyles both do a bit of that, and although it’s more concerning for Hollowell, I wouldn’t be concerned too much. They’re still young guys after all. And yeah, I agree Lyles would be better served in the post. He’ll have to get better down there, especially when he gets to college because his perimeter moves and drives to the hoop aren’t going to fly against a Big Ten defense.

    t.burns: I think it’s an interesting concern that we’ll have to keep a look at, especially as he plays against tough competition and in summer ball, etc. But yeah, I noticed the same thing at times.

  4. Do you know if they’ll be any highlights of this game popping up? Have any of you guys at the ht thought about recordign some of the more anticipated games such as this one with a coupleof recruits are going against each other?

  5. I hope we can get the, “movement” to stick around B Town for a while and not bolt for the NBA. I’d love to have Lyles for 3 yrs. He reminds me of a young Tim Duncan, in the clips I’ve seen of him

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