Report: Sheehey injured

Avi Zaleon of the Indiana Daily Student learned from a source that Indiana sophomore swingman Will Sheehey suffered an injury at practice and “thinks he could be out for a while.” There had been a rumor on a message board that Sheehey had injured his ankle and was on crutches, but Zaleon’s source said he could not say what Sheehey injured. You can read the story here.

UPDATE: Indiana just put out a release on Sheehey’s status. It follows.

Sophomore Will Sheehey has a left lower leg injury that he sustained in practice Wednesday and his status will be evaluated each day.


  1. Merry Christmas, Hoosier faithful.

    When did IU practice turn into the fight scene from “The Outsiders?”

  2. Every time a basketball player cuts, jumps, or manuevers through traffic there is a chance of turning an ankle… This has nothing to do with practice. Don’t feed the Crean-haters.

  3. Geoff, relax. No one is criticizing Crean–surely not me. It just sucks that in a little over a week we are going to start a brutal Big Ten schedule and two key guys just got hammered in practice this week.

    Surely it happens, but the coincidence was ripe for a joke or two. Taking it seriously is a bit too depressing.

  4. I was listening to Clinton Portis being interview the other day. I didn’t really remember but apparently the ‘U’ team he was on was just loaded with talent. He mentioned that practices were frequently more spirited than games.

    Hopefully, Will will mend quickly. For the first time in a really long time we have some depth. Thank goodness.

    There’s the old cliche regarding the Chinese sign for ‘crisis’. They say it means both ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’. Remy, Austin?

  5. To your point Chet, at a much lower level of course, our college practices were always ridiculously tough. I was convinced (like these Hoosiers seem to be) that we were the hardest working team in the country. The pace and physicality were greater and the number of breaks were fewer. During the season we always went exactly one hour, literally as hard as we could, to mimic the approximate length of game play (minus half-time).

    Games felt like a cake walk in comparison. Other teams just rarely come at you with that type of consistent intensity, and refs don’t allow that type of physicality.

    When I became a coach I thought it was one of the biggest reasons our team was so successful. It’s even that much tougher for some sophomore coming off the bench, or some junior who’s worried about how his shorts are hanging to come at my guys like they were getting it in practice…

  6. Reminds me of Lomdardi’s Packers. Their runs off tackle and power sweeps were of course practiced at full speed with either Thurston or Kramer pulling and Taylor or PH carrying the ball and everyone engaged ran the play 35 yards down field, repeatedly one after the other. Our HS FB coach read about that in the off season and immediately installed that style of practicing beginning with 2 a days. We only had 26 on the team but it was 26 ironmen. As Geoff stated games were cakewalks.

  7. Injuries are never good but sometimes the shift in dynamics they force to happen are just as bad and these 2 injuries do just that. In other words VJ and Watford are going to play even more minutes resulting in even more turnovers. 2 negatives, create 2 more negatives, increasing another negative, not good at all.

  8. Nice point Chet, opportunity arises. Who can answer the call. Remy and Austin have gotten thier feet wet. I like them. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Remy yet. Austins athleticism is not quite like Sheehey, but it is probably underrated. His shooting might be a little better. This is where we will see if some coaching and gritiness can fill any void.
    I am happy that these injuries are not to serious. They are just part of the game. This is why you recruit 37 wing

  9. We haven’t seen much of Austin, and his limited playing time indicate that he’s not the equal of the guys playing, but I’ve liked what I have seen. Remy ‘wows’ me. I think he may be something special down the road.

  10. Injuries happen. Hence the need for depth. Time for the other players to step up. This is an opportunity for someone to show the coach that he can hold his own and make a contribution. Hopefully Sheehey will not be out long.

    I had compound fractures of both elbows (major reconstructive surgeries), broke my nose three times (that’s when GQ stopped calling), two concussions (memory is overrated), and an assortment of other injuries, but my most painful injury was a severely sprained ankle. That was by far the most painful. It just really sucks.

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